Pickle Jars With Tray Set of 6

₹ 2,990


Pickle jar set with tray and spoons that is a great blend of ceramic and wood. The bowls with lid come as a set of 6 along with 6 spoons in gold that can be placed inside the bowl as there is a spout in the bowl for keeping the spoon. Serve tea time snacks like fox nuts, Bhujia, chips and more or keep dry fruits like salted almonds, raisins, dates or keep mints and mouth fresheners in the jars. The jar containers can also be used to serve sides like pickle, flavoured oil, vinegar, salt, pepper and more that can be presented at the dining table. The stylish looking jar set with tray looks presentable which is why it can be used on a regular basis or even while hosting guests.
The set is available as a set of bowls with the same colour or an assorted set of bowls with 6 different colours

Nestip: It can be used to serve an assortment of chips and dip

Size: Tray - 28 cm x 19 cm
Pot - 7.5 x 8.8 x 9.6 cm
Spoon - 14.6 x 1.5 cm

Colour: Bowls - dark green, pink, blue, black, yellow, white
Spoon - gold, Tray - natural wood

Material: Bowl - ceramic, spoon - metal, tray - wood

Products Included: 1 rectangular serving tray, 6 spoons, 6 bowls with lid (either a set of same colours or a set of 6 different colours)

Style: Multicolour - YTC200
White - YTC201
Yellow - YTC202
Black - YTC203
Blue - YTC204
Pink - YTC205
Green - YTC206

Care Instructions: Clean the wooden tray with damp cotton cloth, do not scrub


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