7 Spring Craft DIYs at Home #21DaysofHomeliness

March 29, 2020
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At Nestasia we believe in being creative in all that we do. So while you are at home with time on your hands, celebrate with us #21daysofhomliness by engaging in 7 easy spring DIY crafts with basic materials that are available easily at home itself.
DIY is all about creating, building or refurbishing without the help of experts. It's time for you to bring out the expert in you with these simple hands-on activities, that can be enjoyed with your siblings, grandparents or children. All you require is your sense of creativity, love and enthusiasm.
Spring DIY
What is flower pounding?
It's an absolutely fun way of creating pretty botanical prints on paper or fabric where the pigments of flowers and leaves leave their imprint onto the surface.
It's a super easy method and one can get as creative as possible to create lovely compositions or even abstract prints. Scroll to the end to view the full video! 
Materials Required:
- Flowers and leaves
- Hammer 
- Parchment paper/Tissue paper
- Card paper
flower pounding
Just follow the step by step instructions:
Step 1:
Gather your favourite leaves and flowers from your home garden. Start by neatly placing them on the paper.
pounding flower step 1
Make sure the side you want is facing downwards on the paper surface. Make a composition or place the flowers in an arrangement as per your liking. See above and below images for inspiration. 
pounding flowers
Step 2:
Cover your flowers and leaves with parchment paper.
flowers and parchment paper
Clip the sides so that the petals and leaves do not get displaced.
Step 3:
Gently pound or hammer on the surface till you see the lush colours getting soaked up on the parchment paper.
pounding flowers
Make sure you get all the corners and the centre.
pounding flowers with hammer
Step 4:
Carefully remove the parchment paper slowly to reveal the wonderful prints you've created! 
parchment paper and flower pounding
Once you've unravelled your creative side, let's bring out the artist in you. Deck up your prints by either doodling or painting on them to enhance your artwork. Flaunt your floral pounded prints in frames or on a small easel. 
Scroll to the end to view the full video! 
framed flowers pounding
If you are obsessed with all things flowers on your bags, pouches, clips and hairbands, this DIY craft is surely your thing! 
Materials required:
- Scrap cloth material (a combination of solid colours and patterns)
- A sewing needle
- Thread (preferably a colour that matches your fabric)
- Scissors
- Colourful buttons
flower embellishments
Step 1: Cut out six circles of the same size from the scrap fabric. 
Step 2: Fold in half, twice 
Step 3: Sew on the edge and pull the string to create a petal
Step 4: Repeat will all six & sew them together to create a flower
Scroll to the end to view the full video! 

