Pastel 22 Piece Dinner Set For 6

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100% food-grade (international standard)
Premium quality ceramic material
Durable and sustainable
Non-toxic lead-free glaze
Scratch-resistant surface
Hardened high-strength clay
Microwave and oven-safe
Freezer and dishwasher-safe
22-piece dinner set
Designed to serve 6 diners
Soothing pastel hues
Spiral tie-dye patterns
Abstract modern art style
Perfect for homely table setup
Ideal for gifting
Product details
Colour: White, turquoise, peach

Material: Ceramic
Products included
1 dinner set

Product Introduction

Introducing our premium ceramic dinner set, the epitome of dining excellence. Crafted from the finest ceramic material, it perfectly combines opulence and sustainability. This 22-piece dinner set, tailored for 6 diners, is a fusion of art and functionality. Its calming pastel tones and mesmerizing spiral tie-dye patterns exude tranquillity, while the abstract modern art design adds an unparalleled touch of elegance. With microwave and dishwasher-safe attributes, it seamlessly fits your modern lifestyle. Elevate your dining experience and adorn your table with the pinnacle of sophistication – perfect for both home decor and gifting.


  • Premium quality ceramic material
  • Durable and sustainable
  • Lead-free and non-toxic
  • Microwave and dishwasher-safe
  • 22-piece dinner set
  • Designed to serve 6 diners
  • Soothing pastel hues

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I properly set my table using this dinner set for a formal dinner party?
For a formal dinner, start by placing a clean, ironed tablecloth as your base. Set charger plates beneath each dinner plate, followed by the dinner plates themselves, ensuring they align with the chair backs. Place the soup bowls on top of the dinner plates if you plan on serving soup. Lay out the snack plates to the left of the dinner plates. Position the flatware on either side of the plates, following the basic "outside-in" rule (start with the utensils farthest from the plate). Fold and place cloth napkins on the dinner plates, or use elegant napkin rings. Finally, complete the setting with the ceramic dinnerware, ensuring each piece aligns beautifully and coordinates with your table's theme.
These dishes are versatile enough for everyday use. For a casual table setting, keep it simple. Use placemats or a table runner for a pop of colour. Place the dinner plate at the centre, followed by the snack plate to the left. Arrange flatware next to the plates, with the fork on the left and the knife and spoon on the right. Fold cloth napkins and lay them on the dinner plates or tuck them neatly under the flatware. Don't forget to add your favourite drinkware and perhaps some salt and pepper shakers for added convenience.
To enhance the abstract modern art style of the dinner set, consider minimalistic table decor. Opt for simple, contemporary centrepieces like a single flower vase with a sleek design or a set of geometric candleholders. Keep the colour palette cohesive, drawing from the pastel hues in the dinnerware. Consider using white or neutral-coloured table linens to allow the dishes' patterns to shine. Overall, a clean and uncluttered table setting will harmonise perfectly with the abstract modern art aesthetic, making your dining experience truly artistic and sophisticated.
Mixing and matching can create a unique and personalised table setting. You can incorporate these ceramic plates by using them as accent pieces. For example, use the dinner plates as statement pieces alongside your regular tableware. The pastel hues and abstract patterns will add an artistic flair to your table without overwhelming the overall design. Experiment with complementary colours and styles to find a harmonious balance.
While these ceramic dinner plates are microwave-safe, it's best to use trivets or pot holders when serving hot dishes directly from the oven. Extreme temperature changes, such as placing a hot dish on a cold surface, can lead to thermal shock and potentially damage the plates. To maintain their longevity and avoid any unexpected cracks or breaks, use caution when handling hot dinnerware.

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