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Corporate Gifting
Leave a lasting mark with our handpicked corporate gift collection. Our unique corporate gifts are designed to captivate and inspire, ensuring your business stands out. Choose from our assortment of corporate presents and make each gesture a memorable one.

Unique Corporate Gifts Under 500, 1000, 2000 & 3000

Corporate Gifts - Elevate your Connections with Thoughtful Gestures 

The corporate landscape in this day and age is super busy, and it is here that you need to make relationships that literally become the route to success. This is the reason why the act of gift-giving has become such an important means of nurturing connections in the corporate world. Corporate gifts for employees are the best token of appreciation and recognition; they symbolize a deep emotional bond between both the giver and the receiver.

The first strategic move in the thoughtful gesture of giving corporate gifts is selecting the best gifts for your clients or your employees. When you select a corporate gift, it should represent the values of the organization and build loyalty between clients or employees, and this goes a long way. Each of these gifts, whether they are customized or thoughtfully curated gift hampers for specific occasions, should resonate with the receiver.

We live in an era that is completely digitized, and when it comes to corporate gifting, it provides a human touch and thought that brings out emotions that can create long-lasting relationships and memories. Giving unique corporate gifts is not a mere formality; it is meant to elevate the emotional bond, thus bringing more opportunities for collaboration.

At Nestasia, we understand the importance of selecting the most meaningful corporate gifts online. Thus, we have brought to you a range of amazing options for home decor gifts online that you can use to create a customized and curated corporate gift hampers for your clients and also for your employees. With our unique budget-friendly corporate gifts under 1000, corporate gifts under 500, and premium corporate gifts for employees, you can get a wide range of options to choose from. Our collection of professional corporate gift items includes a variety of home accessories, so you can truly elevate your connections in today's world of networking and business dynamics.

Nestasia’s Range of Luxury Corporate Gifts

Corporate culture is a very dynamic world where relationships and thoughtful gestures hold the utmost importance. It is in this realm that Nestasia stands out as the brand that offers premium corporate gift items and unique gift ideas under 500, for employees, that are the perfect fusion of creativity and thoughtfulness. We understand the value that gift-giving holds in the corporate landscape and thus offer you an extensive collection of both business gifts for clients and premium corporate gifts for employees, making sure each gesture from your side holds immense value.

  • Unique corporate gifts for clients

Imagine having a service business with a lot of clients, some of whom have been loyal to you for years. What would be the best way to express your gratitude for your clients? Corporate gifts for clients from Netsasia’s collection are the answer! Each gift item showcases the feeling of appreciation and gratitude that would create a lasting impression on your behalf. Starting with exquisite stationery to home utility products, Nestasia has lots of options for you to communicate thoughtfulness to make your clients feel cherished and valued. Nestasia’s corporate gifts for clients are the best way to foster meaningful relationships with your clients.

  • Premium corporate gifts for employees

Running a successful company is only possible when you recognize the important roles that employees play in your organization.  The best way that you can show your appreciation for your employees’ dedication and hard work is through Nestasia’s collection of corporate gifts for employees. Whether you have a new joinee or are gifting your employee of the month, Nestasia’s range of curated gift items for your employees allows you to acknowledge every one of them and make them feel valued. From personalized stationery to wellness kits that promote work-life balance, these corporate presents are the epitome of amazing craftsmanship and attention to detail that are excellent for boosting morale and also cultivating a sense of belonging and loyalty within the organization.

Nestasia's offerings are a tribute to originality and sincerity in a world overloaded with generic corporate gifts. Nestasia's selection of premium corporate gifts takes into account a variety of interests and preferences, ensuring that each gift captures the uniqueness of the receiver. Nestasia's corporate gifts act as a bridge that connects and resonates on a profound level, whether it's building stronger client relationships or encouraging a motivated workforce. Choose Nestasia and gain access to a world of sophisticated gestures and genuine expressions that can take your professional connections to new heights.

