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December 18, 2022

When people talk of interior design most of us get confused about choosing between the various styles available today. However, modern and vintage interior designs are the most popular and common ones. Having a specific decor style at home can help create a cohesive and visually pleasing aesthetic. It can also reflect your personal taste and interests, and make your space more comfortable and inviting.

Modern and vintage home decor

Modern home interior design is a  kind of departure from traditional design. Modern design is for all those people who feel the need for a “change” in their homes. The idea behind modern home decor makes it a perfect decorating choice for those who like simple, decluttered spaces with fine decor and “no fussy” adornments. 

Modern and vintage decor

The traditional style of vintage home decor is great for those who like to enjoy antique decor ornaments and want to have the nostalgia of old memories. The vintage interior decor is all about designing with your soul, referring to the good old times. In the traditional interiors, every furniture and decor object tells a story of the past, reviving the old days!

Decor setup

It’s a common saying that “your home is an extension of your personality”, and it reflects not only your social positioning but also your mood and personality. Your personality influences the choices you make while decorating your home

Shelf decor

Modern Interior Decor

1. Industrial Decor Style

The modern industrial decor style at home is characterized by a dark, monotone aesthetic with a focus on sleek, minimalist furnishings in black, charcoal, or dark wood tones. The overall effect of the industrial style is edgy and urban, with a touch of glam. The modern dark-themed industrial home decor sets a moody and dramatic atmosphere in the home.

Industrial home decor

How To Create An Industrial Living Room Decor Setup?

To create an industrial-themed living room decor, you can start by choosing a color palette of both deep and neutral notes of white and black. You can then incorporate the colors into your modern-style living room through the inclusion of cushions and throws on the couch, rugs, and carpets to add coziness and dimension to the space. 

Industrial decor theme

You can also use books as decor by arranging them on the side table and adding a few decorative items or showpieces on top of them. Photo frames in metallic colors like silver and vases with faux flowers and foliage can make great centerpieces. Finally, candles and candle holders can add warmth and ambiance to the space. Choose scents that are rich and comforting, such as warm vanilla and others, and place the candles in strategic locations around the room to complete the look of your living room interior design.

Industrial decor

2. Minimalist Decor Style

Minimalist decor is a style that emphasizes simplicity and clean lines, characterized by the use of neutral colors, such as white, gray, etc, and less ornamentation. In a minimalist style interior design, the focus is on the function of the space rather than on decorative elements. The overall aim of minimalist interior design is to create a calm and uncluttered environment that is conducive to relaxation and focus.

Minimalist decor

How To Create A Minimalist Cabinet Decor Setup?

To have minimalist cabinet decor, choose a clean and simple cabinet with a neutral color and minimal design- this will serve as the base for your decor. Select a few vases of different sizes and shapes to hold the beautiful flowers and foliage that add color and texture to the space. 

Minimalist decor theme

Set photo frames of different shapes to display your favorite pictures. Mix and match frames that complement each other and the overall decor of the space. Add a couple of decor objects that reflect your personal style and interest.

Minimalist decor

Place everything in a clear, uncluttered look and finally step back and assess the overall look of the cabinet. Make any adjustments as needed to create a clean and balanced minimalist house interior design, and tadaaa! Setting up a minimalist-style space is now so easy!

Industrial decor theme

3. Farmhouse Decor Style

Modern farmhouse decor is a design aesthetic that combines the clean lines and simplicity of modern design with the cozy, rustic elements of a traditional farmhouse. This style is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Modern farmhouse decor often includes color palettes in neutrals, with accents of warm tones. This type of decor creates a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere in any home.

Farmhouse decor

How To Create A Farmhouse Shelf Decor Setup?

To have a modern farmhouse shelf decor, select a shelf of the right size and style for the space you have available and for the items you plan to display. Select a color scheme for your farmhouse decor. Popular options include white, cream, and warm tones of mustard and yellow. 

