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The Rush Hour collection by Nestasia presents a unique opportunity to enhance your home decor with a touch of sophistication and modernity. The appeal of purchasing products from this collection during limited-time offers adds an element of fun and value to your shopping experience.

In the dining category, the Rush Hour collection offers a range of elegantly designed tableware and accessories that redefine your mealtime aesthetics. From intricately crafted plates and bowls to sleek cutlery sets, these limited-time offers allow you to transform your dining table into a canvas of contemporary elegance. Stepping into the kitchen category of the limited-time offers, you'll find an array of discounted cookware and kitchen essentials. With limited-time offers online, you can get high-quality ceramic cooking pots, bakeware, and cast iron utensils that make cooking a joyous experience. 

The limited-time offer extends to the decor collection, where you can explore discounted items that redefine your living spaces. From unique vases and striking wall art to plush cushions and throws, these limited time offers invite you to infuse your home interior with contemporary charm. Accessories play a pivotal role in your ensemble, and the Rush Hour collection's bag and accessories category offers an array of options to elevate your look. From chic sling bags to versatile laptop bags, these limited-time offers enhance your style with modern functionality. Further, accessorise yourself with stylish hair ties and use the makeup blender for a flawless post-makeup look.

Explore Different Categories with Limited Time Offers & Discounts Online

1. Dining

Explore a range of dining essentials including plates, bowls, dinner sets, table mats, dinner table runners, and many more essentials. Get the dining essentials at limited time offers and discounts online with Nestasia’s exclusive Rush Hour offer.

Cups, Mugs and Drinkware

Elevate the beverage experience with limited-time offers on cups, mugs, and drinkware available online in India. This collection unveils an array of finely crafted essentials that redefine your drinking experiences. From the classic charm of cups and mugs to the practical appeal of jugs and thermos flasks, these discounted items blend aesthetics with functionality seamlessly. Elevate your tea time with discounted tea sets, teapots, and kettles that exude both artistry and utility. Quench your thirst on the go with discounted water bottles. For gatherings, discover the beauty of drink dispensers. With limited-time offers, Nestasia's cups, mugs, and drinkware collection offers you the chance to enjoy your favourite beverages with added style and value, making each sip a delightful journey of taste and refinement.


Elevate your dining experience with our exquisite range of bowls, now available with limited-time offers. From versatile serving bowls to stylish soup bowls, these discounted items bring both functionality and aesthetics to your table. Discover the perfect balance of form and function as you enjoy your meals in style. With Nestasia's limited-time offers, upgrading your dining essentials has never been easier.

Plates and Platters

Transform your dining setting with our exquisite selection of plates and platters, now offered at limited-time discounts. From elegant dinner plates to stylish serving platters, these discounted items blend beauty and practicality seamlessly. Elevate your culinary presentation and create memorable dining experiences with Nestasia's plates and platters, available for a limited time only.

Table Linen

Enhance your dining ambience with our captivating collection of table linens, now available at limited-time offers. From elegant table runners to chic placemats and napkins, these discounted items add a touch of sophistication to your dining experience. Elevate your table settings and create a memorable atmosphere for your gatherings.

Dinner Set

Elevate your dining experience to new heights with our exclusive Dinner Set collection, now available with limited-time offers. Explore coordinated plates, bowls, and more that effortlessly combine style and functionality. These discounted sets are designed to transform your everyday meals into elegant affairs, enhancing your dining ambiance with a touch of sophistication. Whether you're hosting a special gathering or simply enjoying a quiet dinner at home, our Dinner Set collection ensures that every dining moment is a celebration of exquisite taste.


Indulge in the art of sipping with our Glassware selection, available at enticing limited-time discounts. From wine glasses that elevate your oenophile experience to versatile tumblers that enhance your daily refreshments, our discounted glassware pieces are crafted to offer both elegance and utility. Whether you're enjoying a glass of your favorite vintage wine or relishing a refreshing beverage, each sip becomes an indulgent experience, enriched by the beauty of our Glassware collection.

Bar Tools

Elevate your mixology game with our Bar Tools collection, now accessible with limited-time offers. From shakers that blend flavors with finesse to muddlers that infuse your creations with aromatic herbs, our discounted bar tools enable you to craft cocktails with flair and sophistication. Transform your home bar into a hub of creativity and entertainment as you experiment with flavors and techniques, all while enjoying the added advantage of remarkable savings.


