11 Ways to Achieve Wellness

August 03, 2022

The advent of a fast-paced lifestyle can take a toll on our mental health. Sometimes, it’s essential to slow down your busy schedule and take a break. It's no secret that home is where the heart is. Prepping up your home to match your comfort level is really important. Make sure that your living space is calming and relaxing. It’s an extension of your well-being and a reflection of your personality. The setting of an interior poses a direct impact on your overall mental health. The necessity of crafting an inviting home that can have positive effects on your everyday life is the need of the hour.    


Here is a list of ten ways that will help you improve your mental health and wellbeing. Trying out these simple yet effective steps could help you feel more lively so that you can achieve the most out of life.


1. Organizing:

Clearing a messy space is not just about decluttering a space but also decluttering your mind. Who thought revamping your household would be a stress-buster? From setting up your kitchen cabinets to hosting your next high-tea party, organizing the spaces can show significant changes in your mood.


It makes you feel light and reduces stress. A decluttered and organized space is highly proven to increase your attention span and focus. Thus, boosting a refreshing mental space.


2. Traveling:

All work and no play definitely make an individual distressed and gloomy. Therefore, it’s time to inhibit the habit of breaking the monotony of fatiguing work. Broaden your horizons and cleanse your mind as you imbibe fresh smells, positive vibes, and renewed energy. Stepping into a new environment can be therapeutic for your tired mind.

What’s more therapeutic is traveling in a more organized way. The traveling kits and pouches will come to your rescue as you pack all your reading essentials, makeup, and accessories for your journey.


3. Gardening:

Say hello to the lush green interiors and be a plant mom today. Brush up your gardening skills and enliven your living spaces with a variety of indoor plants such as vines, monstera plants, and succulents to boost your mental health. If you are living in compact apartments, then our decorative ceramic pots and hanging planters are a great idea for indoor gardening.

Taking care of the plant babies gives us immense pleasure. Being in touch with nature is proven to have great health benefits. One can take it up as a weekend activity to break the monotony of a mundane schedule. Planting takes a lot of patience, and it's hard to find the time. Thus, artificial plants and vines are a great way to add a dash of green and freshness to your home.

4. Baking:

Baking a pound of delicious cake will not only satiate your hungry soul but also work magic on your mental health. There are innumerable benefits of baking.

It helps you concentrate, showcase your creative side as well as soak in the joy of your loved ones for whom you prepared the cake. Their joy and satisfaction will lift up your mood and you will feel content. The entire process of beating the eggs, mixing the ingredients, and slowly watching them get baked calms your mind and soothes your soul. 

5. Tea-time:

Lower the level of the stress hormone, cortisol, with a fresh cup of blue pea tea every morning. It helps in preparing for a busy routine ahead. A chamomile or mint green tea is refreshing as the day begins and soothes your nerves at the end of the day.


In case you are a coffee addict and looking for a healthier alternative, then decaf coffee is the best option. Decaf coffee aids in neutralizing the free radicals due to the antioxidants present in it. This minimizes oxidative damage and prevents cancers, heart diseases, and Type 2 diabetes. Decaf coffee also contains magnesium, which acts as a shield against diabetes. The caffeine-free beverages are great for hair and skin, improve digestion, and help in losing weight. 

6. Journaling:

Having a tough time coping up with your thoughts? Simply jot down the points and put them on the paper. As a child, we mostly had our personal diaries. With time, the habit of journaling must have died down. But writing down your thoughts, feelings, ambitions, and routines makes a huge contribution towards creating a healthy lifestyle. It not only helps your mind stay decluttered but also aids in managing stress, anxiety, and other mental health conditions.

Writing down helps to control your symptoms and improve your mood. You may not abide by a particular structure while journaling but it should be an expression of your own thoughts. Express your feelings and let the words and ideas flow freely. This activity will help you realize that it is not your negative thoughts that control you and hence aid you in reaching a certain level of calmness. You can even paint, draw or scribble anything of your choice as it's therapeutic and helps to de-stress.

7. Painting:

A fun way to relieve stress and anxiety is painting, doodling or illustrating. Their therapeutic benefits are immense. Mostly taken up as a pastime or hobby, painting helps to collect all good thoughts and express them through colors and strokes.

For an individual who is not an artist or a professional painter, we have come up with an easy-peasy way to paint by numbers. This makes the entire process relaxing so that you can concentrate on the therapeutic aspects.

8. Floral Arrangements:

Immerse in the joy of flower therapy as flowers can not only enliven home interiors but trigger happy emotions too. Fresh flowers can evoke a feeling of gratefulness and satisfaction along with a joyful ambiance.

Elevating the corners with colorful blooms will instantly lift up your home and mood. In our hectic lifestyle, there’s a need for rejuvenating ourselves from time to time. During those hard times, flower therapy comes into play which comprises various DIY artistic methods for floral arrangements. Flowers work as magic in healing your soul inside out after a long tiring day.

9. Meditation:

For a sense of tranquility and balance in your emotional as well as overall well-being, nothing can be more therapeutic than a session of meditation every morning. Meditation helps to uplift one's personality and bring about spiritual growth. A light session of meditation before commencing your daily routine helps calm the stress and prepares you for the day ahead.


10. Self-care:

A crucial way to manage stress is to aim for some me-time every now and then. Take a break from your mundane schedule to recover the energy that has been depleted by physical and emotional exhaustion.

Even though self-care might not reflect heavily on your health improvements, it will save you from prolonged health damage due to chronic stress. Creating a soothing ambiance, listening to soft music, lifting up the ambiance with aromatic candles as well as indulging in a skincare routine are some of the forms of self-care. Do what you love and start nurturing yourself for a better lifestyle. 

11. Sleep:

Waking up with a cranky mood every morning? Bid adieu to tired mornings with a sound sleep which is an instant mood-booster. From keeping your blood sugar levels in check to reducing oxytocin levels, sleeping is known to have millions of benefits. It’s advisable to keep away from all-nighters, tune in to soulful music and keep all gadgets away from reach. Pamper yourself with things that make you feel relaxed, such as meditation, reading, journaling, following a skin-care routine, or taking a warm sauna bath before hitting the bed.  


Wrapping up, mentioned above were some of the simple techniques to combat your mental stress and rewind your life. Not all may be suitable for you, but you will find your call once you start practicing them. What’s your mantra for mental wellbeing?   

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