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Keeping a balance between personal and professional lives is an arduous task. However, amidst the chaos and hustle of life, our home is the only place where we are our most authentic selves. Our home is our sanctuary, our safe haven. It is a representation of our unique and distinct personalities. Therefore, it is imperative to make the right choices when it comes to sprucing up our home, as it reflects our persona. Our home is a place where we define ourselves and who we believe ourselves to be.

There are copious ways in which we can embellish our homes and flaunt our aesthetic and creative flair. A plethora of articles can be used to decorate our humble abode. Wall decor pieces, wall art, artificial flowers, photo frames, and a lot more can be used to give oomph to our existing space and brighten it up. However, the use of flower vases has been the most common and integral part of home decor.

Flowers have the power to elevate the look and feel of an entire space. It can instantly add a pop of organic color that you can’t get from any other form of decoration, especially when it is placed in the right kind of flower vase. Decorating with flowers is always a good idea.

Whether you are looking to adorn your vase with fresh seasonal flower arrangements or something as rustic as faux flowers, it always tends to set the mood right. Nestasia has an elaborate collection of exquisite and aesthetically pleasing ceramic vases that are perfect for your blooms and would make for a luxurious home decor piece.

There are plenty of options available when it comes to ceramic vases, and it could be really confusing and difficult to choose the right kind of vase because they all look so exquisite and appealing. Ceramic vases are quite versatile and can be placed in any corner of the house. The use of flower vases is not limited to just decorating fresh flowers; they are also used for many other decorative purposes, such as holding candles, small items, filling an empty niche on a bookshelf, etc. 

If you love to embellish your home and want to improve its visual appeal, then Nestasia’s high-quality and stylish ceramic vases are the perfect fit for it. Fill them with blooms and satisfy your soul.

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Setting up a corner with greenery will add a touch of nature and make it more lively. Nestasia brings you a collection of exquisite and eco-friendly vases for your greens that you can place in your living room, patio, or even your work desk and bathroom. These will retain their appearance for seasons. Accentuate your home decor with Nestasia’s premium quality ceramic flower vases that are sure to give a sparkling look to your home. We have all kinds of exquisite flower vases to suit and complement the unique style of every individual. The kinds of flower vases at Nestasia range from the conventional bulbous shape to sleek and minimalistic ones. Thanks to the extensive collection of gorgeous ceramic vases from Nestasia, you will definitely be spoiled for choice. From sleek and modern designs to intricately crafted traditional styles, ceramic and glass vases come in a wide array of shapes, sizes, and colours to suit any interior aesthetic.

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Pottery is considered to be the most sensual form of all the arts. The tradition of handmade pottery has been prevailing in India since the time of the Harappan Civilization. Ceramic vases have been a popular decorative item at home. However, with a great range of choices comes a great deal of confusion about what to choose over the others because every piece of the expertly crafted decorative ceramic vase is another stunning piece of art. Not only are the vases at Nestasia sculpted in various sizes, but they are also molded in scintillating styles. Add a touch of elegance to your home with these vases that are perfect for exhibiting your favorite flowers or greenery. These vases feature a beautiful, eclectic design that adds a touch of sophistication to any room in your home. With their unconventional and modern design, they are sure to enhance the look of any space. We know you are excited to dive into our exquisite range of ceramic vases. Discover with us our wide selection of elegant vases below!

