30+ Kitchen Storage Ideas

August 25, 2023

It is often said that our kitchen is the heart of our beautiful homes, but at times it can look no less than a battlefield after preparing a meal. An unorganized and messy kitchen is not only less appealing to the eyes but can also be unhealthy and pose a challenging task of cleaning the dirt and grease of the leftovers. Therefore, it is important to keep it organized and mess-free. 

Kitchen decor

An appealing and organized kitchen not only looks presentable but also inspires one to cook more often. You might wonder how tiresome and excruciatingly difficult a task it might be to clean and reorganize your entire kitchen. Well, it need not be such a task after all. With a thoughtful plan, proper shelves and functional storage, you might actually be able to transform your kitchen to look gorgeous, clutter-free and spacious - all at the same time. 


We bring you 30+ amazing kitchen hacks to revamp the entire look of your kitchen and make it look luxurious. Below are some (many) of the kitchen storage ideas for you to go through and get motivated to declutter your kitchen.

Creative Kitchen Storage Ideas For A Stylish And Functional Kitchen

Keeping your kitchen organized might feel like a challenge. But staying tidy in style isn’t as difficult as it seems. With proper shelving, functional storage, and a thought-out plan of attack, your kitchen can transform into a space that is equal parts clutter-free and gorgeous. Yes, you heard us right. Storage can actually be stunning!

Get inspired by 30+ orderly and tasteful kitchen organizing ideas mentioned below.

1. Get creative with shelf storage: Don't let clutter discourage you from trying fun ways to organize your kitchen. Turn your shelves into an open pantry. If you have spare space in your kitchen—whether that be a wall or even a kitchen island–but no pantry, this solution is ideal.

Jars and Containers

2. Organize your pantry like a store: Revamp the look of your pantry by incorporating small containers and bottles for spices and other essentials. 

Kitchen pantry
3. Try a Peg Drawer Organizer: Customize a pegboard organizer to fit your dishes, bowls and plates. It is a great way to ensure everything stays in place and doesn't break. 

Peg Drawer Organizer

4. Choose glass doors and cabinets: One way to beautify your kitchen is by adding a set of glass doors to a cabinet or two. This tip will also help you avoid overcrowding since your cabinet storage will always be in plain view. 

Kitchen glass door and cabinets

5. Opt for minimal design: Another good idea to keep your kitchen look decluttered is opting for a minimal design of the kitchen. Adding a lot of components to the kitchen design is only going to make it look messier and unorganized. To keep your kitchen looking neat and tidy, invest in simple, understated kitchenware. Clean out your mismatched cups and plates and replace them with new, more modern sets. 

Minimal kitchen decor

6. Incorporate Shelf Risers: A collapsible riser designed for cabinet interiors lends heightened storage when tackling hands-on recipes. Prepare a workstation by arranging ingredients in the created space underneath, and set dishes and utensils on top. Once you're finished cooking, collapse the riser flat and store it in a pantry or base cabinet. 

Kitchen shelf riser
7. Do not overcrowd your cabinets: As much as we resonate with keeping the cooking essentials inside the cabinets, it is also important to realize not to overcrowd your cabinets. Create some empty space between baskets and bins. Just because you have extra space, doesn't mean it should be filled. 

Kitchen organizers
8. Store glassware upside down: To prevent your favourite dinner set and glassware from breaking, it’s best to stack the plates properly and store the glassware inside the cabinet upside down. This way, the glassware will last long and won’t get dirty quickly. 
9. Create clean lines with kitchenware: Create a streamlined look in your kitchen cabinets with matching storage containers for everything from pasta to flour. When dinner rolls around, you'll have no trouble locating each ingredient. 
Multipurpose Storage Organizer
10. Create a command station: You can use a magnetic board or a sticky note to jot down the ingredients for a more clear understanding. 

