Top 9 Bag Trends of 2024

February 13, 2024

A bag is to a woman what a blank canvas is to an artist - waiting to be enriched with the colours of the mini world she keeps tucked inside. With a trusty bag by your side, we’re sure tackling everything feels much easier. Enclosed in each compartment are essentials that guide you through the twists and turns of the day. From your compact, mint tin, to keys, pocket deodorant, and secret stuff only you and your bag are privy to - your bag ensures everything is at your fingertips. Apart from securely housing all your belongings, the bag you carry also reflects your personality and invariably serves as the finishing touch to every outfit. 

As we step into 2024, let us explore the hottest bag trends of the year. Be one step ahead of the fashion game and slay every outfit with these top 9 trends. Wherever you go, turn heads and create a buzz like no other.

Trending Bag Trends of 2024

1. Bigger is Better

2024 is all about embracing grandiosity, which is why oversized bags are making a major comeback. Approved by fashion maestros Givenchy and Bottega Veneta, oversized totes are expected to be in trend throughout 2024. Say goodbye to the itty-bitty bags that you have to cram everything into and go for practical carryall bags. To meet the demands of a transient schedule - from gym to work and then an evening out—these bags are perfect.                          Large Everyday Tote Bag for Women

2. Embossing Extravaganza

2024 is going to be all about playing with textures, and embossed designs are here to stay and slay! From classic croc embossed bags to sleek geometric embossed shoulder bags, let the intriguing textures and luxe vibe do all the work for you. Bucket bags with croc embossing are expected to be yet another trendsetter this year.                                   

Embossed Black Handbag

3. Weave Your Way

Woven bags are expected to dominate the spring and summer 2024 collections, making them another must-have in your wardrobe. Following in the footsteps of the iconic Jane Birkin, runways this year are overrun with basket-woven sling bags. This is the year to finally incorporate woven bags into your daily routine, apart from their paramount role in beachy escapes.            

Sustainable Jute Sling Bag

4. Chain Reaction

For fashionistas everywhere, chain bags are always associated with Chanel, given that they are a major hallmark of the French luxury house. Mostly available in solid colours, impeccable leather construction, and immaculate stitching, these classic bags are here to stay. The best thing about chained bags is that they complement every look in the book, whether you are wearing wide-legged jeans and a linen tee for brunch with the girls or rocking a tight bodycon dress for your special date.  

Black Quilted Shoulder Bag for Women

5. Unconventional Shapes

Coveters of moon-shaped bags, we bring news to the front! The gentle scoop profile of your lunar-inspired crescent moon bags is here to rule. Attributed to Bottega Veneta and Coperni, these handbags are perfect for minimalists. From crinkled and slouched designs to clean and refined silhouettes of leather moon bags, take your outfits to the next level with this sought-after bag.       

Moon Shoulder Bag for Women

6. Bold and Bright

Think fuschia, Tiffany blue, and burgundy - these are the colours that are going to seep into the realm of bags this year. These colours exude confidence and personality wherever you go and create a statement. The resurgence of shimmery metallic colours such as rose gold, is another key development in the fashion industry this year.                                                    

Blue Shoulder Bag

7. Cute in Cargo

Yet another trendsetter in 2024 is cargo handbags. As women, the age-old need for extra pockets is still pretty relevant, which is why cargo handbags are here to mimic cargo pockets, detachable straps, and convertible construction.            

Trendy Beige Tote Bag for Women

8. Tiny Top-Handle Takeover

A few things never fall out of fashion, and top-handle bags are a testament to this fact. Owing to their simple and structured silhouette and nostalgic appeal, they are a standout addition to any woman’s handbag collection. These bags are comfortable, practical, and perfect for daily wear. Why wait, ladies? Hurry up and stock up! 

Hand Bag with Top Handle

Did you know: Hermes first created a boxy bag for Grace Kelly called the Kelly Bag. This bag was later used to create the elegant top-handle handbag as we know it today. 

9. Circular Chic

Think beyond fleeting fashion moments and embrace the allure of circular bags, which are very much in trend at the moment. This classic accessory has remained a staple throughout the years and seamlessly complements every ensemble.    

Black Circular Bag


Straight from fashion forecasters to your feed, explore the latest bag trends for women in 2024. From roomy tote bags for women to shoulder bags that make a statement, wear your true self everywhere you go. We’ve unveiled evergreen options and the newest additions alike so that you can stay up-to-date on only the freshest trends and styles. Explore Nestasia’s collection of affordable bags and accessories, and grab your arm candy.

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