  • Ceramic Vases - Vases have long been cherished for their exquisite beauty and ability to enhance the aesthetics of any space. Among the various materials used to create vases, ceramic and glass stand out for their timeless appeal and inherent elegance. Ceramic vases possess a unique charm that stems from their craftsmanship and the rich history behind their creation. These vases are crafted by skilled artisans who mould, shape, and glaze the clay to create intricate designs and patterns. From delicate porcelain vases adorned with hand-painted motifs to rustic earthenware vases with earthy tones, ceramic vases offer a wide range of styles to suit various decor preferences. Ceramic vases can add a touch of warmth and character to any space, whether it's a contemporary living room or a cozy cottage-inspired bedroom. Nestasia’s ceramic vases are earthy-toned and distinct in shape, which makes them the perfect eye-catching piece of decor for your home. They are sure to raise curiosity and become conversation starters.
  • Glass Vases - Unlike other flower vases, glass flower vases are not produced in bulk but are carefully crafted by workers. The best quality of these beautiful and transparent vases is that they are highly transparent and corrosion-resistant. Their transparency allows them to seamlessly amalgamate with any color palette or decor style, which makes them a highly versatile piece that can easily metamorphose to evolve with evolving trends and preferences. Glass vases can range from sleek and minimalist designs to intricately blown and cut glass masterpieces. They have the unique ability to transform the way we perceive flowers and floral arrangements. Moreover, it is easier to clean glass vases.

  • Metal Vases - Metal Vases bring unique texture, shape, and shimmer anywhere they go. They make instant centerpieces when filled with dried botanicals or fresh fruit. When talking about contemporary and suave home decor ideas, Nestasia’s metal flower vase is unquestionably a go-to choice because of its unique design, making it look like a modern abstract art piece. 

  • Clay Vases - Clay vases held a special place in the artistic repertoire of ancient civilizations. The malleability of clay allowed skilled craftsmen to sculpt intricate shapes and create detailed designs. These vases served as canvases for elaborate paintings, showcasing the artistic abilities of the ancient craftsmen. Clay vases offered a wide range of possibilities for decorative techniques. From hand-painted motifs to relief decorations, ancient artists could bring their visions to life on the surface of the vases. Nestasia’s collection of sophisticated and soothing neutral-colored clay vases makes for a perfect centerpiece for your humble abode. The earthy tones and natural texture of our clay vases will surely add a sense of warmth and authenticity to any sort of decor. Nestasia’s natural clay vase features a unique body shape with a textured matte finish that is perfect to be filled with your favorite flowers and foliage.

  • PVC Vases - Finding a PVC vase that suits your taste and style is now easy. Shop from Nestasia’s adorable selection of PVC vases and add a pop of color to your existing decor. The PVC vases are highly durable as compared to vases made from other materials. You can decorate your PVC vase with bright colors and various patterns. Nestasia has some really adorable collections of PVC vases that are sure to motivate you to brighten up your space with flowers. Not only can you use them to decorate flowers in them, but can also be used as an alternative to home decor pieces. Fill them up with confetti or put fairy lights inside these transparent vases; they are sure to add allure and elegance to your room.

  • Resin Vases - Discover an exquisite collection of beautiful resin vases from Nestasia that are surely going to add elegance to your space. Featuring a glazed finish, these luxurious vases are perfect for every occasion - big or small. These beautiful resin vases would prove to be avant-garde and would definitely be the centerpiece of your conversation. 

  • Wood Vases - Looking to appraise your home with wooden vases? Look no further! Nestasia has an amazing collection of intricately carved wooden vases that are perfect for adding a classic style to your home decor. The wood vases are equally ethereal, along with the other types of vases. They blend with the decor seamlessly and are more durable than others. 

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    Home Decor Items

    For those who love to adorn their home elegantly, home decor items as gifts would be an amazing addition to their Rakhi gift this festive season. Shop from a range of our carefully curated home decor objects to put a smile on the faces of your loved ones. We offer a wide range of kitchenware, dining ware, indoor planters, wall decor, and much more to add a luxurious experience to your home.  

    Wall decor

    No matter how beautifully a house is designed, it is incomplete without the perfect piece of wall decor. Each individual has a distinct taste for styling and embellishing their home. Be it elegant photo frames, wall hangings, or an abstract art piece, there is no definite way of decorating one’s space. Paintings and wall tapestries serve as the most commonly used wall decor. No matter how gorgeous your interior is, dull and flaky walls can ruin the overall beauty and look of the property. Accentuating the walls and enhancing their appearance with wall decor is a fantastic option. There are plenty of decorating options for you to choose from. You can use several wall decorating ideas in your living room and bedroom. For instance, wall hangings or paintings that complement the design of your home could serve as wall decor in your living room. Mirrors are another great option for wall decor and can be placed in your bedroom as well as the living room to enhance the overall look of the place.


