Earthy 22 Piece Dinner Set For 6 Sage Green

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100% food-grade (international standard)
Premium quality ceramic material
Durable and sustainable
Non-toxic and BPA-free
Hand-glazed surface
Stoneware textured base
Reusable and odourless
Microwave and oven-safe
22-piece dinner set for 6 diners
Minimalistic dual-toned design
Apt for all types of meals
Ideal for gifting
Size & Details
Colour: Green, beige

Material: Ceramic
Products included
1 dinner set
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Frequently Asked Questions

What distinguishes this ceramic set's material from others on the market?
The material used in this dinner set is 100% food-grade ceramic, which meets stringent international standards so far as food safety is concerned. The dinner set has been mindfully crafted, complying with the highest quality and safety benchmarks. Additionally, the premium quality ceramic material ensures longevity and durability, thereby enduring the demands of daily meals and the occasional knocks and impacts.
When stacking or storing the dinnerware, be gentle with your approach. Avoid heavy impacts by being mindful not to bump the dinner pieces against hard surfaces. When cleaning the items in the dinnerware set, go for mild, non-abrasive detergents. Additionally, when stacking the pieces, consider placing soft liners, and avoid direct contact between the pieces. This will prevent scratches, and ensure that your dinner set remains in pristine condition.
Entertaining guests has been made easier with this ceramic dinner set. Its sophisticated and minimal dual-toned design adds a touch of elegance and versatility, complementing a wide range of table settings. The comprehensive dinner set, which includes dinner plates, snack plates, serving bowls, and side bowls, provides all the pieces needed for a multi-course meal, enhancing its suitability for formal gatherings.
The pieces in the ceramic dinner set have been crafted from premium quality ceramic, ensuring longevity without the need for frequent replacements. However, frequent and sudden changes in temperature can lead to cracking. To avoid thermal shock, avoid exposing the dinner set to sudden changes in temperature. Transferring a hot dinner plate straight from the microwave to the fridge is ill-advised, and may cause cracking.
To ensure a long-lasting glaze, gentle handwashing with a soft sponge, and a mild non-abrasive liquid dishwashing liquid. Prevent the use of harsh and abrasive cleaning agents to make sure that the glaze lasts, creating more dining experiences for you and your family.

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