23+ Home Organization Ideas: The Marie Kondo Way

July 19, 2023

Welcome to our blog, where we dive into the transformative world of home organization and embrace the Marie Kondo Way. Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed by clutter, yearning for a serene and peaceful home decor? Look no further! We've gathered a treasure trove of 23+ brilliant home organization ideas that will revolutionise your surroundings and bring you unparalleled peace of mind.

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At the heart of our approach lies the genius of Marie Kondo, renowned worldwide for her life-changing KonMari Method. This revolutionary concept extends beyond mere tidying up; it's a philosophy that empowers you to curate your possessions intentionally and create an environment that sparks joy in every corner. By following the KonMari Method, you'll embark on a journey of self-discovery where your home becomes a reflection of your inner serenity.

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Join us on this captivating journey as we explore the magic of staying organised the Marie Kondo Way. Be inspired, equipped with practical tips, and motivated to transform your space into a sanctuary of harmony and joy. Experience the life-changing power of decluttering and embark on a path towards a more intentional lifestyle.

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Benefits of Decluttering & Organization

The benefits of home organization are remarkable. Picture waking up to a clutter-free bedroom, where clothes are neatly folded, sparking joy in your morning routine. Imagine an organised kitchen storage where every item has a place, making meal preparation a breeze. Visualise a living room that feels open, inviting, and conducive to relaxation and connection.

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Marie Kondo’s philosophy revolves around the concept that home organization not only enhances aesthetics but also declutters your mind. An organized environment reduces stress, boosts productivity, and improves overall well-being. Surrounding yourself with joyful items cultivates gratitude and mindfulness, leading to a more fulfilling life.

Organizing Tips For Various Items

Clothing: Organizing your clothing the KonMari way brings tranquillity to your wardrobe. Start by gathering every garment and ask yourself, "Does it spark joy?" Keep only the pieces that do, and neatly fold them using Marie Kondo's signature vertical folding technique. Create a blissful closet where every item sparks joy and effortless style. You can use storage baskets to neatly organise and segregate your clothes within your wardrobe.

Books: When it comes to organizing books using the KonMari, only choose the books that resonate with you and discard or donate the rest. Arrange them in a way that brings joy, whether it's by genre, colour, or size. You can use a book stand or a wall shelf to organise your books. Create a bookshelf that inspires endless reading adventures and gives access to your favourite stories.

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Papers: Taming the paper chaos using the KonMari Method is liberating. Sort through your papers and discard anything unnecessary. Categorise the remaining papers into meaningful groups, such as finances, essential documents, or sentimental items. Store them in labelled folders or binders, creating a streamlined and stress-free paper systemThese folders can be stored in desk organisers to avoid clutter of the table.

Kitchenware: Start by decluttering and only keeping items that serve a purpose and bring you joy. Group similar items together and designate specific spaces for each category. Store the glass and ceramic kitchenware on shelves, in cabinets or on kitchen racks to avoid any breakage. Streamline your cooking experience and create a harmonious kitchen that sparks joy in every meal.

Laundry: Begin by gathering and sorting all your laundry items into categories (e.g., clothes, linens). Discard worn-out or unwanted items. Designate a specific place for each category and fold your clothes using Marie Kondo's vertical folding technique. Simplify and elevate your laundry experience.

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Komono (Miscellaneous Items): Tackling miscellaneous items with the KonMari Method brings order to the chaos. Start by sorting through your "komono" category and discarding unnecessary items. Group similar items together and find designated homes for them. Embrace storage solutions like baskets or dividers to maintain a clutter-free environment. Experience the joy of organized miscellaneous items and simplified daily life.

Sentimental & Precious Items: Organizing sentimental items and precious items like jewellery, accessories, etc with the KonMari Method honours cherished memories. Carefully select sentimental items that truly spark joy. Create a designated space or to store them. Ensure they're protected and easily accessible by storing them in jewellery boxes & organisers. Embrace the joy that comes from revisiting these meaningful mementoes while maintaining a clutter-free and organized home.

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Practical Home Organization Ideas


1. Tadaima (I’m home!)

The KonMari Method is the deploy rooted in the age-old Japanese philosophy of greeting your home every time you return home from outside. “Tadaima” is the Japanese phrase to say “I’m home” to show gratitude towards your home. Since your entryway is the first part of your home that you see after a long day at work, it should spark a sense of joy and warmth. 

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Add special touches to your entryway, like your favourite quotes or your favourite indoor plants, that can create a serene ambience. You can also add beautiful home fragrance using luxury candles to create an inviting environment in your entryway and make your guests feel welcome in your humble abode. 