Magnetic board sheet11. Group items by colour and usage: If your style is a little more eclectic, try spicing up your kitchen cabinets with a pop of colour. Kitchen cabinet12. Arrange utensils on a pegboard wall: Make your utensils look more organized with the use of a pegboard wall. Not only will it help with the storage purpose of all the utensils but will also save you more space on the countertop and make it look decluttered. Kitchen organizer
13. Add bins to the bottom drawer: A beautiful kitchen is backed up by cleanliness and hygiene. Add bins to the bottom drawers of your cabinets to ensure saving of time and having no mess. Dustbin14. Stack Baskets for a cleaner look: A kitchen organization basket is a must-have if you like to keep things organized. Not only does keeping pantry essentials inside the basket makes it easier to locate them but it also makes the outer appearance look much more cleaner and tidy. Kitchen Organization Basket
15. Create an electronics drawer: Having a drawer dedicated to storing kitchen electronics is such a lifesaver. An electronic drawer serves the purpose of keeping all the appliances in one place and at the same time puts a cleaner look on the forefront by concealing the cords. 
Kitchen appliance drawer16. Fashion a baking essentials setup: Install hooks and labels on the inside of a cabinet door within your kitchen baking centre so every measuring spoon and cup has its proper place. Add a conversion chart for good measure. Keep all your baking trays, baking dishes and moulds in one place. Cupcake mould
17. Stock shelves with essentials: Keep your shelves stocked up with the essentials to avoid the hassle of going shopping frequently. To make sure you don’t waste anything, keep the current products behind the older products so that you use the latter first. Kitchen organizer18. Set up a cleaning station: Keep your cleaning supplies organized and ready to use. The lower rack of a cabinet is perfect for holding bottles of supplies, while the upper rack keeps sponges and scrubbers at the forefront. Kitchen cleaning kit
19. Incorporate clear containers: Keep a uniform look on your countertops with clear storage containers. They're good for storing dry cereals, pet foods, and snacks, too. Even apothecary jars with lost or broken lids can be used to store a countertop collection of rolling pins on end. 
Airtight container
20. Label food storage containers: Maximize the space in your pantry with labelled baskets in bright colours. Group individually wrapped snacks and breakfast essentials out of their boxes and in the bins to make mornings a breeze. For added pantry organization, label shelves with the category of its contents as well. Kitchen baskets21. Organize kitchen drawers: A drawer becomes more purposeful with the addition of a drawer organizer. A compartmentalized insert neatly stores utensils. You can add labels to the compartments to designate spaces for specific items. Kitchen drawer22. Organize Water Bottles: Keep water bottles within reach and in view by stacking them in magazine files. At Nestasia you can find a collection of magazine racks as per your preference. File rack
23. Gather loose lids: Utilize thrifty organizers to make over the chaotic space where you stash food-storage containers. A wall file mounted to a cabinet door is an easy solution for separating plastic lids from bases. Stack lids from largest to smallest to easily identify the size you need. Kitchen organizer24. Hang floating shelves: Install hooks under the bottom shelf for hanging coffee mugs, utensils, or hand towels. Style open kitchen shelves with daily essentials, like cups and mugs, drinking glasses, dinner plates or soup snack bowls, for easy access to your most-used items. Floating shelves25. Keep a Rolling Pin Handy: A simple storage hook mounted to the side of a cabinet keeps the baking essential at hand and frees up a drawer for smaller utensils like lunch boxes, kitchen tools, coasters, napkins, and table mats etc. Storage hook26. Mount a knife rack: Add magnetized strips to one side of a finished board, and secure it to your backsplash to hold knives. This makes knives easy to grab and use, plus simple to put away. Knife set
27. Hang Baskets above the countertop: Baskets are helpful for organizing kitchen utensils, cleaning supplies, and fresh produce. Place a pair of multipurpose storage baskets for essentials above a sink using a metal rod or adhesive hooks for easy access. A wire design allows you to see the contents inside the basket at a glance and helps wet dishes and sponges dry quickly. 
Multipurpose Storage Basket
28. Repurpose a turntable: Repurpose a turntable or milk crate as moveable spice storage. Stock it with salt and pepper, frequently used spices, oils, and fresh herbs to season meals at the table. Turntable29. Utilize Hooks: Add hooks to the back or side of a shallow cabinet near the family entry to keep track of keychains, bags, and anything else you might need as you head out the door. Screw-in cup hooks are ideal for holding keys; use removable adhesive-back hooks for other items so you can change the arrangement and number of hooks when needed. Wall hooks30. Put Glassware on display: It's no secret that glassware can double as decor, so they're likely the best fit for cabinets with glass doors. 
Crystal glassware31. Add corner shelves in a small kitchen: Utilize the nooks and corners of your kitchen and fill them with functional accents. Corner storage rack
A Big Yes To Aesthetic Kitchen Decor

