Make Your Living Room Pop With These Bold Color Decor Ideas

February 10, 2023

It's time to give your living room the attention it deserves and inject some life into it with bold, daring colors and statement decor pieces. A living room is the heart of any home and is often the space where you spend most of your time. By incorporating bold and daring colors into your living room, you can make a statement and create a decorative space that is not only comfortable but also visually appealing.

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Adding bold colors to your home can instantly infuse it with energy and impact. These impactful hues have the power to transform a dull and drab space into a lively and inviting one. Whether you opt for a statement wall, vibrant decor pieces, or a colorful piece of furniture, bold colors are sure to bring life to a fun and energetic atmosphere in the space.

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Nestasia's colorful decor pieces are a great way to add a pop of color to your home. Whether it's through accent pieces, like cushions, throws, etc., or decor elements, these home decor pieces are sure to grab the attention of anyone who enters the room.

By incorporating bold decor into your home, you can create a focal point that becomes the centerpiece of the space. Nestasia has a range of home decor options to suit your personal style. So why wait? Add some color to your home today!

Colors Worth Incorporating Into Your Home Decor

1. Citrus Orange

To begin decorating your living room with a citrus orange color, start by painting the walls in a bright and cheerful orange hue. The next step is to add some soft furnishings to your space, such as a throw, rug, plush sofa, couch, or armchair in a neutral beige or white tone to balance the boldness of the orange walls. You can also add textured throw cushions in different shades of orange to create depth and interest.

To enhance the citrus feel, incorporate wood elements into your decor like a wooden centerpiece, cabinet, or bookshelf. To have an appealing decor setup, add some flowers and foliage to bring a touch of nature into the space that would complement the orange walls aesthetically. Add in some decorative pieces like framed artwork, candles, and decor elements in shades of orange and beige to complete the look. With this, the living room will become a warm, stylish space that everyone will enjoy spending time in.

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2. Cinnabar Red

To decorate your living room in the color of cinnabar, start by painting the walls with a vibrant and rich cinnabar red shade, which will be the focal point and create a warm and inviting atmosphere in your room. You can pair the walls with neutral or muted colors such as light cream or beige and include a few soft furnishing elements like a throw, cushions, rug, etc.

You must try to add texture to your space by incorporating decor elements in metallic tones like gold or brass, along with neutral shades to add shine and sophistication to the room. Neutral tones along with bold red color curtains or decorative pillows will help to balance the bold color with a modern touch. Accessorize the space with natural elements such as wooden furniture, potted plants, and flowers to soften the space and create a harmonious balance.

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3. Canary Yellow

To have a canary yellow living room, you can paint the walls with a vibrant yellow hue, followed by setting up your accent pieces and some soft furnishings in muted colors such as white, beige, or gray to balance out the room and add some visual interest. Add some decor pieces like wall artwork in different shades of yellow to bring the walls to life. Add some comfort to your space with a plush couch, cushion, and soft rug.

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For a pop of contrast, incorporate some accent pillows in black or white with a touch of yellow. Place some greenery around the room, like potted plants or flowers and foliage in a vase to add a touch of nature and bring life to the space. Go for decor pieces in contrasting colors to have a combination of colors, textures, and decor to have a beautiful, bold, and lively space that will make you feel happy every time you step inside.

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4. Amethyst Purple

Amethyst Purple paint color can add a vibrant and bold touch to your living room. To make the most of this color, pair the wall with a neutral or white shade and you can choose decor pieces in the shades of purple, white, or black to complement the purple tone. Soft furnishing essentials like cushions in the purple shade along with others like throws, rugs, etc in neutral tones, such as beige or grey, can help balance the boldness of the purple hue.

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Consider adding some green plants or floral arrangements to bring nature to your home. Other decor objects, like showpieces, vases, and wall artwork can add depth and texture to the room. By combining various elements and textures, you can create a beautifully decorated living room that showcases your bold Amethyst Purple paint color to its fullest potential.

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5. Ultramarine Blue

When it comes to decorating a living room with a rich and intensely pigmented color like ultramarine, people tend to hesitate due to its deep, bold shade, but you can try out this color if you want to give an exotic look to your home. Ultramarine blue is a bold and vibrant shade that can bring a fresh and modern feel to any space.

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To incorporate this shade into your living room, use decor objects like vases, picture frames, potpourri, or lamps in this hue. You can also add ultramarine blue accents and neutral color soft furnishings through throw pillows, curtains, or a rug. To balance out the boldness of this color, incorporate neutral tones through your soft furnishings such as a beige sofa or cream-colored throw blankets. When done right, this color combination can create a stylish and inviting atmosphere in your living room.

Add some sass and glamour to your home with bold colors and make your space the real stellar. But before you go wild with every color in the rainbow, let's talk about the secret to bold color success - finding the perfect color match.

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You want to pick colors and decor that complement your space and create a harmonious union, and you need to have some balance to even out the boldness. This is where neutral elements come in - they provide stability and keep your look from becoming too overwhelming. So, grab your favorite bold hues, and let's strike a balance in style!

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Turn up the color dial in 2023 with Nestasia's beautiful home decor products! This year, it's all about making a statement and expressing yourself through vibrant hues and unique designs. And with Nestasia's wide range of products, you will have all the tools you need to transform your space into a daring and dynamic reflection of your fearless personality. So embrace the bold color trend, and let your home do the talking!

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