    The ultimate rule of living comfortably is to live with what you love. Therefore, choosing the right kind of furniture for your space is very important. The right kind of furniture turns your house into a home. A high-quality furniture piece instantly elevates the look and feel of your decor. Be it a cozy chair or a comfortable bed, it is always the right choice to invest in premium quality furniture pieces.  


    Lamps are one décor piece that will not only add sophistication to any nook but will also light up your room instantly. Nestasia’s collection offers a wide variety of lamp shades and lamp stands. From classic resin stands to colorful wooden ones, each lamp stand comes with a unique shade that features neutrals and vivid pops to effortlessly blend with your home décor.

    Soft furnishing

    At Nestasia, we understand how important it is that your living space is welcoming and cozy. For this reason, each of the items in our collection of soft furnishings is the epitome of meticulous craftsmanship. From our carefully crafted bed covers to our gorgeous rugs, our soft furnishings have been expertly crafted to bring you a harmonious symphony of color, texture, and design. Crafted in durable fabrics and dipped in a kaleidoscope of colors, our exquisite selection of printed and hand-embroidered soft furnishings will add a splash of summer to your space. 

    Infuse your space with vibrant pops of colour to create a joyful, energetic atmosphere. Incorporate colourful accessories like cushion covers, throws and blankets, bed covers, and more to transform any space instantly. Opt for Nestasia’s collection of home décor pieces that are perfect to evoke a homely feel. Incorporate bold prints and cheerful patterns to lend your home a lively vibe. Choose from Nestasia’s selection of blooming florals and geometric motifs that come alive on cushion covers, storage boxes, trays, glassware, and more to bring a sense of happiness into your space.

    Step into a world of comfort and luxury and improve the aesthetics of your floor area. Discover our extensive collection while being content with the luxurious comfort that it provides.

    Photo frames

    If you are someone who loves to preserve memories and walk down memory lane, then photo frames are the perfect choice for you. Be it a grand celebration or a fun moment, we all like to capture our favorite memories through our lenses. Not only are photo frames a great way of showcasing your treasured memories, but they also make for an extraordinary decor piece. Be it your bedroom, living room, or office, due to their versatility, photo frames can be put anywhere to add a charming factor to the entire decor. Shop from the wide variety of Nestasia’s premium quality photo frame collection to revamp and elevate the aesthetic of your home. From vintage to minimalistic and sleek, we have a huge selection of photo frames for people of every age. Be it a family photograph or your own, decorate them in our exquisite collection of beautiful photo frames.

    Discover exciting personalized rakhi gifts at Nestasia

  • Rakhi gift hampers - At Nestasia, each gift hamper is exquisitely handcrafted for each and every occasion. With the festival of Rakhi around the corner, it can be an excruciating task to choose the perfect Rakhi gift for your sibling. Shop from our gorgeous collection of Rakhi gift hampers that are the perfect gifting option for each and every member of your family. Be it for your elder sibling, your brother and sister-in-law, or your favorite cousin, at Nestasia, we have something for everyone.

  • Platters set - Food platters and dinner platters are essential for any dining experience. A well-decorated and appealing platter on the table is equally important as the scrumptious meals that are served on it. The key to throwing the perfect alfresco soiree is having stellar décor that is on par with the lip-smacking food and delicious cocktails. From lifelike flowers that denote the season’s blossoms and colorful votives to exquisite glasses, tableware, vases, and lots more, shop from Nestasia’s collection to set the perfect table for an alfresco get-together.

