Textured Glassware Blue Set Of 6 150 ml

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Product Introduction

Our collection of wine glasses can offer a luxurious drinking experience, thanks to the stunning colours and stemmed design of the glasses. The gorgeous high-sheen exterior and the stylish design make these wine glasses a stunning table decor item to set up a fancy dinner table for your guests. You can use the wine glasses at a dinner party or give them to your close friends or relatives as an anniversary or housewarming gift.


  • Premium quality
  • Sturdy glass material
  • Textured glass exterior
  • Stemmed wine glasses
  • Easy to wipe

Frequently Asked Questions

How can these champagne glasses enhance the drinking experience?
These textured champagne glasses can offer a unique tactile experience to the drinker. The textures can provide a better grip on the glass, preventing slippage. Additionally, the texture can influence the way the bubbles rise to the surface, enhancing the visual appeal of the champagne and creating a more dynamic drinking experience.
These textured champagne glasses serve both decorative and functional purposes. While they add visual interest to the table setting and enhance the overall presentation of the champagne, the textures can also provide practical benefits. For example, the textured pattern can help maintain the temperature of the drink by insulating the glass.
Yes, the textured champagne glasses can be used for various other beverages besides champagne. They can be employed for serving sparkling wines, prosecco, cocktails, or even non-alcoholic beverages. The textured design adds an element of sophistication and can elevate the drinking experience, regardless of the type of drink being served.
Textured champagne glasses should be handled with care during cleaning to preserve the texture. It is recommended to wash them by hand using mild dish soap and lukewarm water. Avoid using abrasive scrubbers or harsh cleaning agents that can damage the texture. Gently dry the glasses with a soft cloth to prevent any water spots or residue from forming.
These champagne glasses can be used for both formal and casual occasions. The texture and design of these glasses can help set the tone for the event.

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