Top 5 Trending Wedding Table Decor Colour Palettes 2022-23

December 01, 2022

One way to make your wedding stand out from the rest is to add a unique touch to your dining table. A table setting is an integral part of a wedding and the perfect opportunity to create something wonderful and memorable for your guests to appreciate and enjoy. When wanting to create a stunning table setup, there are many options to consider, like a floral arrangement, crockery, glassware, cutlery, table linen, and much more.

Wedding table setup

The table layout can be challenging to plan, but a good table setup encourages mingling, conversation, and celebration. No matter how long the guest list is, the wedding table idea must be planned carefully. An innovative tablescape might just be the thing your wedding needs to take your decor to a whole new level.

Table setup

Not sure where to start from? Try new colors, styles, shapes, and textures, which can transform your table decor into a one-of-a-kind design. Here, get inspired by these wedding table settings, designed for a diverse range of styles, tastes, and needs, because falling back on old traditional ideas is never a bad idea but swapping with modern taste can be a really good idea.

Dining table setup

Nestasia’s Picks of Different Color Palettes

When it comes to finding the perfect color palette inspiration, we always tend to check out celebrity picks and try to replicate the same decor style. Your wedding colors are the anchor for your big-day decor.

The wedding table decor color palette you settle on will help you to drive the visual elements on your big day and ensure that everything looks themed and cohesive, just how you have dreamt of it to be. Also, if you have an inner Monica who would want the theme to be nothing but perfect, you want to make sure that all the colors work well together and complement each other.

Dining table setup

A tablescape is generally where all the colors of the wedding come together into one beautiful design, much like the sacred union of the bride and groom for life. From muted palettes of amber, blush, and tan to dramatic palettes of navy, silver, and black, we’ve found wedding table decor color palettes for every vibe, every style to bring your vision to life.

1. Cobalt & Tangerine a.k.a. Blue & Orange

Blue and orange table decor

Two poppy colors in a pod? Sounds unusual, right? The quirky and vibrant combination of blue and orange isn’t really the first thought to consider for a wedding table setup. Due to the trends of soft colors, blue and orange are somewhat shadowed for parties and other grand occasions. But that’s where our combination stands differently! The orange color is typically reserved for bouquets and other floral arrangements. But the blue hue that became popular in the 70s, is making a major comeback.

Table decor

How to pull off the blue and orange color theme?
Since blue and orange are statement colors, embrace the gradients of both colors to blend them well. Consider adding blue hues and tangerines to the table runner and table mat, while the trivets can work as trays for centerpieces. The floral arrangement can be done with faux flowers of blue and orange colors with green leaves. Set your table with printed ceramic plates with solid color bowls and cutleries that would complement each other.

Wedding table setup

Oh, how can we forget glassware? Include different shapes and sizes of beautiful glassware of complementing colors. To finish off the decoration, add small decor accessories and candles to complete the overall look.

2. Muted Neutrals a.k.a White & Gold

White and gold table decor

White and gold are a classic color combo that makes any wedding elegant and chic. This color palette is suitable for any season or style. The timeless, classic white and gold is something that everyone approves of. The colors are soothing yet a treat to the eyes. White, the color of lilies and roses, with gold that symbolizes extravagance and richness- isn’t it intriguing how they become one?

Wedding table decor

How to pull off the white and gold color theme?
While setting a neutral color table, you must add more textures and layers to your decor. Lay down a light color table runner to match the color theme. You can go with using white and gold colored plates to be used as a tray for having a floral arrangement in versatile, eye-catching vases. Add height to the table with a long candle stand and illuminate the table with candles.

Table setup

Use a Sabai mat to add an earthy touch and set up simple white and gold crockeries and cutleries to complement the decoration. For the final touch, you can fold the table napkin in a certain way to be used in the decoration along with some flowers and leaves

3. Blush & Amber a.k.a Pink & Yellow

Wedding table setup

For a spring wedding decoration, pink and yellow is the perfect combination. When paired together, yellow and pink can fit a romantic gathering. The crisp shade of pink and summery yellow will create a palette that fits a bohemian wedding.

Table setup

How to pull off the pink and yellow color theme?
The bright pink and yellow color palettes lend themselves to outdoor decoration. Have a cozy outdoor table setup with table mats of vibrant color blocks with the decoration of florals and foliage of yellow and pink faux flowers in a complementing vase.

