Marble Plates

₹ 1,150


Marble plates made in ceramic that come in 3 sizes that have a fine marble finish and a gold lining along the rim. The marble deep plate is is ideal for serving salad, pasta, ravioli or noodles whereas the marble dinner plate and marble side plates can be used as starter plates or for serving meals. The marble plates have a sophisticated glaze that can uplift the look and feel of any food being served. The marble plate set is surely the kind of exclusive crockery that one would want to add to their collection. The plate set is not microwave safe.

Nestip: The plates can be paired to form a marble plate set with the marble bowls from the collection

Size: Side plate - 18.5cm diameter x 2.5cm height
Deep plate - 21cm diameter x 4.3cm height
Dinner plate - 25.8cm diameter x 3.4cm height

Colour: White, grey and gold

Items Included: 1 dish

Material: Ceramic

Style: Deep plate - BN820CN65
Dinner Plate - BN820CN67
Side Plate - BN820CN68


Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Ronak Shah
Beautiful elegant plates

Lovely gold-plated marble plates. The finish is really good. Plates have a mirror-like shine. If you are looking for matte finish, choose another other plates. But these are pretty and the customer service is prompt like always.

Sriparna Saha
Just a beauty!!

It’s feels like an absolute class to eat on these plates
Really just beautiful