Bowl Potpourri

₹ 250


Use the rich assortment of organic dried flower petals and leaves to bring the delightful vision and fragrance of the garden into indoor spaces. The muted shades of blue, pink, and silver naturally dyed flowers and herbs when placed in clear, attractive containers create interesting decorative pieces for the living and dining space. The ecologically balanced processes allow for sustainable living while also making décor a planet-friendly and artisan-friendly activity where the final items are produced on a small scale with no detrimental influence on the environment.
There are eight enticingly perfumed smells to choose from in the colorful potpourri: lavender, lemongrass, mogra, jasmine, sweet vanilla, orange, raspberry, and sweet strawberry.

Nestip: Mix the potpourri from time to time to allow the fragrance to remain trapped and spread in the potpourri uniformly.

Dried flowers and leaves- 100gm
Fragrance bottle- 10ml capacity

Color: Silver, blue, pink

Material: dried flowers and leaves

Products Included: 1 pack of potpourri with 1 fragrance bottle

Potpourri with lavender fragrance- DF08NSI110
Potpourri with lemongrass fragrance- DF08NS111
Potpourri with jasmine fragrance- DF08NSI112
Potpourri with mogra fragrance- DF08NSI113
Potpourri with sweet vanilla fragrance- DF08NSI114
Potpourri with orange fragrance- DF08NSI115
Potpourri with raspberry fragrance- DF08NSI116
Potpourri with sweet strawberry fragrance- DF08NSI117


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