2. Smart Entryway Storage

Your foyer area is where you keep your shoes, umbrellas, keys, and coats, so it only makes sense to enhance the entryway storage space to make the area clutter-free. One of the best ways to go about it is to install wall hooks to hang your bags, coats, and hats. 

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You can also use a storage bench or baskets to store your shoes or install a shoe cabinet if you have enough space. A small console table with a catchall dish can be excellent for keeping your keys and grabbing them quickly before heading out. And lastly, don’t forget an umbrella rack to keep your foyer space tidy and clutter-free.

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3. Add Furniture That Spark Joy

Begin by assessing your current furniture pieces and letting go of those that no longer serve you. When selecting new furniture, consider the emotions they evoke. Opt for pieces that bring you delight and align with your personal style. 

Create a balanced and harmonious space by carefully curating furniture that brings joy to every corner. Remember, a living room that reflects your true self will not only be aesthetically pleasing but also a sanctuary of happiness and relaxation for you and your guests.

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4. Organise Your Magazines

Say goodbye to magazine mayhem and hello to living room serenity the Marie Kondo way! Gather your magazines and start by asking, "Do they add value to my space?" Keep the ones that do, discarding the rest. Organize them by category or date and display them in stylish magazine holders or baskets. 

5. Make Room For Sentimental Decorations

Infuse your living room with sentimental charm using the KonMari Method. Choose cherished photo frames or travel souvenirs that spark joy. Create designated spaces to display them, ensuring they're prominently showcased. Surround yourself with memories that warm your heart and turn your living room into a haven of meaningful moments.

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6. Discard Expired Food

One of the fundamental concepts of Marie Kondo’s home organization philosophy is based on discarding the items that lack value. So, when it comes to organizing your kitchen and cookware using the KonMarie method start by discarding all expired food from your kitchen pantry and refrigerator. Keep only what sparks joy and aligns with your health goals. Embrace a fresh start, making room for nourishing ingredients that inspire culinary adventures and a clutter-free kitchen. 

7. Store Food Upright & By Category

Effortlessly locate items in your kitchen by organizing drawers and pantry shelves effectively. A quick glance should reveal everything you have. Arrange items upright if possible and categorise them into subcategories like seasonings, dried foods, pasta, rice, canned goods, sweets, bread, and supplements. With an organized pantry, you'll save time and easily find what you need for meal preparation.

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8. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Or Donate

Minimise food waste responsibly by sharing surplus items with local food banks, neighbours, or friends. Repurpose non-edible items from your discard pile creatively — green tea bags as incense, pasta for DIY arts and crafts, or baking sprinkles for decorating. Remember to recycle, compost, or discard any remaining items mindfully to reduce environmental impact. Let's embrace conscious consumption and turn unwanted items into delightful new uses.


9. Create Space

Maximise space in your bathroom by utilising drawers, walls, and under-sink areas. Install shelves or hooks to keep items off the floor. If your bathroom lacks storage under the sink, repurpose boxes or bins to create a makeshift cabinet. Customize your bathroom layout and storage solutions to fit your specific needs, ensuring a clutter-free bathroom. Take charge and create a functional oasis that suits your style.

10. Tackle Small Toiletries

Streamline your bathroom and travel essentials by decluttering excess mini toiletries from past hotel stays. Keep a few favourites in a Hikidashi box and donate the rest. You can also utilise a shoebox for convenient storage without taking up too much space.

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Organize smaller items like nail polishes and lip balms upright in a container, like rotating racks that spark joy. Choose storage solutions that can double as dividers on shelves or in drawers. Simplify and curate your collection for a clutter-free and joyful bathroom experience.

11. Organize Cosmetic Bags

Organize your bags and toiletry cases by storing them inside one another. Keep smaller pouches within a vanity pouch for better organisation. Discard any containers that no longer bring joy, especially those with spilt makeup or irreparable fabric damage. Maintain a tidy and joyful collection of bags and cases, making it easier to find what you need with a touch of style.

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12. Wash Your Sheets Weekly

According to Kondo, a clean room equals a happy you! Since we spend so much time in bed, washing bed covers and pillowcases weekly is essential. Not only does this practice maintain cleanliness, but it also brings the added benefit of fresh scents that promote positive moods and reduce stress. Embrace the habit of regular laundering for a happier and more serene bedroom environment. Sleep soundly on clean sheets, knowing you're creating a haven of comfort and well-being. 

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13. Lighting Is Everything

Transform your bedroom into a soothing sanctuary for rest and rejuvenation, as suggested by Kondo. Create a spa-like ambience by ensuring the space is clean, quiet, and dark, which is crucial for quality sleep. Incorporate gentle lighting by using dimmers, candles, or table lamps to replace bright overhead lights. Embrace the tranquil atmosphere as you unplug and recharge, embracing the importance of a serene environment for a good night's sleep.