Check Out Luxury Corporate Hampers at Nestasia

With Nestasia, you can discover an exquisite world of corporate gifting possibilities. Uncover our meticulously curated collection of corporate gifts under 500, 1000, 2000 & 3000 that can help you create lasting relationships within and outside of your organization. With these amazing corporate gift hampers, corporate gifts for men, and corporate gifts for women, you can really upgrade your professional life.

  • Premium Corporate Hampers

Elevate your gifting game with our luxurious premium corporate hampers. From our wide range of amazing home decor items, home accessories, and stationery, you can create and customize the best-ever premium corporate hampers. Rest assured, these corporate gift hampers would become the epitome of satisfaction, especially if you gifted them to your clients. 

You can choose various items from our range of thermos flasks, such as leather-bound journals, laptop bags, file racks, vases, flower pots, or planters. You can also choose an opulent and sophisticated showpiece to add to the premium corporate gift hampers. 

  • Custom Corporate Gifts

The best part about custom corporate gifts is that they are personalized specifically for the person you are gifting them to. This adds a deep sense of sentiment and a human touch to the corporate gifting experience. Moreover, the personalization of premium corporate hampers also makes each one of them unique. Explore unique corporate gifts under 1000 for employees, clients and colleagues.

For premium corporate hampers, you can include our tote bags, a magazine organizer, a notebook from our stationery collection, a planter or pot, a showpiece, and even scented candles. Choose from our wide range of home accessories and customize them with the names of the employees or clients you are gifting them to. You can also include a special message, ensuring that your gifts are both memorable and one-of-a-kind.

  • Festive/Occasion-based Corporate Gifts

Celebrate and make festive occasions special for your clients as well as your employees with our festive corporate gifts. Our carefully curated selection ensures that your corporate gifts are in keeping with the spirit of the celebration, whether it's for Diwali, New Year's, Christmas, or any other important occasion. Give joyful corporate gifts that encapsulate the celebration's spirit for your recipients. 

  • Corporate gifts

With the help of our variety of Diwali corporate gifts, brighten the festival of lights for your clients and employees. Discover a variety of exquisite and culturally varied gifts that capture the spirit of Diwali. Our unique corporate gifts for employees are the ideal fusion of tradition and modern flair, all of which are sure to impress.

The festival of lights calls for opulent gift items, and you can choose and customize Diwali corporate gift hampers under 2000 from our wide range of home accessories like tea light holders, incense sticks, elegant candle stands, teapot sets, decor showpieces with gold accents, cushion covers, vases, and stationery.

  • New Year corporate gifts

With our New Year's corporate gifts, welcome in the new year with positivity and elegance. Explore a variety of fascinating decor objects that represent fresh starts and new hopes in our collection of premium corporate gifts. 

Bring in the new year with our amazing range of home accessories that you can put together and create the best of New Year's Corporate Gift hampers, including trinket dishes, trays, opulent candles, tea light holders, bunting, and cup sets.

  • Christmas corporate gifts 

Spread warmth and holiday cheer with our amazing Christmas corporate gifts. Celebrate the festivities with a spirit of magic this holiday season. From tasteful decorations to heartwarming treats, our gifts are sure to bring smiles and festive delight.

We have a variety of home decor objects and home accessories that are created with precision and attention to detail to fit in with the Christmas theme. Moreover, you can also choose our Christmas-themed mugs, bowls, hampers with Christmas-themed bowls and chocolates, Christmas decor, bunting, showpieces, and even photo frames.

  • Achievements/ Appreciation corporate gifts 

When you want your company to succeed, it is vital to acknowledge and reward hard work and achievements, and the best way to do that is through our thoughtfully curated selection of luxury corporate gifts under 500, 1000, 2000 & 3000. Whether it's acknowledging milestones or expressing gratitude to clients and employees, our unique corporate hampers convey the message of recognition and value.

If you would like to celebrate your employee’s achievement or a milestone with your client, there are several decor items and home accessories that you can add to this kind of hamper. For instance, you could add tumblers or stationery stands, tissue boxes, planters, wall art or wall decor, organizers, and an opulent showpiece.

