The Art of Organising with Zest Collection

March 23, 2021

Fruit Basket

Nestasia’s Zest collection is an amalgamation of modern yet minimalist everyday storage and organising essentials which can make life a lot simpler without losing out on the aesthetics. The contemporary designs and quirky prints make every product stand out. The collection consists of a wide range of storage baskets, storage bags, laundry bags, wall organisers, lunch bags, and aprons. Each of these products come in a reusable cotton canvas material which can be easily hand washed or wiped cleaned. 

Laundry Bag

Do you remember your granny being super organised and finicky about her belongings? Every trinket, every piece of garment, every medicine, and even her secret money bag had a place of its own- so particular that she could find anything with her eyes closed. However, with our modern lifestyle and hectic schedules, most of us have started losing out of these habits that they tried imbibing in us. Not just with our sleeping or eating habits, but with the ways we organise our living spaces- we've all become messy.   

Storage Basket

While organising, in simple words, means to identify and group things or work as per various categories, making it look aesthetically pleasing however, becomes a task for many. Be it a household setting or a workspace, being organised always helps in more than one way. As believed by many, staying organised also brings in positivity to one’s life. Hence, we at Nestasia thought of bringing something exciting and super useful for everyone who’s looking to organise their living space.   

Wall Organiser

Utility and aesthetics have beautifully come together to form the Zest collection. The durable products are stunners at multitasking and are available in assorted colours, patterns, and prints- comprising of something for everyone.  


“Oh well! Organising is clear, but how do we make it look artistic?” If that’s what you’re thinking, just follow on to know how we make the process of organising, an aesthetically pleasing one for you all. 

Decorative Storage Baskets

Many factors need to be taken into consideration when a space is being worked on. The colour of the space that one wants to organise, the furniture, the fragrance, visual designs, materials, and a lot more. When we use the word aesthetics, it is meant to be used for something artistic that leaves an individual with a sensory experience. 

Fruit baskets

No matter what is the colour or texture of your interior space, the products from Zest collection can snuggly fit with every setting. Let’s pick up one corner of a household at a time and start with elevating each setting to a next level. But before we start, let’s talk a bit about the process of reducing and reusing.  

If you’re someone who hasn’t decluttered their space since a long time, please go ahead and do the same. Throw away all the unnecessary stuff and make space for the Zest collection to get in. Also, if you find something which can be reused in a different format, take a step forward and find new ways to use it.   

Table Basket

To organise a bedroom, the first thing required is for everything to have its own designated place. Use our table basket with geometric prints to assemble your desk, beside table, or dressing table.

Books, stationery, flowers, toiletries, and other make up essentials can be placed inside to make any table look organised and beautiful.  

Table Basket

NestipA separate basket can be used for male members of the family who usually avoid keeping their wallet, belt and glasses inside the wardrobe since they need it every day. The basket can be used to assemble all their essentials at one place.   

The baskets are not only minimal, but they come with an abstract geometric print which is super modern. They are a beautiful blend of metal and fabric which can not only organise different areas of the house but can also jazz it up with their unique colour combinations. 

Laundry Basket

The laundry baskets in the same print are just the right fit for someone who have kids at home. We know how much the toys hurt you when they’re left on the floor. So just pick them all up and stuff them inside the laundry basket. 

Nestip: Try to imbibe the habit of reorganising toys in your kids’ post-playtime. Assorted colours of the baskets can be clubbed together if your kids have numerous toys.  

Reversible Bags

Reversible bags in the same abstract geometric print can be used as a grocery shopping bag, to keep all your outdoor essentials like wallet, sunglasses, and umbrella at one place. The bag comes in a canvas material and can be reversed for a fresh look all together. The other side comes as a solid colour which also doubles the bag up as a shopping bag. 

Fruit Basket

In order to revamp your bath, organise all the towels in our fruit storage baskets. The baskets come in three different fruit prints and can add some quirk to the bathroom. They can be used to organise toiletries and other bathroom essentials as well.  

Fruit Basket

The baskets are a blend of metal and fabric. The fabric is attached to metal frame with the help of velcro. The fabric can be easily removed, and hand washed whenever it requires cleaning.  

Nestip: The baskets can be easily stacked one over the other, when not in use. They occupy minimal space and are super easy to assemble.  

Laundry Bags

In order to organise soiled clothes, go for our laundry bag. A white and grey laundry hamper with minimal prints, ideal for any household. Two different prints can be paired together for two different bathrooms in a household. 

