Top 10 Modern Vase Trends

November 06, 2023

The earliest vases known to mankind were plain and unadorned and can be traced all the way back to the Bronze Age. Excavators exhumed them and claimed that these vases were primarily used for storing food grains and oil. These vases featured an abstract shape, rugged edges, and a rustic look. It was only later on in ancient Mesopotamia that the first round-shaped vase had its inception, thanks to advancements in the pottery wheel. 


Since then, changes in style, colors, and material have been observed across the globe at the turn of each century. We have come a long way from those times, and standing now in 2023, there is no denying that vases have become an increasingly popular and common household decor item. In modern times, vases go beyond serving as mere receptacles for flowers, and the reasons are obvious. While they serve a very practical purpose, they can also create a captivating focal point in any room, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to all interiors. 

Fun Fact: The Japanese have an art form dedicated to arranging flowers, known as Ikebana. 

Top 10 Modern Vase Trends of the Year

Let us have a look at the top 10 vase trends of the year!

Trending Colors & Textures of Vases

1. Neutral Colors 

Most design experts are seeing a strong inclination towards modern and contemporary interior designs that elevate homely elements and soft lines, making neutral-colored vases a great fit for blending into such spaces. The great thing about neutral-colored vases is that they can effortlessly blend into a range of interiors and styles - from traditional to contemporary, without looking out of place. You can go for cream, beige, taupe, and black hues; light pink, blue, and yellow pastel tones will also go swimmingly well with your interiors. 


2. Earthy Tones 

Vases with subtle earthy tones are gaining popularity for a few different reasons. Earthy tones reinforce a nature-inspired theme, thereby making your floral arrangements look like a small fragment of the great outdoors. Warm and muted tones of brown, green, and beige are a few popular color options that closely resemble closeness and harmony with Mother Nature. 


3. Textures 

Varying textures can definitely transform the feel and visual appeal of a vase, adding a unique tactile sensation. Vases with varying textures are now in style. These vases feature a base with either a matte finish and the top part flaunting a semi-matte or even a smooth glazed finish. The interplay between different textures creates an intriguing tactile sensation. You can also go for an embossed crystal vase to display your treasured long-stemmed blooms. 


Trending Shapes of Vases

4. Cylinder Vase 

Featuring a round, symmetrical shape from mouth to base, cylinder vases are the most simple yet beautiful vases, which can gracefully accommodate long-stemmed orchids and red roses. The clean and refined look of a cylinder vase also makes it ideal for displaying a single flower. Whether you place it on a tabletop, your bookshelf, or your bedside table, its simplicity will instantly attract everyone’s attention. 


 5. Bouquet Vase 

Bouquet vases typically have an hourglass shape, making them an ideal fit for decor styles inspired by soft curves. They have a wider base and a relatively narrow mouth, which makes this bottom-heavy vase perfect for making room for a bunch of flowers.


 6Rustic Vase

A rustic vase is a short vase characterized by a round base and a narrow neck. Since the base is large and round, covering a bigger surface area, these vases are perfect for accommodating top-heavy flowers such as sunflowers and hydrangea, securely stabilizing them without the arrangement tipping over. 


Trending Vase Materials 

 7. Ceramic 

Ceramic vases are a timeless classic, claiming their rightful place as trending vases. These vases are suitable for modern and contemporary interiors, thanks to their impeccable smoothness and clarity of lines. Whether you display fresh blooms or artificial flower arrangements, ceramic vases will never go out of style.


8. Handblown Glass

Handblown textured glasses can instantly elevate modern and contemporary interior spaces. Not only is the material extremely resilient, but the interesting texture and clean, transparent exterior allow the vibrancy of your treasured blooms to shine through. 


 9. Porcelain 

Porcelain is essentially a smoother variant of ceramic, which does away with light irregularities and beautiful imperfections that are prime characteristics of ceramic, which tips porcelain more towards smoothness and refinement. They are available in a variety of shapes, forms, and colors, allowing you to find the right pick for your home.


10. Stone

Marble and dolomite vases come in intricate shapes and designs, adding a truly luxurious feel to your home decor. The intricate floral and mandala prints are perfect for a wide range of decor styles. 



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