Upgrade your dining presentation with our premium Cutlery collection, available at limited-time discounts. Explore sleek knives, stylish forks, and spoons that redefine your table settings with a perfect balance of aesthetics and functionality. Whether it's a formal dinner or a casual brunch, our discounted cutlery sets enhance every mealtime with their modern design and exceptional quality, reflecting your impeccable taste in every culinary endeavor.

Cutlery Holders

Organize your dining essentials with flair through our Cutlery Holders collection, now offered with limited-time discounts. Discover holders are designed to keep your utensils easily accessible while adding an aesthetic touch to your dining setup. These discounted holders are not only practical but also elevate the visual appeal of your table arrangements, making organization an artful addition to your dining experience.

Snack Baskets + Stands

Transform your snack presentations into captivating displays with our Snack Baskets and Stands collection, now available at limited-time discounts. Elevate your gatherings, from casual get-togethers to lavish parties, as you present your offerings in a way that is both visually appealing and appetizing.

Fondue Sets

Explore interactive dining experiences with our Fondue Sets collection, now accessible with limited-time offers. Dive into a world of culinary delight as you enjoy discounted fondue sets designed to add fun and elegance to your gatherings. Whether you're hosting a cozy dinner with loved ones or a festive occasion with friends, our fondue sets bring a touch of sophistication and indulgence to your table.

Cake Stands

Showcase your confections with grace and style through our Cake Stands collection, available at limited-time discounts. Discover discounted stands that elevate desserts and baked goods to new heights, adding an air of sophistication to your presentations. Whether it's a homemade cake or a selection of pastries, our cake stands will transform your culinary creations into visually appealing displays.


Elevate your serving style and entertaining with our range of Trays, now offered at limited-time discounts. From decorative trays that add a touch of elegance to your decor to practical serving trays that make hosting effortless, our discounted collection ensures that you can present and serve with flair.

2. Kitchen

Explore Nestasia's Kitchen products with limited offers, where functionality meets style across a range of essential categories. From cookware and bakeware to cooking tools, get a range of items to elevate your kitchen experience at limited period offers and discounts.


Elevate your baking adventures with discounted Bakeware that ensures your creations rise to perfection, from cakes to cookies, while adding a touch of aesthetic appeal to your kitchen.


Discover discounted Cookware that caters to culinary enthusiasts, from cooking pots to versatile cast iron options, infusing your dishes with exceptional taste and style.

Jars + Containers

Organize your pantry with discounted Jars and Containers that not only keep your staples fresh but also enhance the visual organization of your kitchen, bringing efficiency and charm.

Lunch Boxes

Upgrade your mealtime with discounted Lunch Boxes, perfect for on-the-go convenience, maintaining food freshness, and adding a dash of sophistication to your daily routine.

Kids Lunch Boxes

Elevate your child's lunch experience with discounted Kids Lunch Boxes, designed with playful charm and practicality to make mealtime enjoyable and fuss-free.

Kitchen Racks

Optimize your kitchen space with discounted Kitchen Racks that provide storage solutions while enhancing the decor, giving your kitchen an organized and stylish edge.

Kitchen Tools

From discounted utensils to gadgets, our Kitchen Tools collection offers a range of essentials that make cooking a breeze, adding efficiency and creativity to your culinary endeavors.


Embrace cooking with style through discounted Aprons, protecting your attire while reflecting your personality and making every culinary adventure a fashionable affair.

3. Decor

Discover a world of home decor essentials with limited time offers and discounts, where every element enhances your living spaces. With these home decor accents, you can elevate the bedroom decor, living room decor and also use these accents for gifting.

Table Lamps

Illuminate your ambience with discounted Table Lamps that add a warm glow and stylish flair to your decor, creating a captivating play of light and shadows.


Elevate your living area with discounted Furniture, including Coffee Tables that blend functionality and aesthetics, providing a focal point for gatherings and relaxation.


Infuse your decor with traditional charm using discounted Urli Platters and Bowls, which bring a touch of cultural elegance to your spaces.

Decor Objects

Explore discounted Decor Objects that infuse personality and uniqueness into your environment, turning corners and nooks into captivating visual stories.

Photo Frame

Display cherished memories with discounted Photo Frames that serve as artful reminders of your special moments, adding a personal touch to your decor.


Transform your space with discounted Vases, where the beauty of flowers meets artistic design, creating a harmony of nature and style.

