Mini Planters for Interior Styling

April 15, 2021


If you’re someone who likes splashes of green in and around your living space, Nestasia’s range of indoor planters are waiting for you to cart them up. Before you go and look for planters online, check out our planters here. Modern planters, ceramic planters, succulent planters, balcony planters, and garden planters-we have it all. Imagine being just a click away from all greens that can fill the dull corners of your house and workspace- yes! you heard it right. The indoor planters and the mini planters come in various designs, shapes and planters. We have quirky planters like boho planters, succulent planters, truck planters, girl planters, boy planters, animal planters, along with endless décor pieces to jazz up those dull and empty corners. ‘Mini planters for interior styling’ is our little take on minimalist planters and their capabilities of elevating any interior décor styling. But before you get into the groove of reading, check out the art of organising with zest collection to know more about interior styling and organising 


Planters when paired with succulents, micro greens, or blooms, add wellness, hues, and textures to a space. Nestasia’s planters are available in a wide range of shapes, colours, and patterns. They are décor pieces in themselves- by this we mean that if you plan to use them without greens or blooms, they look equally vibrant and enchanting. They look visually interesting and can help one in personalising a space. 

Boho planters

The addition of greens in a space does not only make it look aesthetically appealing, but it has exponential health benefits too. They are natural air purifiers and add a calming and soothing vibe to the space. They also help one in relaxing by reducing the levels of stress and anxiety to a certain extent, in turn improving one’s mental health. 

Indoor planters

However, if you’re someone who doesn’t really have green fingers, we’ve got your back. Artificial plants, succulents, and colourful blooms can be browsed in the garden section and can be easily coupled with our beautiful planters. 

White planters

As far as the latest trends are concerned, minimalism has become of prime importance. Minimal prints, smaller surface area, and less colours are becoming everyone’s favourite. That’s exactly how mini planters also came into being. Traditionally, planters used to be huge, and were always a part of the garden, however, with the advent of modernism as an art movement, things have changed.  

Truck Planter

Mini planters with abstract prints or quirky designs as well as unique shapes, are the talk of the town. Nestasia’s planters range from tiny planters for succulents to garden planters in bigger sizes.

Car Planter

These planters are apt for being used to cover up all the dull and empty corners of the space and to add a few more living, breathing beings to the family. 

Owl planters

Indoor planters can used for endless purposes. They don’t just carry succulents or blooms inside them but can also be used as décor pieces, cutlery stands, pen stands, and candle holders.  

Bohemian planters

Revamping your living space using the indoor planters can be super simple and can create wonders with minimal aesthetics. 

Girl planter with basket

In a household setting, quirky planters like mushroom planter, animal planters, planters in unique shapes like owls, dogs, deer, trucks, buses, and a lot more can add fun elements which can amp up different corners of the house.

Mushroom Planter

Desks, mantel pieces, console tables, windowsills, and kids’ room, can all be decorated using different planters. 

Animal planters

The best part about the quirky planters lies in the fact that they can all be used with succulents, greens, micro greens, small flowers, or even artificial succulents and flowers to enhance their vibe. However, these are minimalist pieces which also double up as décor elements. Hence, one can stay away from the necessity or compulsion of pairing them with greens or blooms. 

Owl planters

Alternatively, they can also be used as pen stands when placed on a desk. 

Girl planter

Nestip: In case of planters that come with impressions of faces like the boy planters, girl planter, or the crown planter, we suggest using succulents or greens with them as they would give the impression of the planter’s hair growing from the head of the planter. The beautiful green locks can be easily looked after with minimal care and attention. Remember, the key to keeping succulents fresh for a longer time, lies in not overwatering them.  

Caravan Planter

Clubbing different shapes and sizes can be a great idea when you’re experimenting with greens. Our wide range of modern vases can seamlessly marry such a setting.  The vases come in different colors, shapes, sizes, and patterns. They can be clubbed with smaller planters of similar aesthetics.  

Owl planters

If you’re someone who wants to add minimalist décor elements with greens or blooms to your living room or bedroom, start with organising your space and identifying the corners that you can work on. ‘The art of organising with Zest collection’ can be a great read for the same. 

Once you’re done with identifying the place that you want to add some jazz to, pick your favourite planters which also double up as décor accents. 


Nestip: If you’re looking for bigger planters or vases, read our modern take on vases here. 

Boho planter

For a bohemian aesthetic, go for boho planters, bohemian planters, or black and white planters that come with abstract prints and a minimal shape. However, our geometric planters come in different shapes and carry minimal aesthetics. Square planters, hexagon planters, cylindrical planters, circular planters, and rectangular planters can all be paired together to amp up a table corner. They can be paired with succulents and micro greens of different types for a contrasting white and green aesthetics.  


