Stripes Nitori 26 Piece Snack Set For 6

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The Nitori collection is an everlasting picture of the peace and tranquility that the seashores provide us whenever we visit it. We may now enjoy a peaceful environment at home, right at the dinner table. Because they enhance the flavor of the food placed on them, the aqua plates and bowls are calming to the spirit. And when the white is blended, not only does it allow serenity but also comfort with every serving. The fine craftsmanship of the Nitori collection is evident with every stroke of geometric shapes on its surface. 6 lines hexagon plates, 2 spiral diamond plates, 2 polka dots diamond plates, 2 teardrop diamond plates, 6 lines soup bowls, 6 soup spoons, 1 serving bowl, and 1 serving spoon are included in the set.

Nestip: The Nitori collection can be used as a perfect gifting article for a friend or relative's wedding.

Color: Blue, white, and ochre

Material: Ceramic 

Product Name SKU Size Pieces
Lines hexagon plate SXJ204 8.9" D x 1.6" H 6
Spiral diamond plate SXJ215 7" L x 4.3 " B x 1.4" H 2
Polka dots diamond plate SXJ216 7" L x 4.3 " B x 1.4" H 2
Teardrop diamond plate SXJ217 7" L x 4.3 " B x 1.4" H 2
Lines soup bowl SXJ162 4.9" D x 3.1" H 6
Soup spoon SXJ167 5.5" L  6
Serving bowl SXJ36 7.9" D x 3.5" H 1
Serving spoon SXJ101 2.5" D x 9" L  1
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