Kitchen Jars With Airtight Clip Lids Set Of 4 1500ml

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Food-grade glass
Airtight lid with silicon gasket
Removal silicon gaskets for easy cleaning
Clamp-down flip lid
Wide opening
Multipurpose functionality
Sturdy crack-resistant glass
Size & Details
Size: 9cm D x 19cm H
Capacity: 1500ml

Colour: Transparent

Material: Glass
Products included
Set of 4 jars
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Product Introduction

Discover our set of four kitchen storage glass jars, each featuring a light-tight lid with a sealing gasket and a stylish stainless steel metal clip-lock lid. Crafted from durable, crystal-clear glass, these versatile containers are your ideal choice for tidying up and preserving various items like snacks, spices, and pickles. The airtight seal ensures the lasting freshness and flavour of your stored ingredients, while the stainless steel clip-lock lid adds a touch of contemporary elegance to your kitchen or pantry. Say goodbye to mess and welcome an exquisite storage solution that perfectly balances style and utility. Whether you're a passionate home chef or an organization enthusiast, these glass jars are your perfect companions.


  • Food-grade glass
  • Airtight lid with silicon gasket
  • Clamp-down flip lid
  • Wide opening
  • Multipurpose functionality
  • Sturdy crack-resistant glass

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the lids easy to clean, and do they require any special maintenance?
Maintaining the stainless steel clip lock lids is a breeze. To keep them in pristine condition, wash the lids with warm, soapy water. After a gentle scrub, rinse them thoroughly to remove any soap residue. This simple cleaning process ensures that your lids remain clean and elegant, ready to secure your glass jars and maintain the freshness of your stored items for years to come.
Our glass jars are not just a fantastic addition to your kitchen; they also make wonderful gifts. If you have friends or family members who appreciate the value of organization and love spending time in the kitchen, these jars are the perfect present. With their sleek design, airtight seals, and versatile functionality, they are a thoughtful and practical gift choice that will be appreciated by anyone who enjoys cooking and keeping things tidy.
The sleek stainless steel clip lock lids of these glass jars are not only fashionable but also exceptionally long-lasting. They are made to withstand rusting, guaranteeing their enduring elegance. This resistance to rust contributes to the jars' overall durability, making them a functional and aesthetically pleasing option for your kitchen storage requirements.
Yes, our glass jars aren't limited to just food storage. They offer versatile organizing solutions for a wide range of non-food items. From sorting craft supplies like beads and buttons to decluttering your office space by holding stationery essentials, these jars are adaptable to your needs. Their clear design also makes it easy to see the contents, making them perfect for organizing everything from sewing notions to bathroom essentials like cotton balls and swabs.
Yes, our glass jars are well-suited for the long-term storage of various dry goods. Their airtight seals help maintain the freshness and quality of items such as pasta, rice, grains, and more. The clear glass design allows you to easily identify the contents and their levels, making it convenient to keep track of your pantry staples.

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