How to Plan a Glam Picnic this Winter!

January 16, 2020
The outdoors on a bright winter sunny day is perfect for a picnic and you can take it up a notch by having a glam picnic! Whether it's to celebrate a special occasion or just the winter morning sun, if you love a bright and beautiful outdoor decor vibe, you will love a glam picnic. Here are 11 essentials to help you plan the perfect glam picnic of the season:

1. Place vibrant Rugs and Mats on the luscious grass to add a pop of colour to your setup.
2. Place Cushions & Blankets to create a serene cozy atmosphere to sit back, relax and enjoy the winter sun in the outdoors.

3. Add 'glam' to your picnic with your favourite decor accents like trays to hold your books and mugs, a cake stand to make things just a touch more special, tables and napkins to elevate the overall setup .

4. Add a touch of softness and freshness to your glam picnic decor with fragrant flowers & vases.

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5. Nothing better than sipping hot chocolate out of your favourite mug along with fresh strawberries out of cute bowls on a bright winter morning.

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6. Glam it up with a fresh fruit basket or stand and enjoy nature's fruits, quite literally! 


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7. Picnics are incomplete without beverages. Don't forget to carry your ice tea, juice or chai.

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8. "I was trying to save my sandwich!" Exactly our feeling and Joey's from Friends.  No picnic is complete without sandwiches and bread

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9. Snacks & Nibbles are essential to a glam picnic! Eat nachos, chips & dips or go all out and prepare a cheese board with some wine! 

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10. Don't forget to carry your sun hats and look glam all day!

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11. Now you're all set for your glam picnic! Capture your memorable moments on a Polaroid with your friends and family and don't forget to share it with us! 

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