Aurelea Festive 33 Piece Dinner Set For 6

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The embossed Aurelea dinnerware in a combination of peaceful white and luxurious gold is designed to set the dinner table a class apart. Use the 33 piece dinnerware to spread a delightful meal for family and friends as one dines in style. Serve, style, and celebrate every occasion, be it a housewarming, a get-together, or a formal dinner, using the dinnerware for 6. Featuring a distinct floral pattern and blending it with abstract designs, the plates and bowls along with the spoons add a touch of elegance, charm, and sophistication to the kitchen racks and the dining area. The dinner set adds warmth, comfort, and royalty, to simple home-cooked meals. To add a unique touch to the setup, use leaf mats and coasters from the collection to your setup.

Nestip: Use amber-colored glassware from the collection to match with the dinner set.

Color: White and gold

Material: Ceramic

Product Name SKU Size Pieces
Dinner plate CFDH83C25 10.4” D x 0.9” H 6
Snack plate CFDH83C26 7.2” D x 0.7” H 6
Side bowl CFDH83C18 4.7” D x 2.5” H 6
Soup spoon CFDH83C09 5.7” L 6 (3 sets of 2)
Dessert plate CFDH83C17 4” D x 0.9” H 6
Serving bowl CFDH83C16 6” D x 2.7” H 3
No Dishwasher
No Microwave & Oven
Hand wash

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