Elevate your kitchen to a luxurious space: 57+ Modern Kitchen Design Ideas

September 04, 2023

Welcome to Nestasia's captivating world of modern kitchen design ideas, where innovation and aesthetics converge to create culinary spaces that redefine the art of living. Our blog is your compass to navigate through a spectrum of design styles, from the sleek minimalism of Scandinavian kitchens to the warm embrace of modern rustic spaces. With a focus on fostering both functionality and beauty, we're thrilled to present a comprehensive exploration of modern kitchen designs that cater to every taste and preference.

Kitchen décor

Join us as we embark on a journey through the intricate tapestry of kitchen design styles, each offering a unique perspective on the marriage of form and function. Delve into the elegance of Minimalist Modern Kitchens, where simplicity reigns supreme, echoing the philosophy that less is indeed more. Experience the cozy charm of Scandinavian Modern Kitchens, where clean lines, neutral tones, and natural textures create an inviting haven.

Spice jars

For those enamoured with the allure of history, the Mid-Century Modern Kitchens segment brings forth a retro-chic vibe, celebrating the iconic design elements of yesteryears while seamlessly integrating modern convenience. As stewards of our planet, the Eco-Friendly Modern Kitchens section showcases how sustainable choices can harmonize with contemporary design, transforming kitchens into eco-conscious sanctuaries.

Scandinavian kitchen

In a world driven by technology, the High-Tech Modern Kitchens segment unveils the cutting-edge marvels that turn cooking into an experiential delight, making every culinary endeavour a masterpiece. For those who appreciate the balance between tradition and innovation, the Transitional Modern Kitchens category offers a blend of classic and contemporary, resulting in timeless yet updated spaces.

Minimalist kitchen

Nature enthusiasts will find solace in the Modern Rustic Kitchens, where organic elements and raw materials converge to create a cosy, countryside-inspired ambience. And for connoisseurs of fusion, Japandi Kitchens celebrates the harmonious union of Japanese minimalism and Scandinavian functionality, creating spaces of serenity and simplicity.


At Nestasia, we believe that your kitchen is a canvas to express your style and personality. Our blog is designed to be your trusted companion, guiding you through the nuances of each modern kitchen design style and helping you make informed decisions that resonate with your vision. So, whether you're yearning for the serene elegance of Japandi or the futuristic marvels of High-Tech, Nestasia's modern kitchen design blog is your gateway to an inspiring world where culinary art meets contemporary sophistication.

Minimalist Modern Kitchens

Minimalist kitchen

Step into the realm of understated elegance with the minimalist modern kitchen. This design style exudes a captivating sense of serenity, where every element serves a purpose and beauty emerges from simplicity. Clean lines, uncluttered surfaces, and a restrained colour palette form the cornerstone of this aesthetic, resulting in a space that feels open, tranquil, and remarkably functional. In a minimalist modern kitchen, less truly becomes more, as each element is thoughtfully curated to create a harmonious and visually pleasing environment.


The minimalist modern kitchen celebrates the concept of decluttered living, offering a respite from the chaos of the outside world. Crisp, handleless cabinetry contributes to the seamless aesthetic, while integrated appliances and concealed storage solutions maintain the unbroken lines of the design. Natural light takes centre stage, accentuating the airy ambience and allowing the carefully chosen materials, such as smooth marble countertops and sleek stainless steel accents, to shine. In this serene setting, cooking becomes a calming ritual, and the absence of excess allows the mind to focus on the culinary artistry at hand.

With the following décor elements, cookware, and storage essentials inspired by minimalist aesthetics, you can aim to create a modern kitchen.

1. The modern dinner set in white with a black rim exudes modern elegance and can be a great addition to the crockery showcase.

Dinner set

2. Your kitchen deserves some decoration too. Opt for a minimal bud flower vase that features a clean, structured build and matte black finish to complement your minimal modern kitchen’s design. 

Matte Black Vase

3. Incorporating a neutral colour scheme is a must when opting for a minimal modern kitchen style. Accentuate the look of your minimal kitchen décor with a whitewash kitchen equipment, which is a safer and more evident colour scheme when it comes to adding to the minimal kitchen décor. You can add all-white baking essentials and cookware to your kitchen to define the minimalist modern kitchen look.


