Diwali Gift Ideas

October 26, 2020

Diwali is our favourite festival and it is just around the corner. Diwali 2023 lets get set to brighten up our homes with candles, decorative Diyas and much more. Spread the joy by sending across unique Diwali gifts to family and friends, host Diwali parties in style while celebrating the victory of hope over despair. Whether it's Diwali gift ideas for parents, Deepavali gift ideas for friends & family, or Diwali gift ideas for corporates and employees, we've got you covered!

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Nestasia brings to you a curated list of 30 useful Diwali gifts for friends and family which won't add calories this season!

Let’s end your search for Diwali gifts online and help you pick exciting gifts from some of our favourites. 

Festival of Lights 

What is Diwali without lighting up the house?

1. Carousel Candle Holder

carousel candle holderThis beautiful carousel on top doesn’t need a battery or electricity to spin around. It only needs a candle or a Diya to be lit on the plate for it to twirl on its own. Whether kids, friends or family, this carousel candle holder is one of the perfect Diwali gift ideas that will be loved by all.

2.Tea Light Holders

Candle holder

These charming spinning candle holders are complementary to the carousel candle holders. One can place a candle in the glass shaped candle holder and light it to make the carousel spin around. These candle holders have 5 different designs of hangings which make for exclusive Diwali gift ideas.

3. Decorative Candles

Diwali CandleA fruit fragrant Diwali candle in the shape of a fruit! The orange candle has a fresh fruity fragrance and the scented wax candle looks like an orange. It has a beautiful glaze with a soothing citrus scent. These unique Diwali gift ideas make your candle collection colourful and fun with this exciting orange candle.

Nestip: A number of these can also be placed around the Diwali Rangoli to highlight and illuminate it.

4. Aroma Candles

Scented candles for Diwali

These luxe aroma candles come in 4 different scents that are exquisite Deepavali gift ideas and have a calming effect. The candles come in beautiful ceramic holders that have a marble finish and can add elegance to the home decor. This year share your Diwali greetings with a touch of serene fragrance.

5. Swing Candle Holders

Diwali Candle HolderDon’t just place your candles, make them swing! Our swing candle holders are perfect for holding tea lights or LED candles. There are 3 design options to choose from for these hanging candle votives. These are definitely the statement Deepavali gift ideas that you want to gift your loved ones or add to your own festive decor.

6. Crown Candle Holder

Tealight CandleAdd a touch of royalty to the house with these mini candle holders. The crown candle holders can hold tea light candles and illuminate the house. Combine a bunch of them for a novel Diwali gift for friends and family.

Eco Friendly Diwali 

The festival of light that also brings joy to nature. Plant or planter Deepavali gift ideas for Diwali 2023 to add some green, freshness and positivity into the homes of your family, friends and colleagues.

7. Desk Planters

Plant DecorationThese ceramic planters come with a metal frame that brings so much elegance to the table setting. Plant some fresh leaves in these holders and gift them to friends to remind them to have an eco friendly Diwali.

8. Marble Bird Planters

planter gifts for diwaliIf you are looking for Diwali present ideas around a luxe table planter then the bird cage candle holder is your answer for Diwali gifting. These planters come in 4 different colours complemented by a gold metal frame. Gift the planter with flowers or with a candle to your loved ones by selecting a colour that suits their home decor and illuminates their house.

Nestip : It can also be used as a cutlery holder that will beautifully sit on any table.

Flower Vase Online
A classic tall vase that never goes out of fashion is one of the best Diwali present ideas. Place some fresh blooms in the vase and illuminate your Diwali gifting with the colours of nature. This vase is loved by all and complements the house decor throughout the year.
Flower Decor for diwali
Share your Diwali greetings with these bright flower sticks that will remain fresh and add vibrance to any space. They can be used in a flower decoration for Diwali and can be placed in those corners that don't receive adequate sunlight and need some freshness and colour.
Flower Decor for Home
Gift a complete set of a vase embedded with a bunch of faux flowers which can either be placed on a table or can be hung from a hook. 

Nestip: While gifting, spray some fragrant oil or perfume on the flowers to double them up as potpourri.

Diwali present ideas around Diwali Cleaning and Organising

The festival that finally gets you to organise your belongings.

12. Table Organiser

Diwali OrganiserThis personal organiser is simply designed yet, it is one of the novel Diwali present ideas and can be placed on any tabletop. The combination of leather and metal is a sheer combination of luxury and charm which makes for a perfect luxe gift.