Wall hanging organiser

Our wall hanging organisers are perfect for the entrance or kid’s rooms. They come with pockets and key holders and can be hung on the wall for a quirky look. While the key holders can be used to hang keys or small paper bags. However, the pockets of the organisers come in super handy.


They can be used to organise newspapers, magazines, bills, stationery, remote controls, and a lot more.  


 Cat Baskets

Nestip: When not in use, these organisers can be rolled and kept. They occupy minimal space when not being used.  

Flamingo Basket

Flamingo boxes or colourful baskets in the same print come in similar colours, prints and patterns. The baskets can be placed near the organiser to maintain the aesthetic of that corner in the house.  

Laundry Bag

By now you must have noticed that all the products from the zest collection come with an aesthetic which can be clubbed with products of the same prints and colours, or with the ones which carry a similar aesthetic.  

Multipurpose Basket

Say for an instance, the multipurpose basket, cotton laundry bag, and the daily organiser, might not look the same as the aprons and fruit storage baskets do, but the underlying colour tones and the aesthetic that these products bring along, has a modern and rustic vibe to it. 

Wall Hanging Organiser

Nestip: Match the colour tones and aesthetics of various products to add more art to your process of organising. 

Fruit aprons

We have something special for the kitchen as well. For the first time ever, we have come out with a range of aprons which is to die for. The colourful aprons come in different prints and have a pocket at the front. The pockets of the aprons are just the right fit for keeping your cell phone. If you’re someone who loves to groove while cooking, we just don’t want your clothes to get stained. 

Geometric Aprons

The aprons come in a cotton canvas fabric which can be easily hand washed whenever the apron saves your clothes from getting spoiled. Now you must be thinking, “how do aprons help in organising the kitchen?” Well! We’d like to ask you one. How many times have you felt the superpowers that a kangaroo has? Keep your cell phones in the pocket of your apron and thank us later. 



NestipAprons can also be worn by people who are fond of painting. They can keep all of their art supplies organised in the fruit baskets. The aprons, however, can help the artists explore the inspirational areas of their minds.   

Decorative Storage Basket

The decorative storage box can be used as an organiser in the kitchen. It can be used to assemble different jars, cutlery holder, oil dispenser, and a lot more. 

Fruit Bags

Another way to organise your kitchen boxes and even your lunch boxes is to use our wide range of lunch box bags from the Zest collection. The bags come in quirky prints and a canvas cotton material. They come along with handles which make them super easy to carry.  

Lunch Box Bags

The lunch box bags come with an insulation which does not only keep the food fresh hot, but also keep the lunch boxes organised inside the kitchen or wherever you’re carrying it. 

If you’re a student or a working professional, the lunch box will come in handy for everyone. 

Fruit bags

Nestip: The bags come in similar prints as available for the aprons. They can be paired along with aprons of the same print to create a matching set. The set can also be used for gifting someone who loves to cook.  


For making your garden look fab, you can place your big planters inside the cotton laundry bag to make them stand out. Wall hanging organisers can be used to keep your gardening essentials like gardening tools, seed packets, and other things. 

Laundry Basket

While a home can become aesthetically pleasing when it is organised in a particular way, a workspace can also be made organised as well as a lot more aesthetic by using some simple tricks.  

Since aesthetics refer to the sensory knowledge combined with the felt meaning of objects and experiences, organisational aesthetics can definitely bring a drastic change in the work culture of an organisation. 

Organising Basket

It has been proven that the aesthetics of a workplace impacts in workers in various ways. While an organised workplace is very common to find, an aesthetically pleasing workplace, however, is something that tends to bring in a lot of positivity amongst the workers.  

Nestasia’s Zest collection is just the right fit for someone who is planning to revamp their workspace with some modern elements. The minimalist aesthetics that the products carry along, are apt for being used in a workplace.  

Geometric Basket

The geometric baskets that come with modern and abstract prints, can be easily used to assemble desks. They are apt for organising stationery, knick knacks, and a lot more. The metallic structure of the baskets makes them sturdy enough to take as much stress as you do at office. 

From every corner of a household to the garden, and the workspace, we tried inspiring you to elevate every setting by using the art of organising and making even the corners look aesthetically appealing. We hope that the Zest collection comes to rescue all of you from an unorganised life and leads you towards to the path of organising aesthetically. 

Browse the collection here. 

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