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Enjoy the deliciousness of homecooked meals wherever you go with our collection of glass lunch boxes.

Glass Lunch Box

Explore Premium Glass Lunch Boxes Online At Nestasia

Explore the exquisite collection of premium glass lunch boxes online at Nestasia, where style meets functionality. Crafted with precision and care, our glass lunch boxes are designed to elevate your dining experience while ensuring convenience and durability.

At Nestasia, You Can Find A Large Selection Of Lunch Containers With Compartments

Glass Lunch Box Large

Crafted from durable borosilicate glass, this lunch box offers ample space to accommodate generous portions of salads, portions of pasta, stir-fries, and more. Its large size makes it ideal for meal prep, allowing you to prepare multiple servings at once for convenient grab-and-go lunches throughout the week. The leak-proof lid ensures that your meals stay fresh and secure during transport, while the clear glass construction lets you easily see what's inside.

Microwave Glass Storage Lunch Box

Crafted from premium-quality borosilicate glass, these lunch boxes are designed to withstand high temperatures and are microwave-safe, allowing you to easily reheat your meals without the hassle of transferring them to another container. The leak-proof and airtight lid ensures that your food stays fresh and secure during transport, while the spacious interior provides ample room for your favourite dishes. 

Glass Lunch Box In Round Shape

The glass lunch box in a round design maximizes storage space, while the leak-proof lid ensures that your food stays fresh and secure during transport. Whether you're packing a hearty salad, a savoury stir-fry, or a delicious pasta dish, our glass lunch box in round shape is the perfect choice for keeping your meals healthy, convenient, and stylish.

Rectangle Glass Lunch Box Set Of 2

Crafted with convenience and durability in mind, our rectangle glass lunch box set of 2 is an essential addition to your kitchen arsenal. Made from premium borosilicate glass, these lunch boxes are not only safe for use in the microwave, oven, and freezer but also resistant to stains and odours, ensuring your food stays fresh and flavourful.

How To Choose The Perfect Glass Lunch Box For Everyone?


Consider the portion sizes and food preferences of the individuals using the lunch box. Opt for larger containers for hearty appetites or meal prep and smaller ones for snacks or light meals.


Choose a lunch box that is versatile and adaptable to various lifestyles, making it a practical and eco-friendly choice for meal preparation, storage, and transportation.


Look for lunch boxes made from high-quality borosilicate glass, known for its durability and resistance to breakage. Ensure that the glass is thick and sturdy enough to withstand daily use and transportation.


Choose a glass lunch box with a sleek and modern design that suits your personal preferences. Consider options with colourful lids or patterns for added flair. Check if the lunch box has an airtight and leakproof lid to prevent spills and keep food fresh. Look for lids with secure locking mechanisms or silicone seals for added peace of mind.

Microwave safe

Ensure the glass lunch box is microwave and oven-safe, allowing for convenient reheating or cooking of meals directly in the container. Check the temperature limits to avoid damaging the lunch box.

Benefits Of Using Glass Lunch Containers With Airtight Lids

Food safety

Glass is non-toxic and free from harmful chemicals present in some plastics, ensuring that your food remains safe and uncontaminated.

Preservation of freshness

The airtight lids create a secure seal that locks in the freshness of your food, preventing it from spoiling quickly. This helps extend the shelf life of your meals and reduces food waste.


Glass lunch containers are suitable for storing a wide range of foods, including leftovers, meal-prepped ingredients, salads, soups, and snacks. They can also be used for reheating food in the microwave or oven.

Microwave safe

Glass lunch boxes are safe for use in the microwave and freezer, offering convenient options for heating leftovers or storing food for later consumption.

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Why Choose Nestasia To Buy A Leak-Proof Glass Lunch Box With Lid?

Our glass lunch boxes are meticulously designed to provide a leak-proof seal, keeping your meals secure and preventing any spills or leaks during transportation. Crafted from premium-quality borosilicate glass, our lunch boxes are durable, microwave-safe, and resistant to thermal shock, making them suitable for both reheating and storing hot or cold foods. The leak-proof lid ensures that your food stays fresh and flavourful, whether you're packing salads, sandwiches, or leftovers.

FAQs To Know More About Glass Lunch Boxes

Is a glass lunch box safe?

Yes, glass lunch boxes are generally considered safe for food storage. They are non-toxic and do not leach harmful chemicals into your food, making them a popular choice for health-conscious individuals.

Which glass is best for a lunch box?

Tempered glass is the latest glass lunch box, which, unlike other types of glass, is sturdy and does not shatter into dangerous bits when shattered. As a result, it's the material of choice in some of the best lunch boxes on the market.

Which lunch box is better: glass or steel?

Both glass and steel are a safe choice when it comes to choosing the material for lunch boxes. Both the materials are eco-friendly and food-safe. However, glass material is more durable, and glass lunch boxes typically retain heat better than steel ones, keeping your food warmer for longer. This can be beneficial if you prefer to eat hot meals or if you don't have access to a microwave to reheat your food.

Which lunch box is best for health?

Glass lunch boxes are non-toxic and do not leach any harmful chemicals into your food, making them a popular choice for those concerned about food safety. They are also microwave and oven-safe, allowing you to conveniently reheat your meals directly in the container without transferring them to another dish.


Product Name Price
Glass Lunch Box Medium 900ml Rs.620
Glass Lunch Box Large 1.2 L Rs.700
Airtight Glass Food Storage Container Set Of 2 Fluted 300ml Rs.550
Microwave Safe Glass Food Storage Box Set Of 2 Fluted 500ml Rs.690
Set Of 2 Microwave Safe Glass Storage Food Containers 800ml Rs.850
Glass Lock Microwave Oven Safe Container Set Of 2 370ml Rs.850
Rectangle Glass Lock Box Set Of 2 Fluted 640ml Rs.1050