Creating Art Deco Home Decor: A Step By Step Guide

April 27, 2024

History And Origin Of The Art Deco Movement

While the exact origins of the Art Deco Movement remain shrouded in mystery, the term is believed to have its roots in the International Exposition of Modern Arts held in Paris, circa 1925. In the aftermath of the Second World War, streets across Europe were glutted with nondescript and uninspiring buildings. Needless to say, the people soon grew weary of the monotonies, inspiring a movement that upheld themes of opulence, beauty, and lavishness. Traditional ornate designs were switched out with fresher ones, paving the path for the future while holding onto some dregs of the past. Propelled by the fashion industry that popularized the Art Deco design in clothing and jewellery, the movement soon appealed to architects. Hence began the famous trajectory of Art Deco, giving rise to major architectural gems across the world - from the towering Chrysler Building to the Buffalo City Hall. Join us as we explore the extensive scope of Art Deco interiors, painting you a clear picture of the glitzy and extravagant elements that govern them.

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Modern Wall Art

9 Elements Of Art Deco Home Decor:

1. Luxe Materials

To pay homage to the newly acquired wealth that emerged in this era of industrial flourishing, some materials define Art Deco and capture the true essence of the period. Let’s take a look at some commonly used Art Deco materials and glam it up, baby! The realm of soft furnishing is dominated by rich fabrics like velvet, satin, and dramatic animal prints. Reflective chrome, crystal glass, and mirror finishes were pretty popular back in the day. For an even lavish palate, materials like marble and ebony reigned supreme. 

Art Deco Bedroom

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2. Stylized Curves

Stylized curves are a notable feature of most Art Deco interiors. Drawing inspiration from the overall art movement, the fluidity of streamlined forms with curved corners will bode well for your Art Deco-inspired home. Consider investing in a mix of geometric and curvilinear decor accents and create a balanced arrangement to make your home stand out from the crowd.

Curvilinear Decor Accent

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3. Bold Colours

Another defining characteristic of Art Deco decor is the use of the over-the-top blindingly bright colours. Inspired by several art movements such as Cubism and Futurism that heavily endorsed bold colours and shapes, Art Deco tries to recapture these prominent trend-setting details. Arising out of the need to do away with the dull and drab, bold palettes like coral, azure, and vibrant yellows were adopted. However, just like balance is the key to everything good - the same principle applies to home decor. Consider a neutral backdrop and add pops of colours throughout the room.

Colour Palette

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4. Furniture

Embody the essence of Art Deco with all things statement. That’s right. Select furniture with sleek futuristic forms and eye-catching finishes. From zebrawood to ebony, flood your home with exotic wooden fixtures. As for seating, consider fluffy fur and zebra skin upholstered surfaces with shiny chrome or stainless steel curves for a touch of drama. An eye for detail is imperative to curate any good Art Deco interior, and this is where finishes take precedence. Veneered or lacquered wood is great for creating a refined and polished look. Zigzags, sunbursts, and animal forms also take centre stage, granting you a world of possibilities, be it a large-scale wall art installation in your living room or a cosy rug on your bedroom floor.

Art Deco Furniture

5. Lighting Considerations

Get funky and decorative with light to enhance your space. Keep in mind that Art Deco is all about progressing forward while tuning in to some aspects of the past. Minimal and modern, geometric lampshades and sconces with warm ambient lighting are something to consider.  If you are gearing for a more exotic look, you can source bakelite or ivory lighting fixtures to illuminate your space. For a striking and theatrical look, layered lighting is the best bet - with functional wall and decorative floor lamps.

Art Deco Lamp

6. Flooring

The prevalence of geometric shapes permeates every aspect of an Art Deco interior. Whether you go for classy Chevron flooring or try something outside the box with speckled terrazzo tiles, there are plenty of options to create a solid foundation for your home. Timeless chequered floors will also help create visual interest, and draw everyone’s attention.

Art Deco Flooring

7. Mirrored Surfaces

Serving functional and decorative purposes, the installation of statement mirrors in every Art Deco interior is a must. You can strategically position the mirrors to reflect more light and create the illusion of space, transforming small rooms into open and brighter areas. Metal, chrome, brass, and lacquered wood frames work best for the theme.

Wall Mirror

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8. Geometric Shapes

If you wish to turn your home into an Art Deco masterpiece, geometric shapes are the way to go. From Herringbone or Chevron floors to fluid curvilinear furniture and fixtures, embrace the whimsical allure of geometric shapes by incorporating such accents into every room.

Gold Decor Object

9. Art Deco Pieces

Curate the ultimate Art Deco haven by combining weathered antique pieces, possibly exotic brass and metal accents with a Patina finish, and funky new modern accents to strike a fine balance between the old and the new. Go with your gut and try an eclectic blend of tasteful decor objects.

Modern Art Decor

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1. What is the difference between Art Deco and Art Nouveau?

While Art Deco and Art Nouveau share similar motifs, the Art Nouveau movement was inspired heavily by Aestheticism and is grounded in organic forms. Art Deco, however, has a more industrial and futuristic edge.

2. What are some affordable ways to add an Art Deco touch to my home?

You can look for simple, affordable accessories like animal prints, geometric patterned cushions, and throw pillows. To cut down on the costs, create your own bold and bright Art Deco-inspired wall art with canvas, paint, and stencils. Explore thrift stores and online marketplaces for deals on vintage pieces and decor accents.

3. How do I curate an Art Deco interior without overwhelming the space?

Stick to a cohesive colour palette, highlighting rich jewel tones with spurts of gold and silver accents. Avoid clutter by investing in practical organizers and built-in units. Space out your furniture and decor pieces to achieve symmetry and balance.

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Join us as we delve into the glitz and splendour of Art Deco interiors. From unveiling the interesting history behind the trajectory of this popular movement to sharing practical and implementable tips to transform your home, we’ve everything you need to know. We hope you come with something splendid!

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