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Home Collections Nitori
Ceramic Plate With Handle Nitori
Rs. 590
Ramen Bowls Nitori
From Rs. 325
Serving Plate Nitori
Rs. 595
Snack Bowl With Handle Nitori
Rs. 595
Chip and Dip Plate Nitori
Rs. 490
Ceramic Tray Nitori
Rs. 695
Printed Bowl Set of 8
Rs. 1,990
Sushi Platter Nitori
Rs. 590
Pot With Lid Nitori
Rs. 890
Side Bowls Set of 4 Nitori
Rs. 700
Serving Bowl With Handles Nitori
Rs. 850
Dinner Plate Nitori
Rs. 890
Serving Bowl With Handles Nitori Large
Rs. 1,250
Hand painted Dinner Set Nitori
Rs. 11,990
Serving Bowl With Handles Nitori Small
Rs. 650

The Nitori collection has a range of bowls, plates, baking plates and baking bowls that form a dinner set. The Nitori collection is inspired by the art of hand paint and the Japanese art Shibori or Shiboru that is a technique of manual dyeing in indigo or blue colour.

The Nitori collection has a range of plates that can be used as snack plates, dinner plates, side plates, serving plates, baking plates serving tray and a range of bowls that are baking bowls, soup bowls, gravy bowls, serving bowls, noodle bowls and ramen bowls. It is one of the few dinner collection that also comes with soup spoons and serving spoons to complement the bowls and complete the dinner set that can be bought individually. The spoons can not only be used with the Nitori collection but can also be used with other dinner sets as they are have a neutral white tone with a touch of yellow. 

One can pick and choose products to custom make a dinner set or can simply buy the complete dinner set that serves all dining needs.

Made in ceramic, the Nitori dinner set collection is microwave safe and can also be used for baking dishes in the microwave. Suitable for formal and informal dinner settings, the Nitori collection is surely a trendy one to have. 

The four main designs of the Nitori collection are as mentioned: 

A- Parallel lines

B- Leaf shaped print

C- geometrically twisted triangles, swirls and rectangles

D- hand painted with white round spots