Insulated Portable Mug With Lid Green 400ml

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Insulated mug
Keeps warm or cool for upto 3 hours
Double walled
304 stainless steel inner wall
Dual lid opening for straw and sip
Spill-proof lid
Durable & comfortable handle
Easy to clean
Size & Details
Size: 8cm D x 10cm H

Capacity: 400ml

Colour: Green

Material: Stainless Steel, PP
Products included
1 mug with lid

Product Introduction

Indulge in a symphony of style and functionality with our insulated double-walled mug, setting the stage for an unparalleled beverage experience. Merging contemporary design and ingenious features, this mug stands as a testament to exquisite taste. Crafted from BPA-free PP, its textured exterior casts a green aura enabling a stylish drinking experience. The 304 stainless steel interior guarantees the authentic essence of your drink, complemented by a spill-proof lid that ensures seamless travel. Enhanced by an ergonomic handle, this masterpiece ensures comfort with every sip, eliminating exterior condensation for a flawless hold.


  • BPA-free material
  • Insulated mug
  • 304 stainless steel
  • 3 hours temperature retention
  • Spill-proof
  • Comfortable handle

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use the mug for both indoor and outdoor activities?
Absolutely, the mug's design versatility extends to various settings. Its double-walled insulation maintains the temperature of your beverages, making it a dependable choice for indoor relaxation or outdoor escapades. The features, including the spill-proof lid, make it a practical companion for both cosy indoor sips and on-the-go outdoor experiences.
The mug is designed for beverages, and while it can maintain the temperature of liquid foods like hot soup, it's important to ensure that the lid is securely closed and properly sealed to prevent leaks. For liquid foods, it's recommended to use the mug cautiously and avoid overfilling to maintain the integrity of the silicon gasket seal.
The green-tinted exterior is designed with durability in mind, and efforts are made to ensure color retention over time. However, like any colored material, exposure to sunlight and prolonged use might result in gradual fading. To maintain the exterior's vibrancy, it's recommended to clean and handle the mug with care.
Absolutely! The mug's insulation and spill-proof lid make it a perfect companion for enjoying hot soupy noodles while traveling. The double-walled design retains the temperature of your noodles, ensuring that they stay warm and satisfying during your journey
The 304 stainless steel interior is non-reactive and resistant to odours and flavours, ensuring that your beverages retain their true taste. This material choice guarantees that the mug doesn't impart any unwanted notes to your drinks, allowing you to savour the pure and unaltered flavours of your chosen beverages.

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