4. An all-black cooking pot and cookware can also add to the overall modern, minimalist kitchen accent.

Cooking pot

5. Your kitchen shouldn’t be just about utensils. Placing cute and small décor objects in the kitchen can also add to the beauty and charm of your kitchen.

Décor object

6. To keep your kitchen looking neat and tidy, invest in simple, understated kitchenware. Less is more; therefore, storing all your spices in classic white containers with wooden lids definitely defines the minimalist modern kitchen look.

Spice jar

7. A beautiful kitchen always inspires one to cook more often. A minimalist kitchen with sleek, white organizers not only adds to the beauty of the kitchen but also declutters it.

Kitchen organiser

8. A seamless and clean look in the kitchen requires the kitchenware and bakeware to be single-toned. Solid white and black matt finish kitchen tools and essentials are a way to create a classic minimalistic look in the kitchen.


Mid-Century Modern Kitchen

Mid-century kitchen

From clean lines to nature-inspired colour palettes to retro accessories, Mid Century modern-inspired kitchens are classic for a reason. The mid-century modern design elements add not only warmth but also character and personality to one’s home. The play of vibrant retro colors like mint green, pink, orange, and jewel tones makes for the perfect example of a mid-century kitchen.

These mid-century modern-inspired kitchens will show you how to incorporate this enduring style.

9. A nostalgic vintage-inspired kitchenware - cups and mugs, serving bowls, serving plates, etc.—is perfect to give you the retro look of a mid-century kitchen.

 Serving bowls

10. You can add an asymmetrical or achromatic flower vase in a neutral colour with a vibrant fresh bloom or colourful artificial flower in it to add a pop of colour to your kitchen.

 Flower vase

11. A set of vibrant colored dinner plates with polka dots on them, replete with mid-century elements for the kitchen. They are a classic example of this kind of kitchen design.

Dinner plates

12. A set of elegant and sturdy vintage cutlery can be incorporated into your kitchen to give it a retro look.


13. Suspend a hanging basket or place it in your kitchen cabinets to give it a cleaner look.

Kitchen organisers

14. Add indoor planters to your kitchen to give it a refreshing look.


Japandi Kitchen

 Japandi Kitchen

Incorporating organic textures and earthy tones into the kitchen is a wonderful way of creating a cozy and calming environment in the home. Calming and laidback, but consciously curated, a Japandi kitchen is an escape from the world outside but also has everything you could want in a practical, high-traffic space. Japandi-inspired kitchens pair Japanese craftsmanship with Scandinavian-inspired design for a functional but elegantly designed space that uses organic textures, natural materials like rich wood, and neutral tones. The cornerstones of Japandi design are simplicity, functionality, and fluidity—essentials ideal for creating a sanctuary-like kitchen. 

With the motive to create an earthy Japandi kitchen style, we’ve listed below a few kitchen essentials and décor pieces that will add to the said kitchen décor.

15. Add a modern edge to your Japandi kitchen space with a minimalist hollow flower pot.

Donut flower vase

16. The combination of the grainy medium brown and red serving bowls creates a cohesive look for a Japandi-inspired kitchen.

Serving bowl

17. A clean and bright white bowl with dark blue stripes and a brown rim sets the tone in the Japandi kitchen for simplicity with a touch of unexpected texture.

Serving bowl

18. Going with something minimalist and warm doesn’t mean you have to give up on key design features of a Japandi Kitchen, like the delicate ornate kitchenware.

Spice jars

19. Dried flowers and petals can be used to create lovely, natural centerpieces and can also be strewn around the kitchen to create a more relaxed ambience.

Dried flowers

20. Add subtle details to a contemporary kitchen space with a skylight to enhance the look of your Japandi kitchen. 


Eco-Friendly Modern Kitchen

A beautiful kitchen shouldn’t cost the earth. An eco-friendly modern kitchen ensures more sustainability without having to compromise on style or substance. Although buying smart, sustainable kitchen appliances may come with a higher initial investment, you can save money on energy and reduce your carbon footprint. Investing in quality appliances can also mean they don’t need replacing as often. 

