Ultimate Guide to Creating an Archies Inspired Luxurious Bedroom

December 23, 2023

Growing up, I am sure we all wished to live in the colourful and mesmerizing world of Archies. Imagine stepping into the iconic world of Archie Andrews and his pals. From sipping milkshakes at Pop’s Chock’lit Shoppe to sharing laughs in Veronica’s lodge mansion, we all envisioned ourselves in that classic old-school American setting. Let’s quickly look at these tips and tricks to transform your bedroom into a retro den that screams Archie’s aesthetics.

A step-by-step guide to Creating an Archie Inspired Luxurious Bedroom

Step 1: Understanding the Archie’s Aesthetic 

Archie unfolds in a classic Americana setting with a retro charm. The nostalgic small-town and tumultuous high-school drama gave the comic its distinctness. From a typical American diner setting with booths, and jukeboxes to Veronica’s lodge mansion which emphasizes opulence and a high-end lifestyle, we are here to familiarize you with Archie’s aesthetic down to every last detail. The comic is characterized by a bright and lively colour palette that embodies an energetic and lively spirit.

Vintage bedroom decor

Step 2: Choosing the Right Colour Palette and Wall Decor

To bring the nostalgic world of Archie to life, choose a vibrant colour palette. Reminiscent of our favourite red-head Archie, a bold red can add a dynamic and energetic vibe to the space. You can also incorporate a denim blue shade to resemble a classic Americana sense. It is essential to use a base such as beige or off-white to bring out the depth of these colours. 

Vintage framed poster set

The creative possibilities are endless when it comes to Archie-inspired wall decor. You can pick out pop art and adorn your walls, display neon glow signs just like Pop’s Diner, line up all your high school memorabilia on wall shelves, and cover your walls with posters for that special teen and coming-of-age look. 

Step 3: What Furniture to Pick

To bring back that charming 1950s feel, you could consider adding some antique furniture. For instance, a retro coffee table with hairpin legs or a mid-century shape can really work wonders. You might also want to incorporate some pendant lamps, Sputnik lighting fixtures, or floor lamps with a tripod base to add a touch of nostalgia. If you have a workspace in the room, a vintage writing desk with tapered legs and a polished wood finish can be a really nice addition. You can even place an old typewriter and a beautiful vase filled with fresh blooms on top of the desk to give it a personal touch. 

Antique furniture for bedroom

Step 4: Bedding, Curtains & Fabrics Selection

Incorporate bedding with classic patterns like stripes or checkers, which are widely associated with retro and Americana styles. You can also look for lightweight quilts and vintage-inspired bedspreads with ruffles draping the bed and dangling down the sides. Stick to polka dots or geometric patterns while selecting curtains. You can also go for neutral colors with macrame openwork knitting and tassels. Plaid or gingham café curtains can also add a distinctive look and evoke the ambiance of Pop’s Chock’lit Shoppe.

Open weave knitted throw for retro bedroom

Step 5: Lighting and Accessories

If you are shooting for the classic Americana feel, opt for retro pendant lights and Sputnik chandeliers for a mid-century aesthetic. You can also use neon signs with iconic phrases or pop culture references. Quirky shelves with character figurines and bobbleheads, polaroid cameras, and a stack of vinyl records can contribute to the overall ambiance.

Antique table lamp for bedroom

Step 6: Make a Statement with Decor Items

If you're looking to add some fun and playful elements to your space, consider incorporating a retro jukebox replica, themed neon signs, varsity letter wall hooks, and framed wall art. For a bold statement, display large comic book murals or framed art prints featuring iconic characters and covers. To really bring the charm, try integrating quirky elements like speech bubble-shaped shelves and letterman jacket throws. And for a touch of nostalgia, consider adding some high school memorabilia, vintage cameras, and classic telephones. Have fun with it!

Vintage telephone decor object

Step 7: Where to Shop

For posters and collectibles, you can explore popular online shopping platforms. Wait for clearance and festive sales, or explore flea markets or antique shops to collect vintage pieces that align with the Archie aesthetic, and visit specialty comic book stores for exclusive finds. If you find better deals in online stores, feel free to pick out your furniture from there. Nestasia has an all-encompassing collection of decor objects, where you will find everything from modern and minimalist masterpieces to retro-inspired marvels that will bring something different to the table. 


Transform your personal space into a luxurious blast from the past, where the timeless charm and vibrant spirit of Archie comics come to life. From iconic character-themed decor to diner-inspired furnishings, we have explored a plethora of creative ideas. We hope these tips help you curate a space that not only pays homage to the beloved comic book series but also reflects your unique personality. That’s a wrap!

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