Green Healing Hamsa Hand Coaster

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The Hamsa Hand has been used for many, many years as one of the earliest symbols in human history. It is said to have existed before all major religions, several of which eventually adopted it to stand for a particular component of their faiths. Globally, it spread until it was recognizable everywhere. Typically, it serves as a charm for luck. One can display this coaster, which is a representation of cosmic powers in any corner of the house to welcome prosperity and positivity. Place the coaster on the dresser, side table, or a corner of the house dedicated to age-old art forms, rather than simply placing it on the table for resisting heat and preventing spillage on the table surface. The hand of Hamsa is a representation of various chakras and elements. They are:
-Thumb: The solar plexus chakra and fire element
-Forefinger: The heart chakra and air
-Middle finger: The throat chakra and ethereal elements
-Ring finger: The root chakra and earth element
-Pinkie finger: The sacral chakra and water element

Nestip: The hamsa hand coaster can be used as a paper stopper.

Size: 14cm L x 10cm B

Color: Green, yellow, multicolor

Material: Ceramic

Products included:

Style: QNYA111T16

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Product Introduction

The traditional Moroccan tile pattern and Persian style art are well-known throughout the world. They can be called the “world’s eighth wonder” for their intricacy, vibrant hues, and harmonious blend of mandalas. Our collection of ceramic coaster/trivet is a gateway to incorporate this eighth wonder into your living room, dining table or as a beautiful decor piece. While the trivets are the quintessential companion of your ceramic, earthen, copper, clay, glass pots, hotpots, pans, bowls and plates, other cookware, the coasters can be the new best friends of serveware, wine glasses, cocktail glasses, and glass coffee mugs or cups.


  • Premium quality artisanal collection
  • Mediterranean pattern
  • 100% handmade & hand-glazed
  • Heat resistant cork undersurface
  • Vibrant, artistic creativity
  • Lead-free & scratch-resistant
  • Great for gifting & as centerpieces

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between a trivet and a coaster?

A coaster goes under a drinking glass to protect a tabletop from condensation and drips of beverage slipping down the side. A trivet holds a very hot dish some distance above the tabletop or linen, to avoid heat damage to that surface.

A coaster can also be called a tea trivet, serving the same purpose in a smaller size for cups and mugs. Otherwise, trivets come in usually a bigger size, made for pots, bowls, pans, and plates.

The coasters/trivets are made with fine quality ceramic that is fade-resistant and scratch-free. The vibrancy of the coasters/trivets is guaranteed with a long-time service, making them worth the price.

The coasters/trivets can simply be wiped with a cotton towel or napkin. The textures on their surface can be cleaned easily without letting the dust enter the cavities. To maintain their gloss, a wipe with a little amount of water is suggested after every use.

Absolutely! The trivets that are 7-9 inches in size can be used as a platter for appetizers, desserts, snacks, and munchies, served on special occasions like birthdays, housewarmings, anniversaries, weddings, or other festivities, and ceremonies. They can also be used as a cheese board for wine tasting, brunch, or luncheon.

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