The Ultimate Bedroom Makeover Guide: Planning To Perfection

April 26, 2024

Are you tired of walking into the same old bedroom with boring walls, peeling posters, and uninspiring designs that do not evoke any emotions? Add some oomph to your bedroom and take it from drab to fab with this simple and attainable guide. Whether you’re looking to breathe new life into your space or completely overhaul your room’s aesthetic, we have explored every aspect of the transformation process. With 3 trending themes and elaborate tips for each, tune in to your creative side and curate a room that reflects your unique style and personality. From planning to perfection, let’s give your room a major makeover. Let’s get started!

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Bedroom Decor Themes And Makeover Tips


Here’s one for the cool kid in you who plays by his own rules! The indie aesthetic has been borrowed from music genres like shoegaze and several independent films with nuanced themes. From quirky decor accents to whimsical mood boards and thrift finds, an indie bedroom reigns as an unapologetically bold and brazen interior aesthetic. Blending different styles such as retro, boho chic, and grunge, an indie bedroom is a melting pot of distinct themes. 

Indie Bedroom Decor

10 Easy Tips For Creating An Indie Bedroom

1. Colour Scheme

Perhaps the best thing about an indie aesthetic is that it discriminates against no colours. In fact, bright and loud colours are quite preferable. Pale yellows, sunny oranges, and even pastel pinks are some preferred tones. For a moody and mysterious indie aesthetic, however, go for flat whites and subdued greys.

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2. Over The Top Walls

No indie bedroom is complete without walls that demand a lot of attention. Consider investing in super cool psychedelic collage kits, old-school posters, newspaper cutouts, grainy polaroids, leafy vines, and more funky accents. While putting up these decorations on your wall, remember the cardinal rule of indie interiors: more is more. That’s right, these oddities will culminate in a proper reflection of you and your interests.

3. Layered Bedding

Layered bedding is another telltale sign of an authentic indie room. Combining different colours, textures, and patterns contributes to an eclectic atmosphere, evoking a sense of comfort and self-expression. Weighted blankets and plopped-up throw pillows are a great way to create a sense of fullness. It’s best to ditch the basic florals for this one. Instead, go for checkered patterns, geometric motifs, and…you guessed it…trippy colours.

4. Less Furniture Fuss

An indie aesthetic is the perfect way to slip one past as far as basic furniture is concerned. Thanks to the numerous eye-catching accents engulfing the room, using humble furniture will not take anything away from the visual interest of the room. This is perfect if you’re seeking a quick upgrade for your bedroom on a budget. In fact, rustic pallet beds, reclaimed wood shelves, and upcycled furniture are great choices for your indie bedroom.

5. Lighting Considerations

An indie bedroom thrives on a sense of intimacy and individuality, and lighting is one of the ways to achieve this. Whether you wrap warm string lights across leaf garlands or create soft pockets of light with some lanterns, an indie bedroom opens up a ton of possibilities in terms of lighting. If you are going for a funky look, you can try getting some fun star projectors.


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6. Keep It Clutter-Free

We know what you might be thinking by now - indie equals hoarding. However, this is far from the truth. From weathered curios to funky new accents, with so many items flooding your room, it might get difficult to keep your space spick and span. To strike a sense of balance and tidy up your space, consider investing in some baskets, organizers, and wall shelves.

7. Art and Personal Mementos

To further enhance the eclectic and personal vibe of your space, consider modern wall art (especially mixed media pieces), vintage posters with old typography, concert posters, and cute Polaroid shots fastened to a clothesline.

8. Bring Some Natural Elements

A refreshing way to cut through the medley of items in your indie bedroom is to bring in a touch of greenery. Low-maintenance succulents are perfect if you are a new plant parent. Monstera, Fiddle-leaf fig, and Pothos are great for gracing dull corners.

Go ahead and find a happy home for plants with our collection of indoor planters.

9. Try A Little DIY

At the core of your indie bedroom lies innovation and creativity. The best way to do that and express yourself is to try some DIY. Handpainted art pieces, handmade macramé hangings and pen stands are creative outlets to better reflect your interests and individuality.

Indie Bedroom Accessories

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10. Tap Into Tapestries

Large-scale retro pieces are great for creating more visual interest in your room. Whether hung above your bedpost or near your desk, the blend of colours and patterns will help create a focal point and infuse your indie bedroom with a sense of artistry and personality.


In Japanese culture, the word “Kawaii” means “cute.” A kawaii bedroom theme 100% lives up to its meaning, making it every girl’s dream bedroom. Think pretty pastels, Hello Kitty charms, cuddly plushies, big beautiful bows, and of course, pink…so much pink. Embodying a playful and joyful charm, this bedroom aesthetic welcomes you with all things cute and delightful.

Kawaii Bedroom

10 Easy Tips For Creating A Kawaii Bedroom

1. Pastel Paradise

Think of the light and airy cotton candies we’d get at carnivals or the soft and slightly chewy marshmallows we’d gobble up as kids - these are exactly the colours you want to imitate in your Kawaii bedroom. Light blues and soft pinks are perfect for creating a sense of serenity so you can drift right into sweet dreams after a taxing day.

2. Cute Wall Accents

Make your bedroom truly Kawaii with adorable wall decals. From cute unicorns to fluffy pandas, take your walls from dull to delightful. You can also arrange 3D butterfly stickers and posters with cute cartoon or anime characters.