Our corporate gifting categories at Nestasia cover a wide range of tastes and occasions. Explore our selections and let our thoughtfully picked gifts allow your gestures to speak for themselves. With Nestasia's amazing corporate gifting categories that go above and beyond the norm, you can elevate your business relationships. Check out unique corporate gifts under 2000 for your clients.

Place Bulk Orders for Corporate Giftings

Take your corporate gifting experience to new heights by placing bulk orders for your corporate gifts at Nestasia. We have a diverse range of products, and our exquisite corporate gift hampers are made to be the perfect solution for every type of corporate gift. Express your appreciation and foster amazing relationships within your business circle.

We understand how crucial it is to make a good first impression, which is why we provide amazing discounts and curated packages if you order corporate gifts in bulk. The amount of your discounts and packages would depend on the size of your bulk order. We value customer satisfaction, and that’s why we ensure that you have a seamless gifting experience that aligns completely with your budget.

Browse through our varied collection of amazing home accessories to find the best corporate gifts under 3000. Our dedicated customer support team can help you navigate through our extensive collection to find the perfect corporate gift items for your bulk order. They have the expertise to help you make the right choices and create unique corporate gift hampers that resonate with both your organization and all the recipients.

According to us at Nestasia, every gift tells a story, and you can create a narrative of respect, admiration, and camaraderie by perusing our online store and availing of our services. The place where thoughtful gestures meet seamless execution is Nestasia. With our corporate gift hampers, you can create a narrative of respect, admiration, and camaraderie. Take all your corporate relationships to new heights with Nestasia’s corporate gift hampers. Contact our customer support team today to embark on a journey of meaningful gifting that leaves a lasting impact.

Check out Luxury Gift Hampers & Gift Cards for your Loved Ones

You will find a range of meticulously crafted and curated gift hampers for each one of your loved ones at Nestasia, regardless of the occasion. Whether you need wedding gift hampers for your cousin or best friend’s wedding or a gift to surprise your father on Father’s Day, we have got you covered! Check out Nestasia’s range of Wedding Gift Hampers, Father’s Day Gift hampers, and much more that are made to elevate each occasion in your life.

The union of two souls in holy matrimony is a celebration of great happiness and unity. Since we understand how joyous and amazing marriage is, Nestasia has brought to you the perfect way to offer your best wishes and blessings to your loved ones on their special day with our collection of Wedding Gift Hampers, meticulously curated to make each gift a cherished symbol of love and happiness.

Every one of our gift hampers is proof of our meticulous selection and amazing presentation. We bring to you a treasure trove of goods that have been thoughtfully chosen and are not only useful but also add a touch of luxe to your gift-giving. Each element in our gift hampers, ranging from elegant tableware to home decor accents- is the result of careful selection that radiates refinement. Each of the elements in the gift hampers is selected with the utmost care to give you and your loved ones a seamless and wonderful gifting experience.

  • Gift cards 

At Nestasia, we consider the act of giving just as valuable as receiving a gift. Thus, we bring to you our incredible collection of Gift Cards, which has been created to convey your heartfelt feelings for your loved ones on every occasion. We have curated this collection especially so that you can find the perfect gift and enhance this gesture of love. In our selection of Gift Cards, we have four main categories: Birthday gift cards, Best Wishes gift cards, Anniversary gift cards, and Rakhi gift cards.

The act of giving a gift is just as important as receiving one. Thus, we at Nestasia bring to you our amazing range of Gift Cards, each of which can convey your best wishes and deepest sentiments to your loved ones, regardless of the occasion.

With our birthday gift card, you really can't go wrong. Our birthday gift card will make sure that your loved ones get to enjoy their special day every time by helping them choose the best presents according to their preferences. These gift cards offer your loved ones access to a wide range of items from our home decor selection, in addition to showing your warm wishes.

Another unique occasion that highlights a couple's affection for one another is their anniversary. Our anniversary gift cards make the ideal presents for couples, whether you're looking to surprise your special someone or wish one specific couple all the happiness on their big day.

