Blue Flower Ceramic 22 Piece Dinner Set For 6

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100% food-grade (international standard)
Premium quality ceramic material
Durable and sustainable
Non-toxic and BPA-free
Hand-glazed surface
Reusable and odourless
Microwave and oven-safe
22-piece dinner set for 6 diners
Small floral patterns
Apt for all types of meals
Ideal for gifting
Size & Details

Colour: White, blue, brown

Material: Ceramic
Products included
1 dinner set
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use this dinner set in the microwave and oven?
Absolutely, our 22 piece dinner set is designed to cater to your culinary versatility. The set is both microwave and oven-safe, allowing you to heat your favourite leftovers in the microwave, and bake delectable treats in the oven. Crafted from premium quality ceramic material, this dinner set can withstand the heat of these appliances, without altering its form or function. With this useful feature, make meal preparation and serving an easy, hassle-free process.
Our 22-piece ceramic dinner set is designed to be incredibly versatile. The luxury design and hand-glazed finish make it perfect for special moments and celebrations. Whether you are hosting a dinner party, date night, or celebrating anniversaries, this set complements any atmosphere. Moreover, it is equally suitable for everyday use. The premium quality of the ceramic material ensures that the set can stand the rigors of daily dining.
Ceramic is known for its heat retentive properties.When you serve your hot dishes on these bowls and plates, you can be confident that your meals will stay warm for an extended period. This feature adds a comforting and practical dimension to your dining experience, making your meals more enjoyable.
The 22-piece ceramic dinner set is crafted exclusively with lead-free materials. This means that the ceramics used in the production of our dinner set do not contain any harmful lead compounds, ensuring that your dining experience is not only elegant but also completely safe. Our commitment to safety underscores our dedication to provide you with a dinner set that not only elevates your dining experience, but also prioritises your health.
The square plates and bowls are designed with your convenience in mind. You can neatly and efficiently store the plates and bowls in kitchen cabinets, cupboards, or dining shelves by stacking them on top of one another. The stackable design not only maximizes storage space but also helps keep your kitchen organized.

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