Green Toujours 21 Piece Pasta Snack Set For 6

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With the holiday season knocking on the door slowly but surely, it's time to step up the decor game. The Green Toujours Pasta Snack Set works like a treat when the guests are seated for a spectacular meal. Green Toujours is beautiful and elegant, fashioned with flair and meticulous attention to detail to assist the host in providing the finest service possible. 6 deep dishes, 6 dip dishes, 6 snack bowls, 1 rectangle baking tray, 1 square baking tray, and 1 noodle bowl are included in the heavenly set.

Nestip: The Green Toujours set will be an excellent match for our Vintage Drinking glasses, to astonish the guests with grace at a housewarming or anniversary party.

Color: Green and white

Material: Ceramic

Product Name SKU Size Pieces
Snack plate ZX820CN163 7.7" D x 1.6" H  6
Snack bowl ZX820CN148 4" D x 2.8" H  6
Dip dish ZX820CN184 3.1" D x 2" H  6
Rectangular baking tray ZX820CN179 9.3" L x 7.1" B x 2.2" H  1
Square baking tray ZX820CN181 8.3" side x 2" H  1
Noodle bowl ZX820CN137 6.7" D x 2.8" H  1
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