Ceramic Baking Pots

₹ 790


Ceramic Baking Pots are colourful pots that come with a matte finish, can be used as baking as well as serving pots. The baking bowls come with a handle on each side which provides for a modern look and make them easy to pick, place, and pass around the table.

Nestip: Different colours of the bowls can be paired together to create a set of ceramic bowls

Size: S - 16.9cm diameter x 4.9cm H
L - 21.1cm diameter x 5cm H

Material: Ceramic

Colour: Grey, blue, green, orange, red,

Products Included: 1 ceramic bowl

Style: Grey L - ZX820CN99
Blue L - ZX820CN100
Green L - ZX820CN101
Orange L - ZX820CN102
Red L - ZX820CN103
Grey S - ZX820CN104
Blue S - ZX820CN105
Green S - ZX820CN106
Orange S - ZX820CN107
Red S - ZX820CN108


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