  • Gift sets - Luxuriate in our compelling and exquisite gift hamper collections. When we say we are your ultimate destination for all your gift hamper requirements, we mean it! At Nestasia, we have a personalized rakhi gift set for everyone. Looking for something for your younger siblings? We have the perfect Bracelet Rakhi gift set and brothers’ Rakhi hamper set. Looking for something to bond over with your elder brother and sister? The Cooking Love Brother Sister Rakhi Hamper is the most popular choice in our collection. Want something that has greater utility value? Opt for our office essentials gift for brothers. As promised, we have something for everyone. So what are you waiting for? Head to our website and shop for the ultimate Rakhi gift!

  • Potpourri Set - Elevate your living experience and create a soothing aromatic experience at home with our exclusive collection of dried flowers and fragrances. Explore our entire range of dried potpourri, fragrant incense sticks, organic incense cones, and reed diffusers that are meticulously crafted to infuse your home with delightful scents. Our premium home decor products are perfect for enhancing your living room, bedroom, or any corner of your house.

  • Scented Candles Set - Fragrances and scents have the remarkable ability to evoke emotional memories, which often leads to nostalgia. Not only do scented candles enhance the mood and ambiance of a space, but they also create an aura of calm and relaxation. This Raksha Bandhan, gift your loved ones scented candle sets from Nestasia to elevate their mood and create a warm atmosphere at home. Be it floral, musky, or fruity-scented candles, we have an assortment of intricately designed and amazing-smelling candles perfect for every occasion.

  • Why Choose Nestasia?

    At Nestasia, we are highly focused on elevating and enhancing the living experience and making every day special with our high-quality premium home decor products. We understand the value of quality living; hence, we strive to provide luxurious home decor products at affordable prices. We are unmatched in our quality, colour selection, and prices. Our products are eco-friendly and available in an array of selections for you to choose from, and with their colourful curation of superior quality, they are sure to enhance your home and lifestyle. 


  • How do I clean and care for the ceramic vases?
  • To clean porcelain and ceramic vases, it is recommended to use a gentle dishwashing liquid and avoid the use of harsh sponges and scrubbers that might damage your beautiful vase. Wash the ceramic vase using only your hands, and remove any kind of jewellery from your hands that you might be wearing.

  • Are ceramic vases suitable for both indoor and outdoor use?
  • Ceramic vases come in a variety of styles and colors and are a popular choice for both indoor and outdoor use because they blend perfectly with every space and are durable as well.

  • Are there any special care instructions for delicate ceramic vase designs?
  • The outer surface of a ceramic vase should only be cleaned using a soft cloth; if needed, add a small amount of water to the cloth and gently wipe the dirty area. It’s important that you wipe the vase completely dry afterward. The inside of the vase is glazed to hold water, but as ceramic can sometimes be porous, we recommend that you let the vase dry between uses from time to time.

  • What sizes are available for the ceramic vases?
  • Ceramic vases come in many different shapes and sizes and can be found in a number of different colors and styles. The ceramic vases come in different sizes, such as medium, large, and small. They are also available in different shapes, such as cylindrical, oval, hexagonal, round, etc. 

  • Can you put flowers in a ceramic vase?
  • Ceramic vases are an exquisite piece of home decor that elevates the look of your entire space. Putting fresh blooms in a beautiful handcrafted ceramic vase can add exuberance to any part of your home. You can use a fresh bunch of flowers or faux flowers to compliment your gorgeous vase.

  • Can ceramic vases hold water?
  • Yes definitely! Ceramic vases can hold water. Traditionally, the ceramic vase is made of earthenware, a porous form of clay. These ceramic vases possess the potential to hold water, and for that purpose, they have to be glazed. The ceramic vase is glazed so that it becomes watertight to hold food or liquid.

  • How long does ceramic last?
  • There are many factors that can affect the longevity of ceramics. With proper coatings, the ceramic product may last for upto 10 years. Another factor that matters is how you take care of your ceramics.


    Product Name Price
    Hollow Vase Rs.1575
    White Flower Vases Rs.690
    Leaf Vase Rs.1390
    Modern Vase Rs.1135
    Vase For Decor Small Rs.1095
    Decor Vase Rs.1000
    Medium Size Ceramic Pot for Plants Rs.455