Sometimes, all it takes is a sincere wish from your side for someone to be glad. With positive energy and well wishes, you can brighten anyone's day with our Best Wishes gift card. These Best Wishes gift cards are not only perfect for brightening someone's day, but they are also perfect for any celebration, whether your loved ones have graduated or started a new career. If you merely want to let someone know that you are thinking of them, these gift cards are the perfect option too.

We also have Diwali gift cards for you, which are the best way to spread holiday cheer because they perfectly capture the essence of this spectacular festival. Shower your loved ones with warm wishes on this festival of lights as they celebrate the triumph of light over darkness.

Gift cards from Nestasia's collection ensure that you can share your heartfelt acts of kindness, love, and devotion, making them truly unique presents. With gift cards from Nestasia, you can celebrate all of life's important occasions and make them even more unforgettable.

  • Gift bags 

The gift item is not the only thing that is important when it comes to gift-giving. It is also important to be conscious of how you are presenting your gift to your loved ones. To make each one of your celebrations truly special, pay attention to the presentation of your gifts. You can upgrade your gift-giving with our beautiful collection of gift bags, return gift bags, and party bags.

The gift-giving process is made even more enjoyable with Nestasia's gift bags, which are utterly lovely. You can take your gifting to the next level with Nestasia's gift bags. That's because these gift bags are so beautifully made and exude warmth and richness. If you are sending gifts to loved ones for their birthday, anniversary, housewarming celebration, or just to express your gratitude for them, our gift bags are the perfect addition to go with your presents and your best wishes.

You can express your gratitude for your loved ones who have made each occasion extremely unique with one of our exquisite return gift bags. We have brought to you a collection of amazing home decor gift items that you can pair well with our return gift bags, which are built to last. The return gift bags from Nestasia can add value to all of your occasions because they are not only beautiful to look at but also express gratitude.

Who doesn't adore the smiles of little munchkins? Our goodie bags are the ideal choice if you love to see children smile! Surprise the kids you know with our great selection of enjoyable gifts and goodie bags that they will adore. Whether it's a birthday party, a school event, or a festive gathering, choose Nestasia’s goodie bags.

Which party would be complete without some flair? None! And we're here to give just that with our party bags. These party bags offer a touch of charm and luxury to all of your special occasions because they were created especially to evoke the special feelings of grand occasions. Looking for baby shower, wedding, or birthday party? Choose the party bags from Nestasia!

Nestasia thus offers you a special selection of gift bags that can go with any occasion. There is something for every occasion to add to the festive spirit, from party bags to return gift bags. Your significant moments will be much more memorable if you use these lovely keepsakes, which honour the love and care that go into every celebration. With Nestasia's enticing gift bag selection, you can enjoy the satisfaction of giving and receiving gifts.

Explore Unique Rakhi Gifts Online at Nestasia

Discover a world of unique Rakhi Gift Hampers and amazing Rakhi gifts online at Nestasia. With our varied range of home decor gifts online, you can truly express your love and affection for your siblings this Raksha Bandhan. With our enchanting collection of home accessories in our Rakhi Gift Hampers and Rakhi Gift Cards, you can make this Rakhi special and celebrate the cherished bond between you and your loved ones.

At Nestasia, we have curated the best-ever Rakhi gift hampers that redefine the art of gifting. Each of these Rakhi Gift Hampers has been curated with the utmost consideration and attention to detail, such that it caters to a variety of needs and tastes. Whether it's a gourmet indulgence or a wellness retreat, each hamper is a testament to the care you put into your choice.

If you want to give your sibling the freedom of choice this Rakhi and let them choose the perfect gift for themselves, the Rakhi gift cards from Nestasia would be the perfect gift option. Allow your sibling to browse through our exquisite collection of home decor items and pick a present that aligns with their wants and needs. With the gift cards, you can create an experience that will live long in the memory of your loved ones.

With Nestasia's remarkable gift items, transcend the conventions of gift-giving this Raksha Bandhan. With Rakhi presents that capture the uniqueness of your relationships, you can commemorate the love that unites you and your sibling. Nestasia opens the door to a world of sincere emotions and joyful festivities with its Rakhi gift hampers and Rakhi gift cards.