Eco-friendly kitchen

Inspired by eco-conscious choices, we’ve laid down a few eco-friendly kitchen décor ideas for you to get inspired by.

21. Eco-friendly organization baskets are a key element to label your kitchen as eco-friendly.

Eco-friendly organisation baskets

22. The use of eco-friendly and sustainable cloth in the kitchen, such as aprons and kitchen cleaning cloth, is another good way to leave fewer carbon footprints.

Dusting cloth

23. Wooden trays and plates are another sustainable choice for an eco-friendly kitchen.

Wooden tray

24. A premium quality toxin-free shallow pan for preparing meals is the best alternative choice for an environmentally safe kitchen.

Cooking pan

25. A microwave-safe cooking pot that can also be used as a casserole complements an eco-friendly kitchen best.

Cooking pot

26. A glass container with a wooden lid is a supreme example of a sustainable choice.

Glass container

27. For a more sustainable choice, opt for ceramic earthenware spice containers to incorporate into your kitchen.

Blue spice jar

High-tech Modern Kitchen

High-tech modern kitchen

High-tech Modern Kitchen- where all elements have to meet the requirements of functionality. Minimalism is the core feature of a high-tech modern kitchen. Simple lines and geometric forms, accompanied by a lack of accessories, are typical for the decor of this kind of kitchen.

Inspired by futuristic design and innovation, we’ve listed down kitchen inspirations and decor for a high-tech modern kitchen.

28. Kitchen tools such as pizza cutters, pasta cutters, and cheese graters are very handy tools for a more efficient and functional kitchen.

Noodle cutter

29. Incorporating double-decker storage and organizers in the kitchen helps keep all the spice jars aligned and seamless.

Double decker storage

30. Create a clean and functional look for your kitchen countertop with matching containers for all your daily use spices and cereals.

Glass containers

31. Leaving toothpicks scattered on the kitchen countertop or table can cause great distress. Keep them organized in a toothpick holder to avoid any kind of mess.

Toothpick holder

32. A wall rack acts as a convenient kitchen tool for hanging all the cups and other kitchen tools, which otherwise might be lying scattered here and there in the kitchen.

Wall rack

33. A rotating tray is a multipurpose kitchen tool. All the spice bottles and regular-use meal prep ingredients can be stored in them for more convenient access.

Rotating tray

34. Cutting vegetables with the help of a knife can be time-consuming (unless you are a pro chef). Switch to using vegetable cutters to save time and effort.

Vegetable cutter

Modern Rustic Kitchen

When we speak of Rustic kitchens, the only thing that comes to mind is to pair the best natural materials with a cozy and inviting color palette. To achieve the charming, country-inspired look in your own home, there are plenty of decorating ideas to choose from. You might add reclaimed wood beams and stone floors, or even pick up a vintage island for a one-of-a-kind piece you'll love for years that will not only add style but also storage.

Rustic modern kitchen

Let the rustic kitchen ideas below serve as a guide for how to add rustic flair to your own kitchen.

35. Distressed wooden cutting and chopping boards are the perfect kitchen tools that can be categorized as a rustic kitchen element.

Wooden chopping board

36. To add the exuding charm of the vintage, rustic look to your kitchen, opt for wooden dinnerware and trays. The wooden accent compliments this kitchen style perfectly.

Wooden platter

37. When we think of something rustic, the colors that pop into our minds are shades of brown. Add a dash of brown colour to your kitchenware to give that warm and old look to your kitchen. You can use a brown ceramic teapot to elevate the look.

Ceramic tea pot

38. A kitchen that exudes rustic charm is always accompanied by earthenware. Clay pots and ceramic ware are the most common ways of adding rustic elegance to your kitchen.

Clay pot

39. The use of wooden spoons and spatulas is a great way to showcase your rustic kitchen elements.

Wooden spoons

40. The novel hues of brown and red are incorporated generously when creating a rustic kitchen design. Adding rust color bakeware essentials in your kitchen will give it a more regal look.

