12 Fun Things to do on Mother's Day

May 07, 2020
It's the little things that count and your smallest gestures will take up the most amount of space in your Mom's heart. So, for Mother's day, we have come up with a list of 12 things to do for your mom to make her feel special. 
Happy Mother's Day
Make this day a memorable one by re-creating mother's day traditions in the comfort of your home. Be it a shopping spree, spa day or a coffee outing, you can do wonders with minimal preparation to pamper your mom.
Create a spa vibe at home
There are high chances of your mom missing her salon visits so pamper her by recreating a similar vibe at home.
Mother of Pearl round tray
Put together scented candles, a bottle of detox water, fresh napkins, fragrant lotions and creams. Lay them out beautifully on an elegant tray.
Banana Coffee Scrub
Treat her skin with some soothing scrub. Make this Banana-Coffee facial scrub with ingredients readily available at home. Check out the Sustainable Wellness blog for the recipe.
Mothers Day Gift - Olive Green Lacquer Tray
Give her a manicure and pedicure, patiently paint her nails and let her sit back with her favourite beverage or a magazine while you pamper her.
Pen down your thoughts
Write your mom a handwritten note and express your love to her with the play of words. Don't just thank her for being your angel in disguise but appreciate all those qualities that inspire you to be a better person each day.
Mothers Day Letter
Fetch old photo albums and creatively put together your favourite memories. Going down the memory lane is always a good idea.
White wooden tray
Pour out all your love and appreciation in crafty ways. Decoupage old wooden trays or coasters and serve her beverages with a personal touch. Read a full step by step guide for decoupaging coasters here!
Letter for mom - Pink Coffee Mug
If you are away from the women you love the most, write your letter down, scan and send it to your mom. Remember, a handwritten letter is the most genuine and raw form of emotional expression.
Coffee in Bed
Start her day by serving her cup of Joe in the comfort of her bed. Kick start her day by waking her up in the most adorable manner with a tray full of coffee and breakfast and a heart full of love and care.
Coffee in Bed
Pick out some attractive mugs with quirky quotes that go well with the occasion.
Quirky ceramic mug
Or you could simply slip in mini notes with messages under the mug for her to read and start her day with a million dollar smile.
Galaxy Tray Lacquer Black and White
If you're not with your mom, you can get someone else from home to serve her, her cuppa in bed and enjoy a morning gossip session over video call.
Gift her something she'll love
She makes the house into a home and she carefully decorates every corner with her touch of love. So give her a gift she is sure to love from Nestasia's collection of homeware products. We've curated a Mother's day Gift Guide specially for her! 
Mother's Day Gift Guide
Check out the gift guide.
But is it hard to choose something for her by yourself? Are you missing your Sunday Shopping Spree with your mom? You can't make up your mind on what to get her? Is she always the better gift picker? Well of-course, she's your mom! So fret not and get her a Nestasia Gift Card so you both can enjoy some shopping time together, online! 
Mother's Day Gift Card
Click on the image to purchase a gift card.
Impress your mom by cooking her favourite dish or a tantalising dessert. She's the one fulfilling all your food cravings on a daily basis.
Home made bread
She's deserves a break, so let the tables turn.
Healthy Energy Bites
If your mom has a sweet tooth and is a conscious eater, these no bake energy bites are a classic combo of oats and chocolate. Easy and quick to make with a super satisfying taste.
No bake Chocolate Oat Balls
Check out the Sustainable Wellness blog for the recipe.
Make her a Tropical Tart
With mangoes hitting the market, make some yummy fruity dessert for your mommy dear. Here's a quick tropical tart with a unique combination of chocolate, cottage cheese, kiwi and mango.
Mother's Day Cooking
You'll need: 
15 digestive biscuits
2 tbsp melted butter
1/2 cup cottage cheese (chhenna)
1 mango and 1 kiwi, diced (and some extra for garnish) 
1/2 cup chocolate ganache (melted chocolate with milk) 
Layer the tart pan with biscuit and butter. Press into the tin to form a shell. Add the cottage cheese layer, followed by the fruits and finally the chocolate ganache. Freeze for 20 minutes and style your tart with fresh fruits the way you would like to serve it to your Mom! 
Mother's Day Baking
She's sure to experience a burst of flavours in her mouth which will gradually transform into a big smile.
Bake some Bread 
Enjoy every bite of this wholesome healthy bread but first you've got to bake it! With the entire world trying their hands on baking bread, surprise your mom with some too.
Bake  a bread
Check out the Make,Bake & Shake blog for the recipe.
Lather away her favourite jam or Nutella and serve it with her coffee in bed.
The most appreciated way to let your mummy know you care is by spending some precious time with her. It isn't too much to ask for, just simple and super effective.
Tea-time tales
Brew some refreshing tea, bring out jars of snacks and cookies. Talk over tea and share some of your most cherished memories with her.
Tea time party
Check out the Stay Home Party Ideas blog to surprise her with a sweet little high-tea set up.
DIY Propagation Station
Whether it is watering the plants, cleaning the garden or simply trimming the weeds, all moms love it when someone takes care of their plant babies, especially when their own babies show some extra care and enthusiasm.
Propagation station
Nurture her plants like the way she's nurtured you.
Nestip: Indulge in propagating while you are at home with her. An immensely satisfying activity to bond over. Check out the Sustainable Wellness blog to learn how to create your own propagation station.
Shake and sip onto drinks 
Raise a toast to the woman who raised you. Be it together or virtually. 
If you both are together, shake and stir up some refreshing cocktails or mocktails by making it into a DIY activity with her.
Tropical DIY Margarita
Hold up your drinks, play some games together or simply chat away. The time you spend with her and the memories you make together are what she will cherish till time immemorial. So make it special in unique ways.
Hello Gorgeous Wine Glass
Check out the Stay Home Party Ideas blog for more ideas.
Workout and meditate together
A mom's life is always so hectic, help her de-clutter her mind and rejuvenate by indulging in some guided meditation or yoga.
Workout with Mom on Mother's Day
Take a virtual dance session together. She's always been your personal cheerleader. Keep cheering her as you both ace the steps and sweat it out together.
Bond over organising tit-bits
Every mom wants her child to keep all things neat and tidy. She takes care of the littlest of things all around the house. 
Pink quartz box
How about lending a helping hand and organising little stuff in and around your home with her. Organising her dresser will be a good and exciting way to start.
Mother of Pearl Rectangle Box
It's always fun to talk about, make up, jewellery, dressing up and all that jazz. So while the both of you are cleaning and organising, this activity is a great way to bond with your mumma.
Shell mother of pearl black box
Make this day with her a little extra memorable by transforming day to day activities into good times with your mom. 
Anything that you do with oodles of love is what will make her day. The little things, the little moments are not little after all. Most importantly, make it a habit to spell out those three special words everyday, it's bound to bring a smile on her face. 
HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all the mothers. You deserve nothing but the best.
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