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Proper meal time food serving not only enhances the appearance of the meal served but also tempts you to indulge yourself in the luscious dishes being displayed before you. Serving bowls, snack bowls, bowls with handles, all of them simply become better versions of themselves when coupled with a lid that can make your crockery more practical to hold dishes fresh and warm for a longer time. What is even better is that most ceramic bowls with handles offered in Nestasia’s collection can be utilized as both snack bowls as well as serving bowls, though they add the maximum value to your crockery collection as soup pots and soup bowls.

Bowls with lids are undoubtedly one of the favorite bowl choices for everyone. The lid of the bowl ensures that the food served remains hot, fresh, and away from any kinds of dust or flies. Additionally, classy cooking and serving bowls with lids add to the appearance of a bowl as well as the dining table. Nestasia has a vast variety of bowls with lids to explore. Each distinct piece is designed elegantly to give a refreshing touch to the dining experience. Whether it is for serving your guests, or for any housewarming, baby shower, and other gifting purposes, Nestasia has the perfect choice for you. 

Shape and size

Nestasia offers a variety of choices when it comes to the shape, and size of bowls with lids. These range from smaller ones, to medium, and larger sizes. The capacity of each of these pieces is mentioned for your ease of shopping with us. Thus, you can explore an extensive range and choose the correct size you are looking for. There are a couple of shape choices as well. Apart from round-shaped bowls with lid, there are also square-shaped bowls with lids, pot-shaped bowls, and much more to add an element of quirk to any setup. 

Colors and Patterns

When it comes to colors, Nestasia ensures to choose the perfect shades that elevate your dining decor and make the food pop. The color choices include eye-soothing shades of white, black, green, yellow, pink, orange, blue, and more. There are also bright and refreshing shades to choose from. There are monochrome bowls, bowls of dual colors, and also printed and colorful bowls with the right color mix to uplift your table space. The print options include some modern and quirky prints like florals, teardrops, and more. You can also choose from some fun prints such as seasonal fruits and vegetables amongst others. Additionally, some other prints such as Christmas prints, sceneries, bunny prints, space prints, and animal prints are an absolute must-have for the kids. The lids of these bowls also come with cute knobs that elevate the look and feel of the complete bowl. 

There are ceramic bowls with lids that compliment every occasion. You can either choose from the monochrome bowls with lid, or can also go for the ones with contrasting colors. 


There is a wide variety of bowls with lids that range from glass bowl with lids, cooking bowls with lids, baking bowls with lids, casseroles with lids, soup pots with lids, noodle bowls with lids, lunch box bowls with lids, and many more. There are also cooking bowls that come with handles and transparent lids that make them easier to hold for cooking and serving. Apart from this, there are also numerous coordinating and contrasting bowls with lid sets to explore. These sets include bowls, spoons, and plates that come in various sizes and shapes. You can either order a set or can make your own by mixing and matching bowls with lid of various colors, prints, and sizes.


You can cook and serve a vast array of meals in all serving and cooking bowls. These include rice, lentils, curries, spaghetti, ramen, soup, lasagna, chop suey, and many more. Some of these bowls also come with various accessories. The handles of some bowls make them easy to hold while cooking and serving the guests. The transparent lids of some bowls not only keep the food fresh and warm but also lets you see the delicious food while preparing it. There are also gas oven-safe, dishwasher-safe, and microwave-safe bowls to choose from. 


Nestasia has a wide variety of ceramic bowls with lids to match various budget requirements. Each and every piece is durable and long-lasting and thus would give you complete value for your money. 


Product Name Price
Quirky Pumpkin Bowl With Lid Orange 350 ml Rs.895
Whale Double Walled Anti-Slip Feeding Bowl Yellow 400 ml Rs.850
Whale Double Walled Anti-Slip Feeding Bowl Orange 400 ml Rs.850
Floral Heart Supper Set For 4 Rs.4150
Floral Heart Plates and Pot For 4 Rs.4750
Pineapple Heart Supper Set For 4 Rs.4150
Pineapple Heart Plates and Pot For 4 Rs.5200