Home Garden Flowers + Plants

    A balcony garden, an open outdoor space, a terrace or even a small window corner can be turned in your green patch by accessorising it with planters, pots, plants and flowers. If you like plants and the freshness of flowers, this section is for you. Decorate a corner with planter pots and instantly add a homey feeling to your garden. 

    Garden stakes can help add that extra bit of cheer and colour to your garden to create an alluring space. And if your home has corners which do not get natural light, you can always brighten up those spaces of your home garden with artificial flowers that you can pick and choose from our wide range of assorted artificial flowers and plants. 

    Use watering can vases with fresh flowers for that vintage charm. Bring the outdoors in and create a reading nook in your garden, an alluring outdoor space or even a mini open space into a home garden, a space that can help you unwind.