Indoor Planters Reimagined

August 29, 2020

indoor planters reimagined

Did you know that planters could be used in ways more than one? Did you ever imagine using planter pots in creative and exciting ways? 

Sure, the planters look great with fresh greens while adding a decorative element to your indoors. But here's exploring new and reimagined ways of using it to up your home decor!  

Find the right way to style and decorate your planters or decor accents so they look like they've been revamped and take your styling game a notch higher! Check out these innovative suggestions:

Creating a narrative in your space

What is life without some drama? Your spaces could use some of it too! Take into consideration a small corner at home. Let's say the bookshelf for example and see how you could revamp it and make it into a corner that tells a story with the use of planters only!

What better than a bookshelf to create a narrative through decor products. Right?
a nook that takes you into fantasy land through books and now through planters.

dog planter

You don't always have to dedicate the entire bookshelf to books, encyclopaedias or magazines. Adding in your very own storyline could be a fun way of bringing the fantasy world to life. Let's see how!

animal planters

Imagine your bookshelf to be a blank page and get your creative minds to work. Look at decorative products like planters and show pieces as characters of your story. Breaking the monotony of the stacked books with a pop of colour will make your bookshelf attractive and inviting.girl boy planters

Nestip: Remember, colour is to interiors what books are to a shelf. It adds character and interest. 


So to introduce some colour into the space, get your hands on some adorable animal planters or those like the little boys and girls in the image above.

animal planters

Now, play along with these characters and create a storyline with them! To understand the idea better, check out the comic strip below and see what we mean by creating your own fable fantasy bookshelf. 

comic strip with planters

This would be an unusual way of improvising on your bookshelf decor. It would not only add a sense of character and enliven the decor but also attract children to visit the space more often and make their imagination run wild.

shoe planter 

Nestasia's planter collection has a varied range to choose from. Transform the look of your shelves, consoles and mantles by imagining it to be a story book that has been imagined, curated and styled by you. 

Add playfulness to your meals

Bringing in a bit of playfulness to the table top with planters is surely going to add an element of fun to your meals or parties and get togethers.

swing planter

You can get creative with just about any planter. We played around with the Swing Planters from our collection and utilised it differently, like a set of nut bowls. You could also use them to serve chutneys and dips. And given the bowls in the swing are made of ceramic, it makes it so easy to serve in it and clean it. 

swing planter

Do you want to be remembered as a host who goes all out to entertain their guests in style? Then you've got to experiment with your tableware and find new ways of serving your snacks and delights to woo them. Get innovative with these metal frames that come with ceramic planters and use them to serve crudités and dips.

merry go round planter

Let your tableware become a conversation starter as you lay down and serve your starters. You sure will have your guests wooing over these planters. or should we call them bowls?

planter set of three

Be it a South Indian meal, a Pan Asian setting or an Italian spread, use this Planter Set of Three to serve candies, mouth fresheners, or seasonings, three ways instead of placing small plants.

girl planters

Use the pretty Girl Planters to introduce a cuteness quotient to your table setting! These planters can be used as containers to hold sweet treats like choco-sticks, candy sticks or wrapped chocolates as well! 

Nestip: It would be fun to use these on you dessert table during any house party

Desk decor

Plants help transform the workspace by making it a tranquil and engaging place, but if you don't have a green-thumb and still want to add a floral and botanical element to your table tops, opt for decorative planters that can be filled in with faux flowers. But if you like it all natural then go for low maintenance plants like Philodendrons, Devil's Ivy, Jade or Peace Lily.

girl planter

If you are a workaholic then we are pretty sure your desk is your favourite space and you are spending ample amount of time there. Wouldn't you like it to be a space that is inviting and fun to be in? 

planet planters

Besides using decorative planters for plants or succulents, you could also use them as pen stands or stationary holders. Quirk up your desk surfaces with some unique and interesting accents that cheer up the corner.

planet planter

Here's a small example below to show you a way of making the space your own by personalising it as per your interests. For all those who love the outer space, here's how you can get a step closer!

planet planters

And if the same setting can be recreated in a kid's study. They sure will have bouts of imagination every now and then as they delve deeper into space.


You can use the Gold Frame Planter on the study table and use it to clip on your to-do-list. It is a multifunctional decor product that comes with an artificial plant which can be replaced to store your stationary, be it pens and pencils or office supplies like paper clips and pins.

Charming Corners

Freshen up the indoor spaces by bringing in florals. You can doll up your hallways and entryways by making flower arrangements in planters and lining them up on your floor. Use fresh or faux flowers to bring a pop of colour to your planter decor.


grey planter

Use ceramic planters with stands to redefine the traditional urlis by placing them in a corner.

Nestip: Place any big flower in the grey Indoor Planter Stand and open up its petals so that it covers the top surface area of the planter. Pick flowers like Lotuses, water Lilies or even three to four Gerberas of a contrasting colour that would enhance the planter. Fill up the planters with water and trim the stems of the flowers. 

ceramic planters

You can even add some floating candles to add a warm glow to the setting. These planters are a perfect example of how one can give their space a more refined, colourful and elegant look.


You could use the same planters in various ways. Besides styling these in a nook, you could also line it against a neutral wall or white sheers. The subtle colour palette of the planters and the flowers will amplify the space and keep it easy on the eye.

window decor

Play with heights and arrange planters and vases at different levels to keep up with the minimal aesthetic.

Use imagination to create planter setups that enliven spaces. Planters are a great way to attract children and teens. Similar kinds of planters can be used to create harmonious, comfortable and beautiful rooms for all age groups.

pebble planter

Nestip: A balance between warm and cool hues is essential to create fluidity in any space.

Check out how we have reimagined the Pebble Planter to take the form of a little submarine and created an underwater setting along with the textured blue handwoven rug. This is just one such example of how to bring in fluidity through decor elements.

planter with legs

Sturdy ceramic planters with legs that are wide mouthed can have an alternative use. It can be used to stash toys and games in a kids room.

Wouldn't it be great to break boundaries in thought, get creative and revamp the space. It would be lovely to have children do up their spaces with scenarios and themes in mind.planter stand

Like this tall planter stand that can be used to store toys, rackets or other play things. If you feel you want a change in the look of any indoor space, it is always a great idea to switch your planters from one room to another and use them with a twist. it helps the kids to muse, develop and expand their imagination. 

Gifting made fun

Mothers of little children are always looking out for the most unique party favours for their child's birthday parties.


These adorable planters would be such a great idea for gifting. Use them as return favours for your child's birthday party by filling them up with candies and chocolates. 

boy planters

A gift that is not just super cute but also functional. These could be used as pencil holders on study desks. Using them as cutlery stands for fruit forks and dessert spoons would also be a good idea. There are multiple ways in which something as simple as a planter can be used. Right?

terrazzo planter

The key to creating fluidity in any space is to form a visual link between all decor accents and elements you place and more importantly how you place them. 

We hope you are inspired and ready to create reimagined nooks and spaces with planters and vases by using them in a unique and fun way and by teaming them up with your decor setting and style. It would be great to see how you improvise and use planters in unusual yet attractive ways!

Share with us your tips, ideas and images of all planters reimagined. 

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