Table decor

Lay down monochromatic plates along with printed ones and solid color bowls to be their classic companions. Go for amber or gold color cutleries that match the decor setup and complement color glassware of pink and amber color. Lastly, to add a touch of warmth, you can even set a candle on an amber or gold candle stand.



4. Ruby & Emerald a.k.a Red & Green

Red and green wedding table decor

Oh yes! Your wedding colors can be red and green and not off-holiday vibes. The rich and classy jewel tones of emerald and ruby can serve as a festive holiday wedding, with the blend of a lighter color, like ivory to complement the color palette.


How to pull off the red and green color theme?
When planning your wedding table decor in deep jewel tones, there is a necessity for a lighter shade of ivory or cream to make the decor look not too overpowering. You can use a lighter shade of table runner along with a complementing tablecloth and table mats.

Table decor

Use a vase that matches your color palette, filled with artificial flowers and leaves of the same color palette. To complete the table decor look, our ceramic dinner plates, glimmering glassware, and cutleries will be your go-to options. You can even use other decor items like candles, table napkins, some flowers, and foliage to add dimension to your color palette.


5. Soft Rainbow a.k.a Multicolor


Multicolor wedding table setup

If you are the bride who carries a rainbow in her heart, the multicolor table is just the setup for her. The combination of all the beautiful colors, coming together on the table to celebrate the grand occasion, is sure to be vibrant and eye-catching to impress the guests on your big day.

Wedding table setup

How to pull off a mixed-color theme?
When incorporating a lot of colors in your wedding decor, it is important to let one or two colors act as base colors and include other colors in small accents. A lot of bright colors can be overwhelming, so balance them with softer hues that look pleasing to the eyes.

Table decor

Use a couple of table runners that complement each other. Set up your table with vibrant colorful flowers that can either be arranged in a vase or in a bowl with a candle in the middle placed on the candle stand to have a pleasing view. You can go for colorful as well as solid-colored crockery collections including plates, bowls, and cutleries, and colorful, textured glassware on the table to complete the look.



 Style Your Wedding Table Like a Pro!

Wedding table decor

So, what do you need to know about creating a perfect tablescape? Minimal details like a runner, glassware, and cutlery may seem small but can actually make a striking difference in your regular setup. From layering and color palettes to textures, keep reading to learn about the best wedding table styling tips to have a beautiful table setup on your big day!

Wedding setup

1. A Clear, Cohesive Color Vision
Before you start designing a table setup, you should have a clear color vision in your mind for your big day. Whether you want modern, bohemian, eclectic, or classic table decor, you will want every element to blend together harmoniously.

Table decor

Once you have decided on your choice of color palette for your wedding, it’s time to lay the foundation of your table setup. Your table decor should reflect the vibe you want to create and your wedding mood.


2. Play With Layers
Using a lot of layers on your table can be the easiest way to decorate it. A combination of different textures and materials will give your table depth and detail without making it look plain and flat.

Table decoration

Your table is a canvas and you have all the powers to elevate or diminish the overall look of the setup. Consider how you can build your table with layers. For instance, you can go for a table runner, statement glassware, cutlery, napkins, place cards, flowers, and candles. But, do not overcomplicate your table by cluttering it with too many objects, rather keep things simple to have a mesmerizing setup.

Card holder

3. Add Some Height
The easiest way to deck up your tablescape is by including more elements that would amplify the decor and will add a statement and height to it. This would make your table feel lush and interesting. You can consider incorporating a mix of different products that would add varying heights like candles, votives, floral arrangements in vases, place cards, and so on. Keep the height of the centerpieces in check, and make them functional, so that the guests can easily chat across the table without straining their necks.

Glass vases and candles

The different heights and levels of objects actually make the table look fuller and aid better photography. The soaring decor will add a “WOW” factor and give dimension to the table setup and if you carefully notice, table decoration with varying heights looks really stunning. Ensure that your table includes all the minimal but essential items like cutlery, napkins, wedding favors, and so on.

Table napkin

We hope these table decor ideas helped you choose the best table setup color palette for your big day! Nestasia has got you covered with all the essentials you need to deck up your wedding table in the most mesmerizing way. So, design a fine dine table with Nestasia and enjoy your big day!

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