Why Choose Nestasia?

Nestasia’s philosophy lies in making your homes special, and this translates into crafting and curating products that elevate the ordinary to the extraordinary. Our collection includes everything, starting with our dinnerware collection, kitchenware collection, stationery, glassware, home decor objects, and many more home accessories. 

All of our products are created keeping in mind the balance between aesthetics and functionality and are thus crafted with premium quality materials, superior craftsmanship, and attention to detail. This is to ensure that our products can adorn your spaces beautifully while lasting for a long time.

At Nestasia, customer satisfaction is also a very important factor that we always take into account. Our customer-centric approach is evident in our user-friendly online store, which allows you and your loved ones to browse through our extensive collection of home decor items and home accessories easily. We are also committed to creating environmentally friendly, sustainable, and artisanal products.

In essence, Nestasia is not just the name of a brand but is synonymous with elegance, convenience, and uniqueness. With the help of Nestasia's luxurious home decor options, enjoy the fun of decorating your living space. Improve the look of your house with Nestasia today and enjoy the finer things in life. Enjoy the excitement of decorating your home with Nestasia's luxurious home decor options. Enjoy the finer things in life while enhancing the appearance of your home with Nestasia.


  • Why does corporate gifting matter?

Corporate gifting is important because it fosters connections that go beyond business dealings. Gifts strengthen emotional ties by expressing gratitude, reiterating allegiance, and communicating shared ideals. Corporate gifts that have been carefully picked show that the givers are aware of their needs and leave a lasting impression. In the digital age, physical gifts add a human touch, fostering goodwill and creating lasting memories. Such actions go beyond formality, creating the potential for cooperation. A corporate gift set, a creative way to demonstrate gratitude, creates a favorable impression that ultimately helps a company succeed in the long run.

  • What are good corporate gifts?

Good corporate gifts are balanced between personalization and professionalism. The best corporate gift items are premium goods like executive accessories, tech devices, or customized, curated corporate hampers. Gourmet foods or gift hampers that have been carefully chosen add a sense of luxury. Corporate gift items with a personal touch, like personalised stationery or engraved office supplies, demonstrate attention to detail. Gift cards for fancy restaurants, spa treatments, or online shops offer adaptability. Social responsibility is reflected in eco-friendly official business gifts. The secret is to match the gift to the recipient's tastes and the organization's ideals, generating a memorable and appreciated gesture that improves business ties.

  • What are the best corporate gifts for employees?

The best corporate gifts for employees should be a balance of recognition and usefulness. A sense of belonging is promoted through personalized products like branded clothing or personalized workplace supplies. Employee well-being is prioritized with wellness corporate gift items like relaxation kits or fitness trackers. Gift cards to renowned stores, websites, or nearby restaurants offer versatility. Growth is enhanced through professional development possibilities like registration for industry conferences or online courses. The expression of gratitude is strengthened by thoughtful actions like paid time off for a particular occasion or team-building activities. A corporation shows its dedication to the success and pleasure of its employees by personalizing corporate presents to suit each employee's tastes and recognizing their contributions.

  • Can I order corporate gifts in bulk? 

Yes, you can conveniently order corporate gifts in bulk from Nestasia. With our extensive range of unique and elegant gift items, you can effortlessly find amazing luxury corporate gifts for both your clients and your employees. At Nestasia, you can get everything from beautiful home decor to practical stationery items, thus ensuring something for every occasion. Our bulk ordering option guarantees consistency in the premium quality of our products as well as showcases the efficiency with which we work to provide the best corporate gifting experience for clients, employees, and even partners.


Product Name Price
MAGNIFIQUE bowl with bamboo handle - lavender Rs.1000
White Serving Plate Texture Small Rs.755
White Serving Plate Texture Large Rs.765
Yoga Statue Rs.380
Gold Candle Stand Rs.1050
Candle Stand Rs.1430
Artificial Flower Bunch Peony Blue Rs.450