Tissue Boxes

Elevate everyday items with discounted Tissue Boxes, turning functionality into an opportunity to infuse your decor with subtle sophistication.


Organize with elegance using discounted Baskets that provide storage solutions while adding a textural and visual element to your decor.

Artificial Flowers

Enjoy nature's beauty year-round with discounted Artificial Flowers that bring everlasting charm and colour to your space without the need for maintenance.

Indoor Planters

Embrace greenery within your home with discounted Indoor Planters, creating a serene and refreshing atmosphere while showcasing your favorite plants.

Wall Art

Adorn your walls with discounted Wall Art that tells your story through visual expressions, infusing your decor with personal style and creativity.

Wall Decor

Explore discounted Wall Decor that ranges from intricate designs to bold statements, adding depth and character to your living spaces.

Dried Flowers + Fragrance

Elevate sensory experiences with discounted Dried Flowers and Fragrance, infusing your spaces with both visual beauty and delightful scents.


Set the mood with discounted Candles that add ambience and tranquillity, while their designs contribute to your decor's aesthetic.


Reflect elegance and light with discounted Table Mirrors and Wall Mirrors, enhancing both your decor and the visual spaciousness of your rooms.

4. Bags and Accessories

Embrace style and functionality with limited time offers and discounts on bags and beauty accessories.


Explore discounted Bags that cater to every need, from chic Sling Bags to versatile Duffle Bags, laptop bags for seamless workdays, travel kits for adventures, insulated Lunch Bags for style-packed meals, and spacious Tote Bags for multifunctional elegance.

Travel Accessories

Elevate your travel experiences with discounted Travel Accessories that range from pouches to ensure organized journeys to added comforts that turn every trip into a delightful escape.

Jewellery Organisers

Organize and showcase your precious pieces with discounted Jewellery Organisers, transforming storage into a visual treat that blends aesthetics and functionality.


Elevate your attire with discounted Scarves that bring texture, colour, and versatility, adding an element of style to any ensemble, whether casual or formal.

Beauty Accessories

Discover discounted Beauty Accessories that enhance your routine, from makeup blenders to hair ties and eye masks, embracing beauty with tools that blend efficacy and elegance.

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Experience the joy of gifting with Nestasia's exquisite Rakhi Hampers and Rakhi Gift Cards, available online. Our thoughtfully curated Rakhi Hampers encapsulate the essence of love and bonding, combining traditional Rakhi threads with a delightful array of sweets, treats, and tokens of affection. These hampers are designed to bring a smile to your loved ones' faces, celebrating the cherished bond between siblings. 

Additionally, our Rakhi Gift Cards offer the perfect solution for those seeking the freedom to choose. Allow your dear ones to explore our wide array of products, from home decor to lifestyle essentials, and select something that resonates with their individual tastes. With Nestasia's Rakhi Hampers and Rakhi Gift Cards, the art of gifting becomes an experience of shared love and thoughtful gesture, delivered conveniently through our online platform.


1. What are "limited-time offers"?

Limited-time offers refer to special promotions where products are available at discounted prices for a specific period. These offers allow customers to purchase items at reduced rates, providing excellent value for their money.

2. How can I find products with limited-time offers?

To find products with limited-time offers, you can visit Nestasia's website and explore the respective categories, such as kitchen products, home decor, bags, beauty accessories, and more. The products with discounts will be clearly marked with the reduced prices.

3. Are ceramic dinner plates microwave-safe?

Ceramic dinner plates are usually safe for microwave use, except when they feature gold detailing or metallic accents. The ceramic material is designed to withstand microwave heat, making reheating convenient. However, plates with metallic elements should not be microwaved, as they can cause sparks.

4.  Are cast iron pans suitable for all stovetops?

Yes, cast iron pans are versatile and generally suitable for all stovetop types, including gas, electric, and induction. Their thick and heavy construction distributes heat evenly, making them effective on various stovetops. However, if you have an induction stovetop, ensure that the cast iron pan's bottom is flat.


Product Name Price
Silicone Bear Mould Rs.295
Tissue box cover Rs.475
Luxury Embroidered Cushion Cover Red Set of 2 17x17 Inch Rs.1000
Chocolate Heart Silicone Mould Rs.350
Plain Pillow Cover Rs.485
Soap Mould Rs.245
Bohemian Throw Pillow Cover Rs.445