Set of 2 Vintage Jewellery Box Gold

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Premium quality metal
Durable & rust-resistant
Vintage mosaic metalwork
Expert craftsmanship
High-sheen gold finish
Sturdy top lid with knob
Set of 2 jewellery boxes
Perfect for vanity table decor
Ideal for gifting
Size & Details
Large box: 13cm L x 13cm B x 11cm H
Small box: 11cm L x 11cm B x 9cm H

Colour: Gold

Material: Metal
Products included
Set of 2 boxes of different sizes

Product Introduction

Indulge in luxury organisation with our set of 2 metal jewellery boxes. Meticulously designed, these jewellery organiser boxes exude opulence with their premium quality metal, vintage mosaic metalwork, and high-sheen gold finish. Crafted to stand the test of time, they offer both durability and rust resistance, thanks to expert craftsmanship. The sturdy top lid, adorned with an elegant knob, adds a touch of refinement to the jewellery storage box set. Whether gracing your vanity table or bestowed as a gift, these decorative boxes redefine sophistication while securely cradling your cherished pieces.


  • Premium quality metal
  • Durable & rust-resistant
  • Vintage mosaic metalwork
  • Expert craftsmanship
  • High-sheen gold finish
  • Sturdy top lid with knob
  • Set of 2 jewellery boxes

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the vintage mosaic metalwork contribute to vanity table organisation?
The vintage mosaic metalwork not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of the jewellery boxes but also serves as a functional element in vanity table organization. The intricate patterns and textures add a touch of elegance to your space. Additionally, the visual contrast provided by the mosaic metalwork makes it easier to locate and access your jewellery quickly. The boxes not only keep your accessories secure but also add a luxurious charm to your vanity setup.
The jewellery box set is tailored for seamless vanity table organization. Begin by placing your frequently worn pieces in the larger box, ensuring easy access. Utilise the smaller box for delicate items like rings and earrings. The sturdy top lid offers protection from dust and damage, while the knob ensures effortless access. Arrange items by type or colour, using the vintage mosaic metalwork as a stunning backdrop. With this set, you'll effortlessly elevate your daily routine and maintain a clutter-free, elegant vanity space.
The high-sheen gold finish is meticulously crafted to withstand daily use and maintain its lustre. While minor scratches might occur over time due to regular handling, the finish's quality ensures that it resists fading and retains its shine. To prolong its pristine appearance, avoid contact with abrasive materials and harsh chemicals. Gently wipe the surface with a soft cloth to remove dust and maintain the beautiful golden sheen.
While designed for jewellery storage, these boxes can be versatile organisers for various valuable items. Consider using them to store small heirlooms, trinkets, or even keepsakes like letters or photographs. The secure lid of the boxes provides an ideal environment for protecting and displaying these cherished possessions, adding a touch of elegance to their storage.
If you have an extensive jewellery collection or desire a comprehensive organisation solution, purchasing multiple sets is a great idea. You can create a cohesive and elegant storage system by arranging the boxes based on your needs. Whether you want to separate jewellery by type, colour, or occasion, these sets can be seamlessly integrated into a larger organisation strategy, ensuring your entire collection remains easily accessible and beautifully displayed.

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