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For a baker, baking goods are very essential to bake to perfection. Ceramic baking bowls work efficiently for baking dishes. Thanks to its coating, it won’t leave any lingering flavors after washing. It also retains heat well, so your lasagna will stay bubbly hot on the counter. You would always like to choose ceramic baking bowls over glass and metal ones for their look as well as the multitude of utilities they serve. Ceramic baking bowls come in a wide array of colors and patterns which can be a real highlight on the dinner table.

A rising trend among bakeware is using ceramic bowls for baking. Ceramic baking bowls are quaint, strong, and beautiful, and feature contemporary colors and designs, which are ideal for modern homes. What’s more? These oven-safe bowls are inherently beautiful and the ones featuring hand-marbled textures are the epitome of panache.

What’s more? Using these ceramic bowls for baking, one can have a beautiful baking experience. Additionally, you can easily keep these oven-proof bowls against any beautiful and minimalistic backdrop for clicking artful food images that look flamboyant yet stylish.

Shape and Size of Baking Bowls

Since baking is really a science, not only is it essential to use the exact ingredient amounts, follow the exact directions and use the right type of baking bowl for oven, but it is also essential to use the correct bakeware size to achieve optimal results. The right size baking bowl is important because baking times are designed for a specific batter thickness. 

Creating successfully baked goodies requires not only the finest ingredients, correct mixing techniques, proper room temperature, and so on, but also needs the correct size and shape of baking bowls, made out of the proper materials for your particular needs, to achieve the best results.

One of the major reasons why desserts and cakes fail to bake perfectly is due to the wrong choice of baking bowl. Baking bowls and dishes now come in a multitude of sizes, shapes, variants, prices, and more, so it becomes important for you to choose the correct size and shape for your baking essentials. For you to have a perfect baking experience, Nestasia has so many different shapes and sizes of ceramic bowls for baking like rectangle, round, abstract, oval, heart shapes, and many others for all your baking needs. Many baking bowls can also be used as mixing bowls for baking and can be used as multifunctional bowls. 

Color and Pattern of Baking Bowls

Ceramic bowls that are oven-safe come in an array of colors to add a colorful spark to your baking experience. From plain to colorful, Nestasia has got it all. We have got all beautiful and appealing coloured baking bowls like pink, blue, green, white, black, brown, grey, yellow, red, orange, and multicolor. 

The oven-safe bowls collection is endless with a vivid range of patterns that will make your baking experience special. There are many different patterns like Mandala, Nitori, polka dots, floral, fruits, and vegetables, textured, marble print, leaf, and others. 

Our best baking bowls include a floral deep baking dish, bowl with handle, rectangular and circular baking dishes with handle, grill pans, baking trays, mandala pattern bowls, colorful pattern bowls, large baking dishes, etc. 

Range and Usage of Baking Bowls

Browse Nestasia for a wide range of some of the best ceramic baking bowls, dishes, serving bowls, and much more. Most of the baking bowls have single or double handles and some have a lid to cover the bowl. The lids are either made of wood or ceramic. Besides, you can mix and match to make your contrasting sets of cake bowls for oven.

Nestasia’s ceramic oven-safe bowls have been made through a method through which they can be used in multiple ways. These bowls are of course great for baking but also can be used for serving and as casseroles, mixing bowls for baking, and some also work well as serving bowls and snack bowls

Ceramic baking bowls can be used for grilling and preparing delicious dishes like lasagna, cakes, pizza, bread, baked chicken, tarts, brownies, cookies, and much more. You can also use the baking bowls for heating food or as ceramic casseroles to keep the food warm for a longer time. Even the casserole is microwave safe so you can directly use it to heat food.

Price of Baking Bowls

Nestasia provides the best ceramic baking bowls and dishes for all baking and grilling purposes at an economical rate. The set prices are according to the size, shape, pattern, and texture of the kitchen pots. You can experience affordable indulgence with our chic oven bowls online. Buy the best baking bowls online from Nestasia and have an amazing baking experience.


Product Name Price
Classic Rectangle Ribbed Ceramic Baking Dish White 300 ml Rs.550
Ribbed Oval Ceramic Baking Dish White 200 ml Rs.430
Solid Colored Baking Pot with Handle Rs.645
Teal Baking Pot with Handle Rs.645
Swirl Baking Bowl With Handle Blue Rs.510
Teardrop Baking Bowl With Handle Red Rs.510
Blue Muffin Scallop Bowl 250 ml Rs.505