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OLIVE Green Gold Floral Square Lacquer Tray (Set Of 2)
Rs. 4,950
Square Lacquer Tray with MOP Handle- Gold(Set Of 2)
Rs. 4,150
Rs. 500
LACQUER box with bird design - black and white
Rs. 1,750 | Rs. 2,250
Rectangle Lacquer Tray With Elephant Design - Copper
Rs. 2,150
Rs. 100
White & Gold Rectangle Lacquer Tray (Small)
Rs. 1,250 | Rs. 1,350

The term lacquer originates from the Sanskrit word लाक्षा. A natural product, it is collected as sap of a tree for multiple coats on wood to give it a shiny and smooth finish. Asian lacquer in modern day has become a fine art with inlaid silver or gold foil, pearl or shell.