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An increasingly busy lifestyle often leads to poor hydration. When you hydrate, you constantly worry about BPA and phthalates leaching into your water and causing adverse health effects. Many studies have shown that these microplastics mimic hormones and cause hormonal disruptions, inflammation, and neurotoxicity. The research on this is pretty solid and backed by science, which is why it is best to bid adieu to the age-old single-use plastic bottles and take a step towards a healthier counterpart - stainless steel. Unlike most plastic bottles in the market, stainless steel water bottles are 100% risk-free, making them reusable and a great choice for a daily companion. Not only are stainless steel bottles toxin-free, but they are also sustainable and environmentally friendly. Take a step towards a greener and healthier planet by reducing plastic waste. Explore Nestasia’s collection of premium stainless steel bottles and underscore your commitment to health and a better planet. 

Different Types Of Stainless Steel Water Bottles Available At Nestasia

Sipper Bottles

Grip and sip with Nestasia’s stainless steel sipper bottles. Crafted from food-safe 304 stainless steel, our sleek water bottles combine form and function. The powder-coated matte finish renders a non-sticky and sweatproof surface, making them ideal for a gruelling gym session. It is time to say goodbye to accidental slips when you reach out for your bottle after an intense set. The interior is double-walled, and the excellent insulation property retains heat for a whopping 24 hours. The bottles feature wide mouths, making filling and cleaning a breeze. Our bottles are equipped with airtight and leakproof polypropylene lids so that you can travel worry-free, whether you are tackling long commute hours or going for a jog. The powder-coated finish imparts slip resistance, allowing you to carry the bottles comfortably. Explore our collection and take your pick from multiple colour variants. 

Bottles with Handle

The convenience of a travel mug combined with the capacity of a tall water bottle, and there you have it - our water bottles with handles and straws. Ideal for travelling, these bottles also have a 304 stainless steel construction. The double-walled vacuum insulation makes it perfect for hot and cold beverages. Whether you prefer some coffee as part of your morning pick-me-up schedule or chilled iced tea to beat the summer heat, our bottles have you covered. The airtight and leakproof PP lid has a small receptacle for you to insert the sturdy straw, allowing you to blissfully sip and enjoy your refreshments. Boasting a generous capacity, sturdy handle, and odour-free interior, our water bottles are great for daily use, be it at work, the gym, at home, or somewhere else.

Tips For Choosing The Right Water Bottles


When selecting stainless steel bottles, it is important to ensure that the steel is food-grade - free from harmful toxins, lead, and carcinogenic substances. The safest type of steel that passes as food-safe is 304 stainless steel. It is also vital to factor in the composition of additional components, such as lids and straws, to ensure they are sustainable and devoid of toxins. In terms of performance, double-walled stainless steel bottles are a better choice, providing effective heat retention.


Before exploring options, it is important to consider your budget. It is important to strike a balance between quality and affordability. You can explore different sites to look for coupons and discounts and go for the deal that aligns with your budget. 


Your choice of water bottle largely depends on your lifestyle and usage. If you are a regular at the gym or travel long distances for school or work, it is advisable to dish out some extra bucks for a sturdy stainless steel bottle that can handle the daily wear and tear. On the contrary, a make-do water bottle can work fine for individuals with a passive and laid-back lifestyle.

Benefits of Stainless Steel Water Bottles

  1. Health and Safety:

Unlike most plastic bottles that are laced with BPA and phthalates and some glass bottles with a high lead content, stainless steel is 100% free of toxins. They promise health and safety for you and your loved ones.

  1. Eco-friendly:

Stainless steel water bottles are sustainable and eco-conscious. By switching to stainless steel, you can reduce plastic waste and contribute to a greener planet. 

  1. Easy Cleaning:

The smooth and non-porous surface not only prevents the retention of odours but also makes cleaning easier.

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Why Choose Nestasia To Buy Premium Stainless Steel Water Bottles Online?

Premium Quality:

Crafted from high-quality food-grade 304 stainless steel, the premium quality of our water bottles makes them a worthy investment. The airtight and leakproof PP lids, coupled with the slender aesthetics of the bottles, make them suitable for daily use.

Long-term Investment:

The premium quality steel construction, rust-resistant, and shatter-proof design impart mechanical resilience, making the bottles a worthy and long-term investment.

All FAQs Related to Stainless Steel Water Bottles Answered 

Can a stainless steel bottle hold hot and cold water?

The insulating property of stainless steel maintains an optimal temperature for hot and cold water. The double-walled construction creates a barrier between the liquid inside and external factors that can affect the temperature.

Are stainless steel bottles safe for beverages?

Certainly! Stainless steel bottles are safe for plenty of beverages, be they coffee, tea, or whatever you crave. They are 100% toxin-free and also perfect for eco-conscious individuals.

Are stainless steel bottles odour-free?

The seamlessly smooth and non-porous surface of stainless steel prevents odour retention, keeping the inside of your bottles fresh and odour-free. 


Product Name Price
Insulated Thermos Stainless Steel Water Bottle Peach 1L Rs.990
Stainless Steel Sipper Bottle Purple 1L Rs.990
Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle 1L Mint Rs.990
Stainless Steel Travel Bottle Blue 1L Rs.990
Tall Insulated Travel Water Bottle Leakproof Black 1200ml Rs.1790
Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Tumbler With Lid Pink 1200ml Rs.1495
Sipper Bottle With Handle Insulated Leakproof Lilac 1200ml Rs.1790