When we speak about an aesthetic kitchen, we cannot help but envisage Nigella Lawson preparing scrumptious meals in her awe-inspiring kitchen on the TLC channel. Well, you do not have to be a professional chef to have a gorgeous kitchen at home. Below are a few aesthetic kitchen decor ideas that we are swooning over and would love for you to explore. If these spaces don’t inspire you to cook, we don’t know what will!

  1. Contemporary Kitchen: A contemporary kitchen design is a perfect amalgamation of functionality and euphoria of a homely feel. The look is a carefully curated blend of materials - new and antique, casual and polished that are in vogue. A contemporary kitchen has modular cabinets with slim profile handles or no handles at all. Add gourmet cooking equipment like cooking pots, tea sets and serving bowls, comfortable, durable seating and lots of open space for a kitchen perfectly suited to 21st-century living. Contemporary kitchen
  2. Bohemian Kitchen: Boho kitchens are infused with personality and idiosyncratic style. These kinds of kitchen designs often feature vintage elements and collections, plants, and patterns in wallpaper and tile to accentuate the entire look of the kitchen space. The overall look and feel of the kitchen space is very vibrant and scintillating. You can in fact use vibrant jars and canisters to add to this bold look. Add indoor planters, in the form of your kitchen garden, to enhance the space. Bohemian Kitchen
  3. Scandinavian Kitchen: With the evolving time, the Scandinavian Kitchen design has paved its way into the Indian design consciousness. Sleek Scandinavian style emphasizes on clean, neutral design with a focus on natural wood tones. The Scandinavian designs majorly hinge on natural light with white and neutral colour palettes and a seamless finish. Scandinavian Kitchen
  4. Traditional Kitchen: In a traditional kitchen, the cabinets feature stylish glass fronts or touches of ornate moulding, the pendant lights are architectural statements, and the countertop is crafted of the most luxurious stone or dark-stained wood. Together, these details create a warm, cozy hub of the home that also happens to be sophisticated and streamlined. Traditional Kitchen
  5. Modern Kitchen: Sleek, smooth, and sophisticated, the modern kitchen is designed to keep clutter to a minimum. Reflective surfaces and high-tech materials are central to most modern kitchens, and exotic woods add a touch of luxury without frills or fabric. Modern kitchen designs are big on in-built appliances and lighting divided into ambient and task lights. Typically, under cabinet lighting and the materials used for cabinet finishes accentuate the seamless look. Modern Kitchen
  6. French Country Kitchen: A classic French country kitchen is earthy but still very refined with details that might include a large farmhouse table, glass-front armour for displaying collections of beautiful china, gorgeous vintage copper pans and rustic storage tins. Stately range hoods, touches of gold, wooden beams and butcher blocks define the earthy-meets-elegant look. French country kitchen
  7. Mid-century Modern Kitchen: The mid-century modern style is the perfect option when you are looking for modular kitchen ideas for a small kitchen. Hanging pots and pans are a distinct element of this design, which is tailor-made for compact uptown apartments. In terms of colour, novel shades like mauve or teal are preferred as are wooden and metallic tones. Mid-century modern kitchen
  8. Industrial Kitchen: Indebted to the trend for urban lofts converted into living spaces, industrial kitchens often feature exposed ductwork and large, factory-style windows. Concrete or metal countertops, brick backsplashes, outdoor-style light fixtures and other utilitarian elements are key components of the industrial-style kitchen. Industrial Kitchen
  9. Transitional Kitchen: As the word ‘transition’ suggests, this is a style that combines two different time periods. If you observe carefully, this kitchen is a combination of traditional and modern styles. The cabinets are grooved and have handles but the appliances are in-built. The backsplash is stone for seamlessness but there is no task lighting. Essentially, the elements of two different time periods blend organically in a transitional kitchen. Transitional kitchen
Care & Maintenance Of The Organized Kitchen

A mess in the kitchen can be demoralizing; a nightmare, if you are a home decor enthusiast with a love for organizing. There are multiple ways to a perpetually clean and organized kitchen. We have listed down a few best ways to keep your kitchen clean and organized.

