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    Amuse your guests with decorative Christmas picks!

    A sparkling tree ornamented with intricate garlands, wreaths, table décor, crockery, mugs, plates and fragrance of nutmeg and pine wafting through the dwellings- that’s Christmas! The idea of families coming together for a feast and dinner buffet is a treat in itself. Every house comes to life with the happy chatter of friends and relatives bonding over a Christmas dinner party. Want to bring the yuletide spirit home?? Decorate your homes with greens and reds clubbed with twinkling lights to perfectly bring the festive mood. If you are looking for adding cheer to your homes during festivities, do check out Nestasia for an exotic Christmas collection.

    Want to make the kids happy on Christmas? Gift them Christmas mugs, throws, and polka dot square plates. Seek their help in Christmas table decoration helping them to learn the art of table decoration. You can even add color to the Christmas décor with colorful pots and bowls. Our stunning range of platters is a must-have to make festive eateries look more sumptuous.

    Looking for something minimalistic? Explore Nestasia for a subtle curated collection on Christmas. We house a plethora of products in gold and red which includes table accessories like napkin holders, glassware, and platters. Explore soft furnishings to bring out Christmas flavor the right way! Good quality ceramic hand-crafted tableware can stand out in any home. The Christmas collection is ideal to enhance festive décor. If one wants to add some instant and obvious Christmas cheer to your home, Nestasia has plenty of options. What you choose will enrich the holiday essence adding more flavors to the feast.

    Essentials for Christmas Décor!

    The décor collection at Nestasia will get the guests spontaneously bursting into carols. The elegant offerings and soft furnishings can become an appealing Christmas highlight. Choose variants that are perfect to adorn the house during the jolly time of the year. Adding oodles of elegance and luxury to your festive home is a must-have for every Christmas party.


    Bring some texture to the Christmas party décor.  A quirky throw blanket tossed on a sofa, laid on a lounge chair or spread at the end of the bed can become a décor highlight. Want to warm up your Christmas party space? Use themed throws in vibrant colors from Nestasia. You might also use it as a table spread to make the table set up a center of attraction.


    Wondering how to dress up cushions for the Christmas party? Use attractive cushion covers from Nestasia in bright red. The covers in our collection have vibrant colors and soft fabric. Create your winter land for a themed party with our assorted cushion covers. Choosing right cushions will instantly add life to the home décor. Just add on to the existing collection to make sofas and armchairs party-ready.


    One must fill their home with beautiful fragrances during the festive season. Make enchanting party favors and gift hampers with scented candles packed in red net. You may even add chocolates to the combo to raise the bar of refinement by treating the taste buds of oncoming guests during the festive season. Go for themed scented candles from Nestasia for a fun evening with friends and relatives.

    Candle stands

    Christmas candles can enhance any occasion and elevate your home décor fascinatingly. During Christmas parties, candle stands can add aesthetic value to the candles making the house look more refined. Adding different candle stands from the house of Nestasia will add a pop of color to any feast. Candle holders are ideal decor items for outdoor parties adding style and warmth to the surrounding. Try setting up blooms and leaves on candle holders to make it a decor highlight. Some glass candle holders can even serve as planters or flower pots.

    Bestseller Tableware for Christmas

    At Nestasia, one can get effortlessly curated Christmas tableware including plates, platters, and serve ware. Want to highlight your décor for the Christmas family dinner? Pick gold serveware to add a royal touch.


    Christmas-themed mugs from Nestasia are an all-time favorite among kids and teens alike. The mugs come in bright and vibrant colors. There are multiple interesting ways to use them to make desserts for parties or pack chocolates and small candles in these mugs and give them as party favors. The cooking pots can make the dining experience more beautiful. Desserts and pudding can also be served in these pots for adding some sweet flavor to the party.


    Colorful serving pots in bright and vibrant colors and patterns can become a vital part of any table set up during the Christmas feast. Adding interesting hues will pull the guest to the table.

    Napkin holders

    Add the perfect final touch to the table set up with adorable Santa napkin holders. Our range of napkin holders is practical for daily use and beautiful enough to ornament your Christmas party. The golden hue can add the right amount of sparkle to the table. Use some napkin holders with some fun patterns to bring the necessary punch to your dining experience.


    The platter collection at Nestasia is both beautiful and functional. Throw any party or event and use unique plates and platters from our collection as a piece of décor. Some platters can also be put to interesting uses like displaying perfumes, candies, jewelry, and even lights. Place it on the center table for a Christmas party to fetch compliments. Platters can add a tinge of sophistication to the overall home decor.


    Want to serve American pie with some twist? Serve it in a dotted pie dish from the Nestasia Christmas collection to appease the eyes of the guests even before it reaches their taste buds. Use our assorted range of platter to add elegance to the Christmas buffet with a lamb roast, cheesy bacon, roasted potatoes, cheesy risotto, and some pudding to end the meal.

    Making Christmas gift hampers with our goodies would be an interesting way to end a get-together. Our home décor range flaunts a festive collection to ensure that one decorates every part of their home during Christmas.

    Adorn your home decor from Nestasia to bring out that Christmas-y look!