NestipGolden candle stands, or bird décor pieces can be just the right fit to add some metallic elements which can complement the setting beautifully.  

Marble planter

For anyone who is fond of a light, bright, and airy aesthetic, marble planters are a great fit. The planters come in ceramics with a matte finish. They don’t just carry a modern minimalistic vibe but also add vintage textures to an interior setting.  

Marble planters

They come in a classic cylindrical shape which is apt for being paired with greens as well as colourful flowers. Our artificial succulents and artificial flowers come in endless options to choose from. The planters can also be filled with marbles to heighten the aesthetic. 

Marble plant pots

NestipThe marble planters come along with wooden bases which should be technically placed under the planter to handle the drainage and not mess the place up. However, they are ideal for being used as coasters or trinket dishes as well. Use them to cover your favourite coffee mugs or just for organising your rings, earrings, and bracelets. 

Wooden Box

We also have small wooden storage boxes which can double up as planters when required. They can be paired with fresh or artificial succulents for a minimal aesthetic. The wooden planters come with a vintage vibe which can add neutral colours and textures to any setting.  

Planter tools

If gardening is one of the things that you like indulging yourself in, our planter tools will come super handy. They come as a collection of three tools- a gardening fork, a trowel, and a hand cultivator. The tools can keep the soil for the planters healthy and super easy to be stored, owing to their size.  


Our aprons and wall hanging organisers from the Zest collection are just the right fit for everyone who’s in the garden during their leisure time. The aprons can help with protecting the clothes from being soiled, and the wall hanging organisers are apt for being hung around the planters.

Wall Organiser

They can be used to store seeds, planter tools, gloves, and other gardening equipment.  

Ceramic white planters

For bird parents, our planter pots and white plant pots can also add a charming element to your little green space. They can be used as bird feeders, and at the same time add colourful elements to your home.  

Planter pot

NestipPlanters with more surface area like the planter pots and white plant pots are ideally designed for planting micro greens like basil, dill, cilantro, mint, celery, and many more. They have a very high concentration of nutrients and antioxidants. They can be grown inside the kitchen only, in order to make sure that they remain a regular part of the diet and silently add jazz to your kitchen windowsill too. 

Succulent planters

When placed on a dressing table, the ceramic planters can be used to organise different make up products like lipsticks, kohl, lip liners, make up brushes, Q tips, and a lot more. Small aloe plants can be grown in the planters to use natural aloe gel to leave the skin with glow and radiance. 

Indoor planters

Indoor planters can also add textures and colours to a workspace. As per a research conducted by the Exeter University, UK, the presence of greens inside a space can boost concentration and productivity up to 47%. They also increase the retention of memory by 20%. Isn't that fascinating? Well! Plants seem to be those living partners who will always keep you joyful and full of life, just like them. 

Mermaid Planter

Not only this, but plants are also proven to reduce mental health issues. Since they can clean the indoor air, in turn, they also end up boosting creativity and keep everyone motivated. During winters, they also help in bringing the outside, inside!  

White planters

Planters with Succulents

Mini geometric planters, book planters, or test tube planters can be just the right fit for a workspace décor setting. Some of them come along with artificial succulents too.

Desk Planters

While plants can make a space feel calmer, planters can add aesthetics along with the same. Something that appeals to the eye can also make one feel good. That’s exactly what aesthetically appealing means- something that generates a sensory response. 

Succulent planters

Planters with plants also form an ideal gift for any birthday, housewarming or anniversary party. They symbolise growth, forming a thoughtful and heartfelt gift for anyone. 

Succulent pots

NestipTake a bowl full of water and add a few drops of aroma oil in it. Place your favourite artificial succulents on the top along with tea light candles. Light the candles and let them float on the surface of water along with the succulents. This can become a beautiful décor element which can be placed on any side table, dining table or a console. It will not only brighten up a corner but will also add an element of fragrance to the space.  

Black and white planters

Before we conclude, we have all of our stunners waiting to elevate your living spaces in video below. Check it out for some greens and calm!

Well! You've stayed with us till the end so now you know what to do. Browse for your favourite indoor planters, succulent planters, animal planters, marble planters, planter pots, owl planters, geometric shaped planters, and other quirky planters on and tag us in your planter moments on Instagram Add some greens and aesthetics to your lives and tell us about your relationship with plants and planters in the comment section below. We are keen to know about the first plant that you ever planted. Don’t worry, we’re good listeners. 

Have a happy and green day ahead! 


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