Ceramic Soup Spoon Mint Green Set of 2
Ceramic Soup Spoon Mint Green Set of 2
Ceramic Soup Spoon Mint Green Set of 2
Ceramic Soup Spoon Mint Green Set of 2
Ceramic Soup Spoon Mint Green Set of 2
Ceramic Soup Spoon Mint Green Set of 2
Ceramic Soup Spoon Mint Green Set of 2
Ceramic Soup Spoon Mint Green Set of 2
Ceramic Soup Spoon Mint Green Set of 2
Ceramic Soup Spoon Mint Green Set of 2

Ceramic Soup Spoon Mint Green Set of 2

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The mint green soup spoon set of 2 showcases a subtle and sophisticated green hue making it a stylish yet playful addition to the tableware collection. With the soup spoons and matching soup bowls or side bowls, serve hot soup to one's loved ones. The ceramic spoon can also be used for eating cereals in the morning. The exquisite mint green soup spoon will instantly brighten any dinner set-up, whether it's a formal dinner or an informal gathering. Serve any clear soup in a bowl and pair it with the soup spoon set.

Nestip: Make a soup spoon and bowl set to give as a present to family and friends.

Size: 14cm L x 4.5cm B

Color: Mint green

Material: Ceramic

Products included: 1 set of 2 soup spoons

Style: ABCS369

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Category: Dining
Sub-category: Cutlery

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Product Introduction

Nothing beats a nasty cold better than a hot bowl of your favourite soup. A bowl of steaming hot soup can also be a perfect way to enjoy a cosy winter evening. Our collection of ceramic soup spoons is expertly designed to help you enjoy a hearty bowl of delicious soup. The soup spoon collection comes in a range of attractive colours. Not to mention, the smooth and polished surface of the soup spoons makes them quite a catch while setting up a gorgeous table decor spread.


  • Premium quality
  • Sleek, contemporary design
  • Smooth, polished surface
  • Attractive mint green colour
  • Ideal for gifting

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the ceramic spoons safe to use with hot liquids and foods?
Yes, these ceramic spoons are safe to use with hot liquids and foods. The high-quality ceramic material is heat-resistant, and the ceramic spoon set is designed to withstand high temperatures. However, it's always best to be careful while serving hot liquids and foods to avoid accidental burns.
Yes, you can use a ceramic soup spoon for stirring ingredients while cooking. However, keep in mind that ceramic is a delicate material, so avoid using excessive force or banging the spoon against hard surfaces, as it may chip or break.
Certainly! While ceramic soup spoons are commonly associated with soup, they can be used for various other dishes as well. You can use them for serving rice, noodles, desserts, or even as an elegant serving utensil for appetizers or small dishes.
While ceramic is a durable material, it can still break or chip if mishandled or subjected to significant impact. Treat your ceramic soup spoon with care, avoid dropping it onto hard surfaces, and store it properly to minimize the risk of damage.
Cleaning a ceramic soup spoon is typically straightforward. You can wash it with warm water and dish soap using a sponge or a soft cloth. For stubborn stains or food residue, you can soak the spoon in warm soapy water before washing it. Avoid using abrasive scrubbers or harsh chemicals that could damage the spoon's surface.

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Lisha Kanrar

Ceramic Soup Spoon Mint Green Set of 2

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