7 Genius Ideas For Saving Space In Your Home

January 04, 2023

It’s a common saying that space-saving makes a home look bigger, more spacious, and clean, which can be useful for both small and big apartments. When there is less clutter and items are organized and stored neatly, the room feels more open and inviting. Space-saving ideas also allow you to make better use of the space you have, allowing you to have more functional areas and storage solutions.

Storage essentials
Space-saving at home becomes crucial to living comfortably because it helps to declutter and organize the space, which can improve the overall appearance and functionality of the home. In addition, space-saving hacks can help to make the most of limited square footage, allowing individuals to comfortably fit all of their necessary belongings in any space. Not just this, but an organized room helps create an organized mind, reducing the clutter and distractions, and allowing the individual to focus on their tasks and responsibilities.

To reduce the stress created because of the mess, try out our clever space-saving and reusing hacks that every household needs. Check out these tricks to maximize the living space, whether big or small, and store like a pro, and you’ll definitely thank us for these!

Storage baskets
1. Folding Techniques

You can try some of these folding hacks to save space:

a. Ranger Roll: This folding hack to save space is a popular method for towels. First, lay the towel out flat on a surface and fold it in about a couple of inches. Then, fold the towel in half again, this time bringing the two longer edges together. From the other end of the towel start rolling in and tuck it under the fold next to it. You should now have a neat, compact roll of towel that can easily be stored in a drawer or cabinet.

Towel roll
b. Roll and Tuck: Roll your towels and clothes instead of folding them. This is an excellent technique for saving space in drawers and on shelves. Simply lay the garment or towel flat, then roll it up tightly from one end to the other. Tuck any excess fabric into the roll to create a compact, cylindrical shape.

Towel roll
c. KonMari Fold: This method involves folding towels so they stand upright in a drawer, rather than being stacked on top of each other. To fold towels using this method, you will need to start by laying the towel flat on a surface. Next, fold the towel in half lengthwise, making sure that the edges are aligned. Then, fold the towel in half again, creating a long, rectangular shape. Finally, fold the towel in half, creating a smaller, square shape.

Folded towel
d. Jenga Stack: This technique is great for folding towels like the jenga stack. Lay the towel flat on a surface, and fold it in half lengthwise. Then, fold it in half again. Which will give you a slender rectangular shape. Stand the folded towel upright on a shelf or in a drawer, and stack other towels on top of it in a pyramid shape. This creates a stable, space-saving stack of towels.

Folded towel
2. Hanging Storage

By using a hanging wall organizer in your kitchen for keeping the tools and cutleries, you can save space and keep your kitchen organized and clutter-free, making cooking and meal prep a breeze. Find a suitable place to hang our space-saving kitchen organizer. A good spot would be near a pantry or a kitchen counter where you often store your cooking and baking essentials.

Wall hanging storage
Begin organizing your kitchen essentials by placing them in the various pockets and compartments of the wall organizer. You can use it to store baking tools, spice packets, tea bags, and other small kitchen items. This space-saving kitchen idea will help your kitchen stay organized and tidy. It will help you easily access the items you need.

Hanging storage
3. Stack and Store

Stackable storage baskets are a great way to organize and save space in your drawers, refrigerator, shelves, and other storage areas. Here are some tips for using stackable baskets to keep your items organized:

a. Choose baskets that are a good size for the items you want to store. You don't want baskets that are too small or too large, as they will either be inefficient or take up too much space.

Storage baskets

b. Label the baskets with what they contain. This will make it easier to find items and put them back in the correct basket.

c. Consider using baskets that come with handles for easier access to items.

Storage baskets

d. If you are using baskets in a drawer, place the heaviest items in the storage baskets on the bottom for stability.

e. For refrigerator storage, try to avoid baskets with lids, consider using baskets with holes or vents to allow for airflow and help keep produce fresher.

f. In a pantry or shelf, stack the baskets vertically to maximize space.



4. Match and Stuff

Sharing another great hack where you can store your furnishing essentials together so you can find them every time without messing with your cupboard. Storing matching throws and blankets inside cushion covers can be a good way to keep everything in one place and save space.

Cushion cover
To try this hack, just get cushion covers that can fit your throws and blankets when they are folded or rolled up. You can then place the folded or rolled-up blankets and throws inside the cushion covers and store them in a closet, under a bed, in a storage ottoman, or on the shelf.

Cushion cover and throw
This can be a convenient way to keep your blankets and throws organized and accessible while also saving space in your home. It can be especially useful if you have limited storage space or if you want to keep your living room or bedroom clutter-free.

Cushion cover and throw
5. Dishes on Display

Wall-mounted shelves are a great way to add extra storage to your kitchen without taking up valuable floor space. They can be used to store a variety of items, including crockery, kitchen tools, and baking supplies. By keeping these items on shelves instead of in drawers or on the countertops, you can free up space for other tasks and make it easier to access the items you need.

Wall hanging shelf
To get the most out of your wall-mounted shelves, choose a location that is convenient and easy to reach. This might be above the sink or countertops, or near your oven or refrigerator. This not only frees up counter and cabinet space but also keeps your kitchen organized and clutter-free.

Wall shelves
Our wall-mounted shelves can be easily installed at any height to suit your needs. They are perfect for storing dishes, pots, pans, and more, and they allow you to easily see and access all of your kitchen tools and supplies. Plus, they are easy to clean and maintain, making them a practical and stylish choice for any kitchen.

Wall shelf

6. Bathroom Containers

Gather all your personal care items and toiletries that you want to store in the storage jars. You can even use old mason jars that are not in use anymore and reuse them. You can store items such as cotton balls, q-tips, makeup brushes, hair ties, and other small items. Once you have your jars and items ready, you can start organizing them. Place the jar(s) on a shelf, in a cabinet, or on the countertop depending on your preference and the space you have available.

Storage jars
If you are storing items such as cotton balls or q-tips, you can simply pour them into the mason jar and close the lid. If you are storing makeup brushes toothbrushes, toothpaste, and other toiletries, then putting on the lid is not required.

You can even label your mason jars with a permanent marker or stickers with the items they contain. This will help you keep track of what is in each jar and make it easier to find what you are looking for.


7. Just Hang It

The hanging grid board is a great way to organize and save space in your home. It allows you to hang items such as jewelry and accessories on the wall instead of placing them on a tabletop or in a closet. This helps to declutter and free up space in your home, as well as making it easier to access and find items.

Grid wall
You can hang items using clips or hooks, the items will hang vertically, saving space and allowing you to see everything at a glance. In addition to organizing items, the hanging grid board can also be used as a display for artwork or photos. Simply attach the items to the grid using clips or hooks, and arrange them in a visually appealing way. This creates a unique and personal display that adds character to your home.

Grid board
These space-saving and reusing hacks can be game changers for any home. Not only do they help to declutter and organize your space, but they also allow for a more sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle. From using stackable storage baskets to repurposing old furniture, there are endless ways to save space and reuse items in your home.

Storage basket
So next time you're feeling overwhelmed by clutter, try implementing some of these hacks and see how much of a difference they can make.

Further, you can even purchase a lot of space-saving storage essentials from Nestasia and our products can be reused several times, serving different purposes. Our products will help you stay organized and let you have a mess-free space and beautiful surroundings.



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