flower embellishments with fabric
Step 5: Once you have stitched those cute little flowers, use super glue or simply stitch a button of your choice neatly, right at the centre of the flower.
Get creative with these embellishments. Stick these on your tic-tac clips or even revamp old bags and pouches that are lying unused. You could use these as brooches too. 
colourful fabric flower embellishments diy
Who doesn't like buying flowers to enhance spaces in their homes. Flowers can brighten up any dull space, livening it up with its beautiful colours.
With the current lockdown, for all those who love buying fresh flowers flowers, now and then to beautify corners and are not being able to; Why not create your very own right within the comfort of your home.
tissue flowers diy
Materials Required:
- Coloured tissue paper
- Craft wire
- Scissors
& a wee bit of patience! 
yellow carnations
Step 1: Cut the tissue paper into four equal parts
Step 2: Place them over each other and fold alternately into a fan
Step 3: Tie a wire string in the middle
Step 4: Open the fan out like a butterfly and then open each layer of paper upwards to create a flower
Step 5: Repeat 4 more times and tie together to create a pretty flower. 
Scroll to the end to view the full video! 
See the 2D surface transform beautifully into a flower so something elegant! 
Tissue flowers DIY
Macrame is a crafting technique that makes use of knots to create various textiles. Since this form has regained popularity yet again recently, artists, decor enthusiasts and even designers are coming up with innovative ways of using this method through their products. 
Why should we not try our hands at it too. So let's get on with making these lovely coasters.
colourful macrame coasters
Materials Required:
- Macrame cord
- Scissors
& some time and patience.
Step 1: Cut chords in 4 lengths of 30" (5pcs), 26" (8pcs), 22"(6 pcs)  & 18"(6 pcs)
Step 2: Cut a long chord which is spiral through your coaster. Create a ring and attach 5 chords on the ring and pull to create your first centre spiral
Step 3: With each string, tie a double hitch knot
Step 4: Attach extra chords whenever you see a gap in between
Step 5: Once you've reached the desired size, tie the final ends at the back
Step 6: Trim the edges evenly and open them with a comb 
Your beautiful macrame coasters and ready!  
Scroll to the end to view the full video! 
colourful macrame coasters diy
Now that you have a hang of the Macrame technique, we can move on to something more advance and prettier.
Materials Required:
- Mason Jar
- Macrame cord
- Scissors
mason jars macrame
Step 1: Measure a long chord twice the size of the mouth of the jar
Step 2: Cut multiple chords 4 times the length of the jar.
Step 3: Attach chords in the multiple of 8 as per the size of your jar onto the long chord and place it at the mouth 
Step 4: Start with double hitch knots in 2 lines with 4 chords and repeat in opposite direction (downward & upward) for the next 4 chords
Step 5: Repeat all around. Tie a square knot with the 6 chords in the centre of the inverted V create with Hitch knots
Step 6: Complete the diamond by adding 1 line of double hitch knots below the square knot
Step 7: cut the fringe evenly and comb it out
Your Macrame jars are ready! 
Scroll to the end to view the full video! 
candy jar with macrame
Fill the lovely jars with candies, cookies, dry fruits or any of your favourite condiments. They make lovely centre table accents too. You can add tea-lights and use them as lanterns or place water plants in them! 
diy macrame for mason jars
Decopauge is the process of decorating any object by gluing small cut outs on any surface of your choice. You can glue literally anything from fancy printed tissue paper to small cut outs.
It comes from the French word decouper, which means, 'to cut out'.
We choose to decoupage some dried flowers since this time it's all about spring. 
decoupage coasters
Materials Required:
- Dried flowers
- Any product you want to decorate
eg., old glass bottles, coasters, tissue box, trays etc
- Glue and Water
- Old paint brush 
materials for decoupage
Step 1: Prepare the surface you want to cover with dried flowers by cleaning it ( We used MDF coasters to show you this DIY) 
Step 2: Place your flowers on the surface. Position them the way you like.
Step 3: Glue them all on the surface using an old paint brush.
Step 4: Then make a mix of glue and water to use on top of the dried flowers. Smoothly lather the surface with this mixture.
Step 5: Give the surface a multiple coats of this glue-water mix. Keep repeating this process until you are happy with the final look.
floral decoupage coasters
Once your artwork has dried out completely, you could even doodle on it to enhance its look or leave it as it is. Just make it your own! 
Scroll to the end to view the full video! 
coaster decoupage with flowers

We all love presents. Not just what's inside, but pretty boxes or wrapping paper in itself are very pleasing to the whole Nestasia family. 
Try these cute little butterfly gift boxes to make your spring presents exciting for your loved ones. This ones a quick one so let's get right into it! 
butterfly paper mini gift box
Materials Required:
- Thick card paper
- Scissors
- Glue
Just draw the layout given below. You are free to choose the dimensions, depending on the size you would like.
gift box layout
Make the folds as per the demarcated lines and fold the flaps together into a box. You can also download the template here! (scaled to A4) 
blu butterfly mini box
Scroll to the end to view the full video! 
green butterfly mini gift box
Click below to view the full step-by-step Video Guide for the DIY's here! 
Hope you enjoy all these Do-It-Yourself crafts at home. Try them and share with us your versions of these beautiful creations! 
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