3. Fluffy Bedding

Transform your bed into a dreamy haven where your dreams flourish. Cocoon yourself in comfort as you make your bed the focal point of your Kawaii kingdom. Go for cute heart cushions, soft plushies, and cozy knitted throws. We haven’t even come to the best part yet… bed canopies to shroud your bed in grace and elegance, taking it from tacky and kiddish to mind-blowingly chic.

4. Adorable Storage Solutions

For keeping your space spick and span, you don’t have to compromise on cuteness. Think irresistibly cute bunny storage baskets and waste bins. These whimsical additions will not only help keep your bedroom clutter-free but also contribute to a sense of endearment.

5. Kawaii Furniture

Feel like a gentle giant in a land of adorable creatures by sprucing up your plain old furniture with some cutesy stickers to create a Kawaii appeal. You can also deck your chairs with soft and fuzzy plushies. Elevate your vanity area with some heart-shaped mirrors, floral accents, and cute decor objects. You can also go for quirky organizers shaped like a smiling cloud or a blushing panda.

Yoga Girl Showpiece

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6. Lighting Ideas

Whether you go for a pastel pendant light gracefully dangling from the ceiling or go for cute kawaii desk lamps in quirky animal shapes, the idea is to create a sweet and dreamy atmosphere with soft lighting. 

7. Rugs

Soft and fuzzy rugs are also great for a kawaii-themed bedroom. Pastel shag rugs are perfect for complementing the kawaii aesthetic, while a Hello Kitty or Pusheen rug is great for adding some comic relief and personality to your space. 

8. Sweet Smells

Add a layer of serenity and comfort to your Kawaii paradise by filling the air with heavenly scents like warm vanilla, soothing lavender, and fresh cherry blossoms. You can use cute diffusers that will also enhance the Kawaii aesthetic while transforming your room into an aromatic retreat.

9. Plushies

Your very own cuddly wonderland awaits…thanks to uber-soft plushies. Bring your avocados from toast to your bed with smiling avocado plushies. Whether you go for a viciously cute Kuromi or an in-your-face adorable Jigglypuff plushy, these cuddle buddies will create a comfortable and cozy retreat for you.

10. Vanity Mirrors

Finally, enhance your dressing table by adding some heart-shaped vanity mirrors to your Kawaii mix. You can check out some of our adorable desk mirrors that are perfect for giving fairytale vibes.

Desk Mirror


Scandinavian decor rests upon the principle of “Hygge,” which literally means “a cozy quality.” The entire hype around Scandinavian was fuelled by advocates of minimalism who resonate with simplicity and functionality. Trust us on this one, a Scandinavian bedroom is perfect for those needing a few extra moments in bed. So, let us help craft a bedroom that shrouds you in comfort and warmth.

Scandinavian Flower Vase

10 Tips For  Creating a Scandinavian Bedroom

1. Fresh Clean Colours

Keep this bedroom look fresh and clean with a subdued colour palette. Clear whites, muted greys and cool-toned blues work best. You can also go for earthier hues like taupe and brown. The idea is to go for colours that evoke a sense of peace and calm, transforming your bedroom into a serene sanctuary that you’ll want to spend more time in.

2. Lowkey Furniture

Keep your Scandi bedroom bare and beautiful by investing in stripped-down low-profile furniture. Go for beds with simple frames, sleek floating shelves to make the most of vertical space, a small bedside table, and other practical installations.

3. Wall Treatment

Scandinavian doesn’t necessarily mean bland. To juxtapose the muted colour wash on your bedroom wall, you can opt for modern mixed-media art pieces. This will create quite a bit of visual interest and draw everyone’s attention. 

4. Comfy Bedding

The cornerstone of any Scandinavian bedroom is a cozy and comfortable bed that feels like a fluffy cloud against your skin. Layer your crisp white bed linens with soft blankets and plush throw pillows. Try alternating between colours like beige, taupe, and brown to create a look that really stands out.

5. No Clutter Zone

The hallmark of any Scandinavian bedroom is clean and open surroundings, which is why it’s best to tidy up your space with practical storage baskets and built-in shelving units.

Scandinavian Bedroom

6. Lighting

To create an ambience that is conducive to comfort and relaxation, lighting considerations play a major role in any good Scandinavian bedroom. Warm sconces or pendant lights and dimmable bedside lamps will go remarkably well in this heavenly retreat. It is also important to let in spurts of natural light to brighten up the room, which is why we recommend flowy sheer drapes.

7. Get In Touch With Nature

A strong connection to nature and sustainability lies at the heart of Scandinavian decor. Consider going for artisanal and sustainable home decor items such as wicker baskets, wall hangings, and other natural accents.

You can check out our sustainable products if you’re curious. 

8. Hygge Touches

Create your very own comfortable nook by incorporating warm and intimate touches into your bedroom. From aromatic candles and potpourri to a comfortable divan basking in soft light, create the ultimate cozy lair.

9. Rugs

Dampen the commotion in your room with some colourful rugs. Whether you stick to the standard neutral colours or intriguing Nordic motifs, you can add plenty of warmth to your floors with some good-quality rugs.

10. Personal Touches

Finally, remember to make your bedroom uniquely YOURS. Keep your memories close by tucking them inside modern photo frames, maintain a flower vase if fresh blooms are your thing, and line up some shelves with your favourite trinkets and cherished keepsakes. These small additions will make you feel right at home. 

Scandinavian Bedroom

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From the bold and brazen vibes of an Indie bedroom and the cute corners of a Kawaii kingdom to the simple yet heartwarming touches of a Scandinavian lair, we’ve uncovered some elaborate tips to transform your bedroom into a space that exudes comfort and character. We hope you come with something splendid!

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