Baking mould

41. A kitchen organizer in shades of rust will add to the rich, rustic look of your kitchen.

Kitchen organiser

42. Add intricately crafted rustic trays to exude the feel of the countryside.


43. Make use of fresh blooms or faux flowers to add rustic charm.

Artificial flowers

Scandinavian Modern Kitchen

Scandinavian Kitchen

Scandinavian-style kitchens are known for their functional layouts, neutral palettes, less-is-more aesthetics, wood tones, and occasional eccentric touches. 

Check out these Scandinavian and Scandi-inspired kitchens from minimalist chic kitchens that offer ideas for incorporating some cool Nordic style into your own kitchen design.

44. Create a more natural feel with lighter wood tones. Incorporate the use of matching glass spice jars with wooden lids.

Spice jars

45. Keep it sweet with honeycomb detailing, a point of difference for any Scandinavian kitchen. Incorporate neutral colour vases to add a touch of elegance to your kitchen.

 Scandinavian Hourglass Ceramic Vase White

46. The use of white in a Scandinavian kitchen makes it stand out. The use of white cutlery and mugs can be a great way of defining your Scandinavian kitchen.

Tea cups

47. Monochromatic hues find expression in the Scandinavian Kitchen. Add a modern and effortlessly stylish look to your kitchenware with elegant dinner plates and serving plates.

Serving plates

48. Accent your kitchen with an art deco ceramic platter. The usage of geometric patterns and floral prints adds just enough character to your kitchenware.

Ceramic Platter

49. You can never go wrong with a distressed wooden accent in your kitchen if you want to enhance its Scandinavian style. Use wooden bowls and spoons to create an eclectic décor.

 Wooden bowl

50. Little elements can make all the difference. Incorporate kitchen tools in a white or neutral color palette to give your kitchen an elegant charm. 

Kitchen tools

Transitional Modern Kitchen

Transitional-style kitchens display an airy and casual elegance that draws you in. Its clean architectural lines and often neutral finishes speak to an ageless and classic style that borrows the best of traditional and contemporary design.

Transitional kitchen

51. Add a touch of vintage to your modern kitchen tools. Make use of butter dishes in vintage classic contemporary style to elevate the look of your transitional kitchen.

Butter dish

52. Layering different textures is absolutely key when it comes to marrying old and new styles together. Use vintage glass jars with wooden lids to evoke the elements of a transitional kitchen.

Glass jars with wooden lids

53. Create a clean segment of symmetrical matching containers in white to add texture and evenness to your kitchen.

Ceramic airtight container white

54. An eco-friendly organizing basket will add a hint of contemporary style to your kitchen.

Kitchen organisers

55. Incorporate classic white serving bowls with a twist of modern prints and stripes.

Serving bowls

56. A double-decker kitchen organizing rack with gold rims is perfect for a contemporary kitchen.

Kitchen organiser

57. To add an aesthetic look to your contemporary kitchen, you can showcase your tea sets.

Tea pot

58. Complete the look of your modern aesthetic kitchen with a handwoven table mat that is a classic décor essential for your kitchen.

Table mat

59. Give a modern look to your dinner table with simple food baskets and stands.

Food stand

Key elements of a modern designed kitchen

Kitchen décor

Our kitchens deserve an equal amount of beautification as any other part of our home. Elevate the game of your kitchen decor with the below-listed kitchen decor inspirations.

Wall decor: Wall decor pieces such as wall art, wall racks, glass planters, metal wall hangings, and wall hanging baskets make for an exquisite decor element for the kitchen. Any amount of embellishment in a room enhances its overall aesthetics and adds a touch of vibrancy to it. 

Wall art

Kitchen platform decor: A kitchen platform can be used for more than just placing kitchen utensils and kitchen tools on it. 

Smart storage solutions

Whether it’s maximizing cabinet space or organizing pantry items, incorporating storage boxes and kitchen organizers is always a good idea and will help transform your kitchen into a more efficient and functional space. Not only does it make your kitchen look cleaner and tidier, but it also keeps kitchen essentials organized, overall creating a pleasing ambience in the kitchen.

Smart kitchen appliances

Why must cooking always be tedious and manual? Switch to smart kitchen appliances and tools with Nestasia to make cooking more fun and less hassle-free. Kitchen tools like cutters, spoon rests, measuring cups, kitchen organizers, jars, containers, etc. are some of the easiest and quickest ways of getting work done.