13. Kitchen Organiser

Diwali CleaningFor all those who love rose gold, this organiser shelf is one of the no-brainer Diwali present ideas. The organiser is two tiered which can be used to organise and accessorise any part of the house which is a must for Diwali.

14. Trinket Box 

Accessory OrganiserA trinket box that can be used as part of the Diwali Gift Hamper to gift dry fruits, cookies and more. It's apt for those who love collecting little accessories and storing them. The trinket holder with a bee lid adds vibrance to the table.

15. Wall Shelf

Wall Shelf for DiwaliWhy just paint your walls when you can accessorise them too? Our metal wall shelves come in 5 different shapes and 2 different colours which can help one organise a boring wall in the house this Diwali.

16. Display Stand

This tiered tray is a classic example of a fusion of modern and traditional styles. Present dry fruits, fruits or sweets with this tray which can later be reused as an accessory organiser.

Diwali Home Decor 

Diwali is about furnishing the house with new decor.

17. Birds Showpiece

Love BirdsIf you’re looking to gift the love birds, this showpiece is perfect for them. The birds showpiece comes in two luxurious colours and spreads positive vibes wherever it is placed.

18. Swan Showpiece

A swan symbolises purity and grace which is emblematic of the love of God.  This swan is one of the best Diwali gift suggestions for celebrating God's homecoming. These come in 3 beautiful colours which can also be used for placing cutlery while hosting guests.

19. Pink Flamingo

Flamingo ShowpieceThe Flamingo is a majestic bird which has a charming hue and resonates with harmony and friendship. What could possibly be better Diwali gift suggestions than a flamingo showpiece to give your friends this Diwali? You can shop from our wide range of flamingos and choose the one that suits you the best.

20. Antique Photo Frame

photo frameDon’t just create memories, frame them and gift them to your loved ones with our range of photo frames. Add a vintage touch of royalty to the homes with these gold framed photo frames.

21. Colourful Floral Runner

Table Runner for DiwaliThis colourful floral runner adds the much-needed pop of colour and cheer to table surfaces. The embroidered floral design is versatile and fits well in multiple decor styles. This is definitely the kind of Diwali gift suggestion that you would want to give yourself this Diwali.

22. Gold Cushion Cover

Cushion Cover for DiwaliAn evergreen design on a cushion cover that is delicately handcrafted is the most ideal Diwali gift. This cover in itself is festive and fits well with the mood.

23. Cotton Throw BlanketThrow Blanket for DiwaliThe onset of festive season brings in a bit of chill in the air. These colourful cotton throw blankets are handmade with love and suit the weather perfectly. This Diwali gift some warmth with the cotton throw.

Hosting Guests on Diwali 

Diwali is about sharing joy and celebrating with friends and family.

24. Metal Trays

Hosting guests is congruent to serving on trays. You can choose trays from our festive range to suit the Diwali decor of any home. These trays can also be used for curating gift hampers this festive season.

25. Floret Dinner Set

Floret dinnerwareA well planned dinner table sets the right tone for hosting guests. Our floret dinner set collection is specially curated for a festive occasion. This is definitely a set that you would like to gift your home with.

26. Cara Green Tea Set

Tea Set for DiwaliIf you're looking for an elegant and stylish product for gifting, our Cara Green Tea Set is just what you need. The Tea set is not only perfect for the occasion but also suits the onset of winters.

27. Table Chef

Kitchen Essentials for DiwaliWe often forget these little table essentials while hosting guests. But, don't worry now because our little chefs have got you covered with all the kitchen utilities that look adorable on the table. This gift will be loved by all and you may want to gift this to yourself.

28. Fruit Bowl Set

Dry Fruits BowlThis fruit bowl set looks so presentable that it can be used for gifting on any occasion. For Diwali, the bowls can be filled with tea-light candles and presented as a gift to the loved ones.

29. Pineapple Plates

Pineapple platesThe first thing that comes to mind when we look at this tray is festivities. This is a perfect Diwali gift which can be used for serving snacks or starters and can also be used as a decor item.

30. Bottle Holder

Diwali party bottle holderDiwali is incomplete without the card parties. This wine bottle holder is most suited gift for hosting guests at these card parties and leaving a lasting impression on them. 

You can curate your own Diwali gift boxes or hampers with our collection or have them shipped directly to your loved ones without any hassles of packing and delivery. 

We hope this Diwali brings you lots of love, luck and prosperity!

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