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    Bottles and flasks are a necessity in our daily lives. Be it a flavorful milkshake or chilled water, we need to keep them within our reach. “Stay hydrated” is noble advice that has surpassed the famous saying, ‘An apple a day keeps the doctor away' in terms of priority to our health. Summer, winter- both the months bring the seasons of heavy consumption of liquids.

    Summer calls for an icy-cold beverage that will quench our thirst while winter demands a warm cup of tea or coffee to energize us from a lethargic wave. Bottles and flasks come in handy when it’s about a tumbler for all seasons.

    But, it’s never enough! A mundane, unadorned, ordinary glass or flask can serve its purpose, however, leaving your heart empty. Here, Nestasia arrives at your rescue and flies you to a collection of bottles and flasks of different shapes and capacities, colors, and contrasts.

    Ranging from Rs. 750 to Rs. 1450, Nestasia's chain of bottles and flasks is sure to impress every enthusiast’s taste. From pastel bottles to thermos flasks, not only are these painted or designed in charismatic colors, some are leveled up with tea infusers while some are upgraded technologically by showing you the exact temperature on their lids.

    These can become any office-goer or traveler’s most handy tools in no time. The glass bottles can be used to store milk in refrigerators. Bottles with fancy, decorated lids or with the inclusion of straws can be sippers which would make others drool. The flasks are sleek in design, wrapped with a double layer of the insulator and a capacity of almost 450ml, offering an easy service by a ‘click and open’ structure.

    Our stainless steel flasks and glass bottles are waiting to add a charm to your daily collection. They are bound to be the attractive centerpiece of a table, desk, or in your hand. The colors will add felicity and ecstasy, while their function and results are sure to leave you in awe. Most importantly, our bestseller collection is affordable and befitting as an admirable purchase.