 Measuring cups

Eco friendly and green kitchen elements

Make your kitchen as green as it is gorgeous. Choose eco-friendly kitchen decor and tools to enhance your living experience without harming the environment. 

Clay pots: Earthenware and clay pots are undeniably the best examples of eco-friendly kitchen products. Make use of these ceramic and clay pots to opt for a more sustainable lifestyle.

Clay pots

Candles: Scented candles have proven to enhance the ambience of a room as well as elevate people's moods. Providing a sense of relaxation and ease, these eco-friendly candles can be placed on kitchen tops for decorative purposes as well as lit in order to create a calming aura while cooking.


Planters: Planters are another great way of enhancing the decor of your kitchen. Plants bring instant life to a dull corner or a minimalist room. Enhance your greenery with indoor pot plants in classic styles.

Indoor planters

Organizers: Kitchen organizers are a great way of keeping your kitchen looking neat, clean, and appealing. Opt for an eco-friendly kitchen organizer to inculcate sustainable living. 


Better lighting

Lighting plays an integral role in uplifting the mood and appeal of a room. It can instantly change the entire look and ambiance of your home. Although thinking about lighting would be the last thing on your mind when planning the design and layout of your kitchen, we assure you that having the perfect lighting in your kitchen not only adds a pleasing aesthetic look to it but also makes working in the kitchen quite delightful. 


Characterized by frameless, slab-fronted cabinets, modern bespoke and contemporary kitchen ideas offer seamless functionality alongside a stylish, minimalist look and a selection of finishes ranging from sleek high-gloss to wood-effect. 

What do you need to consider when designing a kitchen?

Ensure your kitchen floor plan includes enough room between cabinetry and the island to easily move through the space. An important kitchen design tip is to pay attention to corners when deciding where to place cabinetry and appliances. Plan space for the cabinet doors' clearance and swing direction in your kitchen design to make cabinet and appliance doors fully functional. When organising your pantry and other food storage areas, take stock of what you plan to store in the pantry and measure the height of storage canisters or frequently-used products.

What is the trend in kitchen design?

Kitchen styles and designs have been evolving rapidly with the upcoming trends. The latest trend in the kitchen style and design are incorporating pink colour in the kitchen decor. Yes, you heard us right. Breaking the monotony and opting for something unconventional is the new kitchen style trend. Replacing the existing plain glass shelves and cabinets with the reeded glass cabinets is another trend that has been followed lately. When it comes to the kitchen furniture, people are ditching the heavy dining tables and chairs and are opting for something more sleek and practical. 

What factors affect kitchen design?

When it comes to planning the layout of the kitchen, the functionality is the primary element that has to be kept in mind. The kitchen should have sufficient space for movement and access to key areas such as the sink, stove, and refrigerator. The design should facilitate a smooth cooking and food preparation process. Secondly, the kitchen should have adequate storage for kitchen essentials. Consider the storage needs for utensils, cookware, appliances, and pantry items. Thirdly, safety is paramount in a kitchen. Design with safety features such as proper lighting, non-slip flooring, and safe placement of appliances to minimise the risk of accidents. Lastly, the visual appeal and style of the kitchen play a significant role. Choose a design that aligns with your personal taste and complements the overall style of your home. 

How can I decorate my kitchen to look expensive?

Like all other parts of the house, the kitchen requires a touch of decor too. It is the most important part of our home, hence, it requires some attention and glamour too. However, the expense on your kitchen decor need not be expensive to make it look expensive. You can incorporate the use of wall art to add a hint of vibrancy and a pop of colour to elevate the overall look of your kitchen. You can also toss unsightly bags and boxes and decant items such as coffee grounds and cereal into aesthetically pleasing glass jars. Keep your kitchen clean and add a bar station to the counter to make the overall look of the kitchen expensive.

How do you decorate kitchen walls?

There are plenty of ways in which you can decorate your kitchen walls. There are no limitations when it comes to decorating your kitchen walls. Wall art, wall decor pieces, Wall mirrors, photo frames and portraits, wall plants etc are some of the many decor ideas that can be incorporated to enhance the overall look of your kitchen.

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