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Home Office

14. Set Your Intentions

Before decluttering your home office, the KonMarie method emphasizes the importance of envisioning your ideal lifestyle. Since work holds significant importance in our lives, aligning your workspace with your career goals is crucial. Whether aiming for a promotion or starting your own business, let these aspirations guide your desk organisation. 

Create a workspace that inspires and supports your dreams, enabling you to work towards your biggest goals every day. Embrace the power of intention as you design an office that reflects your ambitions and propels you towards success.

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15. Consolidate Everything

To optimize your workspace, Kondo highlights the significance of grouping similar items together. Gather all your office supplies from various locations and store them in your designated workspace. This ensures you know what you have and what needs replenishing, saving time and avoiding disruptions during the day. Streamline your workflow by keeping your supplies within reach and experience a seamless and productive workday.

16. Gather Your Key Supplies

Creating a productive home office requires having the right supplies. Start by making a to-do list each morning. Utilise a paper list to physically check off completed tasks for an added motivational boost. Find a notepad and pen that bring you joy as you jot down your daily goals. With these simple yet effective tools, you can enhance organization, increase productivity, and make progress towards your objectives while enjoying the process.


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17. Only Keep Clothes That Spark Joy

To declutter your wardrobe effectively, Kondo suggests placing all your clothes on your bed for a clear view of your collection. This can be conveniently done using closet storage organizers. Assess each item individually, determining whether it sparks joy. Kondo explains that a joyful item evokes a bodily reaction, such as hugging or smiling when holding it. 

Donate or discard items that no longer bring happiness. By mindfully curating your clothing collection, you'll create a closet filled with items that truly bring you joy and make getting dressed a delightful experience.

18. The “Bag-In-Bag” Method

If you have too many bags, totes, or backpacks, optimise storage by nesting them inside one another. This clever approach not only saves closet space but also maintains cleanliness. Additionally, categorise them accordingly for better organization, such as keeping paper bags, backpacks, purses, and handbags separate. By implementing this method, you'll declutter your closet, create a neater space, and easily locate the bag you need without any hassle.

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19. Arrange Clothes By Colour & Fabric

Always try to organize your clothes by colour because it’ll make it easier for you to find any clothing item while offering an aesthetic visual appeal to your closet. You can also arrange your dresser by starting with lighter items and progressing to heavier ones. Place shirts in the upper drawers while keeping bottoms in the lower drawers. 

Follow the same principle with materials: lighter fabrics, such as cotton, are stored in the top drawers, while heavier materials are placed in the lower drawers. This systematic approach ensures an organized dresser where items are easily accessible and neatly categorised based on weight and fabric type.

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Kid’s Room

20. Add A Sparkle Of Joy

You find joy in nearly everything in a kid’s room or baby’s nursery, including functional items that contribute to a child’s well-being. Rather than solely focusing on appearance, celebrate the helpfulness of these items. For bulk goods like toys or even diapers, explore creative storage solutions to maintain a stylish space. 

While essential baby gear may not be aesthetically pleasing, using chic containers adds a touch of style while keeping necessities organized. Embrace the balance between functionality and aesthetics to create a joyful and practical room for your little ones.

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21. Safety Check Is A Must

To baby-proof your home, begin with the nursery and gradually work through each room before your little one arrives. Cover electrical sockets, store breakables in cabinets out of reach, and secure heavy furniture pieces like bookshelves to the wall. 

As your baby grows and becomes more mobile, extend baby-proofing measures to higher storage areas. Marie suggests using latches or stoppers to keep cabinets closed, placing kid-safe items in lower drawers or shelves, and keeping fragile items out of reach. These safety precautions ensure your child's protection, even in the unlikely event of a latch failure.

Digital Organization

22. Archive Data

We understand how important technology is in today’s age, but finding important documents among billions of files on your smartphone or laptop can be a chaotic task. That’s why data archiving is the best way to declutter your devices. Be ruthless with archiving data and only keep the most essential files on your phone or laptop. If you need to access older data, you can always check the archive section. 

23. Cloud Storage

Why store a bazillion files on your phones or laptops when we are living in the technological era of cloud computing? With the convenience of cloud platforms like Google Drive, Dropbox, iCloud, and Microsoft OneDrive, storing, organizing, and accessing files has become easier than ever. Simply store the files in your cloud in different folders by category and access them whenever you want. Use the power of cloud storage to keep your digital buddies tidy and clutter-free.