  1. Clean as you go: The concept of cleaning as you go is fundamental to maintaining a clean kitchen. It means that you clean up as you’re cooking or using the kitchen. Examples of this idea in action include wiping up spills on the counter right away, putting ingredients back when you’re done with them, and washing dirty dishes while dinner is in the oven. Cleaning kitchen
  2. Never keep dirty utensils on the counter: Don’t create unnecessary messes! Grab a piece of paper towel, a rag, or even a small dish to set down your soup-stirring spoon or the serving fork you used to dish out the leftovers you’re microwaving. A spoon rest that’s always out is also a great option. Dirty Kitchen
  3. Do a nightly counter sweep: Paper and other clutter tend to collect on kitchen counters. When it’s left out, it multiplies. Make use of tissue boxes and make sure this doesn’t happen by clearing off your counters and putting things where they belong every night as part of your “kitchen shut down” routine. Tissue box
  4. Wash the utensils immediately after using: Don’t let cheese graters, cookie cutters, strainers, or knives sit before being cleaned. Cleaning them right away means you won’t have to deal with the arduous task of scrubbing dried-on food from these tricky items. Cheese grater
  5. Refrigerator clean-out: Yes, you’ll still have to deep clean your fridge every once in a while, but if you want to maintain a clean kitchen, you’ll need to regularly check for produce that’s going bad and leftovers that need to be tossed. Tying this inventory-taking to your grocery shopping trips will remind you to do it and will also help cut down on wasted food and unnecessary spending. refrigerator clean out
  6. Empty the trash every night: You know what ruins a clean kitchen every time? A stinky trash can. Don’t let trash sit. Take it out every night (or every other night). Emptying trash every night ensures hygiene and cleanliness. Kitchen bin

Kitchen organization has many benefits for you personally, for your family, and even for the value of your home. Kitchens are notorious for the rampant disorganization that hinders you from finding anything without searching every cabinet and drawer in your kitchen. A messy kitchen often causes money to be spent replacing items that you already have available, but cannot find in the clutter that has taken over your kitchen. You can save time and money, as well as reduce your stress level with a little organization in your kitchen.

How to clean kitchen shelves after use?

We often tend to forget about the kitchen shelves and cabinets when it comes to cleaning the nooks and corners of our kitchen. It is equally important to clean the kitchen shelves as it might pose a health risk. To clean the kitchen shelves, empty the cabinets of all contents. Then dab a microfiber cloth with a mild cleanser. Wipe down the shelves and the inside and outside of the door. Use a clean toothbrush to treat the corners and other small crevices.

What are some space-saving solutions for countertop storage?

If you are planning on renovating your kitchen, then investing in an extendable countertop that slides open from under the counter would be a good idea. Apart from these, you can also put hanging shelves on the walls, add counter space over your sink and open shelving kitchen cabinets to maximize space utility. 

How can I make my kitchen more stylish while maximizing storage space?

There are plenty of ways in which you can make your kitchen look more stylish without compromising on its storage space. You can extend the wall cabinets up to the ceiling. This way all your cooking utensils and dinnerware can be stacked up properly in an organized manner making the exterior look clean and tidy. 

What are some frequent difficulties that occur with kitchen organization?

If the kitchen is not well-organized it becomes difficult to locate things. You can buy different sizes of transparent containers and arrange them height-wise so that their contents are easy to view. You can also include a tiered or rotating spice rack for storing all the spices. Label all the steel containers so that the kitchen ingredients can be identified easily. Lastly, have a designated place for keeping specific kitchen items and make sure to keep them back in the same place.

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