Garden Tools

24. Take Out Everything

The goal of organizing your toolbox with the KonMari Method is to empty it completely. Lay out all the planter tools on a patio or drop cloth to assess what you have. It's normal to realize you've accumulated more than expected. Be kind to yourself and commit to keeping only what you'll use in the future. This process is a one-time task, providing long-lasting organization and ensuring you have exactly what you need when you need it.

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25. Tidy By Category

To effectively organize your gardening equipment, begin by grouping supplies based on type and function. Take a "like with like" approach and tackle one category at a time. Start with wearables like aprons and gloves, then move on to tools and gardening accessories. 

Next, organize "paper goods" such as gardening books and seed packets, followed by miscellaneous or “komono” items like twine or lawn ornaments. By following this systematic approach, you can efficiently declutter and arrange your gardening equipment for easy access and well-organized space.

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26. Organize & Label

After sorting and decluttering your garden shed, it's time to restore order. Utilise organisers of various sizes to divide the space and group similar items together. Empty plastic planters are great for organizing and storing seeds, while wall organisers keep tools easily accessible. Remember to label everything, allowing you to quickly locate seeds or find specific containers like those holding twine and wire. 

Additional Tips & Resources

If you are looking for some additional tips that can spark innovative home organization ideas, we’ve got you covered:

  1. Create a designated "home" for each item, ensuring everything has its place.
  2. Utilise storage bins and baskets to corral loose items and maintain a clutter-free space.
  3. Implement a regular decluttering routine to prevent the accumulation of unnecessary items.
  4. Maximise vertical space by using wall-mounted shelves or hanging organizers.
  5. Make use of labels to easily identify and locate items.
  6. Prioritise functionality and keep frequently used items easily accessible.
  7. Donate or sell items that no longer serve a purpose in your life.
  8. Embrace the "one in, one out" rule to prevent overcrowding.
  9. Utilise drawer dividers and organisers for efficient storage and easy access.
  10. Create a cleaning schedule to maintain a tidy and organized home.

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          Embarking on a home organization journey is a transformative step towards embracing an organized and clutter-free lifestyle. By implementing the KonMari Method of home organization, you can create a space that sparks joy and brings a sense of calm. Take the leap and experience the numerous benefits, from increased productivity to reduced stress. Don’t forget to share your home organization ideas and stories with us.


          1. How do you maintain home organization?

          Maintaining home organization requires consistent effort. Start by decluttering and organizing one area at a time. Use storage solutions, labels, and designated spaces for items. Establish daily routines for tidying up and encourage family members to contribute. Regularly reassess and purge unnecessary items to prevent clutter from accumulating.

          2. Why is it important to keep your home organized?

          Keeping your home organized is important for several reasons. It reduces stress and promotes mental clarity by creating a calm and peaceful environment. It saves time and improves efficiency as you can easily find what you need. It also enhances productivity and allows for better hygiene and safety within the living space.

          3. How often should you organize your home?

          The frequency of organizing your home depends on various factors such as the size of your household, lifestyle, and personal preferences. However, a general guideline is to schedule a thorough organizing session at least once or twice a year, with regular maintenance and decluttering on a monthly or seasonal basis, to prevent the accumulation of clutter.

          4. How does Marie Kondo organize clothes?

          Marie Kondo suggests her renowned KonMari Method for organizing clothes. It involves sorting clothes by category, gathering them all in one place, and then individually assessing each item's value and joy. Items that no longer spark joy are thanked and discarded, while the rest are folded and stored vertically for easy visibility and access.

          5. How do I organize my home perfectly?

          Organizing your home perfectly requires a systematic approach. Start by decluttering and categorizing belongings. Designate specific places for each item and use storage solutions to maximize space. Establish daily routines for tidying up. Regularly reassess and purge unnecessary items. Customise the organization methods to suit your lifestyle and maintain consistency in upkeep.

          6. How long does it take to do the KonMari Method?

          The time it takes to complete the KonMari Method varies depending on the size of your home, the amount of clutter, and your personal pace. Generally, it can take several weeks to months to complete the entire process, as it involves thoroughly organizing each category of items with careful consideration and intention.

          7. How can I organize my home like a professional?

          To organize your home like a professional, start by decluttering and sorting items by category. Utilize storage solutions like bins, shelves, and labels. Create designated spaces for different items and establish a daily maintenance routine. Prioritise functionality and efficiency while considering aesthetics. Seek inspiration from professional organizers' techniques and adapt them to your needs.

          8. Where should I start organizing my house?

          When deciding where to start organizing your house, begin with the area that causes the most frustration or has the highest impact on your daily life. It could be the entryway, kitchen, or bedroom. Tackle one room or category at a time, working methodically until you've covered the entire house.

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