Farmhouse decor theme

Start your farmhouse living room shelf decor with items that include rustic elements such as baskets, wicker or wooden showpieces, boxes, and pictures. You can also use vases with plants or flowers to add a touch of greenery to your shelf. Place the largest and most eye-catching items on the bottom shelves like the cushions, and then work your way up to the smaller items like photo frames, showpieces, candles, and candle stands

Farmhouse home decor

Try to create a balanced look by varying the height and placement of your items. To complete the look, you can also add some personal touches, such as family photos or heirlooms, to give your farmhouse shelves a homely feel. Now, when you have mastered the art of decor, it’s time to step back and admire your work! Don't be afraid to experiment and have fun with the process.

Farmhouse shelf decor

Vintage Interior Decor

1. Victorian Decor Style

Victorian home decor is considered to be a lavish style, representing high status and class during the Victorian era. The accessories and decorations in the Victorian-style house interior are prominently displayed and cover every surface. A highly decorated Victorian room includes opulent furnishings, rich yet subtle colors, flowers, sentimental pictures, and showpieces.

Victorian decor setup

How To Create A Vintage Victorian Cabinet Decor Setup?

You need to have a wooden cabinet to have a Victorian interior design. You will need to add some vintage-style decorations to it, which can include old photographs in metal-based vintage photo frames, vases with some subtle color flowers to add height and to achieve a dynamic and appealing display, candles, and votives to create a warm ambiance.

Victorian showpiece

You can even choose to go with a European-style resin face showpiece as a centerpiece of the setup. Use a color scheme for the cabinet and the decoration layout to make sure they complement each other well.

Victorian photo frames

Adjust the placement of the items on the cabinet as needed to create a cohesive and visually appealing display that captures the charm and elegance of the Victorian era. With this, you can create a beautiful vintage Victorian cabinet setup that will add warmth and charm to any room.

Victorian setup

2. Regency Decor Style

Named after an era of glitz and glam, Regency home decor style is known for its elegant and refined aesthetic, characterized by neoclassical furniture, luxurious materials, and bold dramatic colors. The use of mirrors and gilded accents are also common in Regency interiors. This Regency-style interior design is often associated with luxury and sophistication and is still highly sought after for its timeless elegance.

Regency home decor

How To Create A Vintage Regency Center Table Decor Setup?

To create a vintage Regency-style center table decor choose a cake stand with a delicate and ornate design to display your desserts. You also need to place a tea set with floral patterns that is typical of the Regency-era interior design. You can also choose a set in a pastel color such as blue, pink, or green. 

Regency decor

Decorative trays can be used on the center table to display small decorative objects. Golden photo frames can be used to add a touch of glamor to the setup, and you can use pots and vases with flowers to add a pop of color.

Regency photo frames

To create a truly authentic vintage Regency-style center table, you may also want to consider adding some additional touches, such as a glossy tablecloth or doilies, and perhaps some candles or other soft lighting to create an alluring atmosphere.

Regency setup

3. Retro Decor Style 

The retro decor style typically includes elements from the past that have been repurposed into contemporary pieces. This Retro style of interior design is often associated with bold colors, vintage patterns, and nostalgic designs. It is a way to incorporate the charm and character of the past into a modern-day space, but with a vintage feel.

Retro decor detup

How To Create A Vintage Retro Shelf Decor Setup?

Start by choosing a shelf with a vintage or retro design that fits the overall aesthetic you want to achieve. Select retro figurines, decor objects, vintage photo frames, and unique vases with flowers to add color and life to the shelf, and add in a few other decor elements that complement the retro theme. You can also mix and match different styles and eras to create a unique retro look. 

Regency decor setup

Arrange the items in a visually appealing and balanced manner. Try to create a sense of symmetry by arranging the items in pairs or groupings, and vary the height and depth of the items to add interest. Remember to step back and evaluate the overall look of the shelf to make sure it is cohesive and achieves the vintage retro interior design aesthetic you are going for.

Retro decor style

Things To Consider Before Choosing A Particular Decor Style

When choosing a particular decor style, there are a few things to consider:

  1. Personal preferences and tastes.
  2. The overall aesthetic of the space.
  3. The functionality and practicality of the decor.
  4. The theme or concept that the decor should represent.
  5. The compatibility with the existing architecture and design of the space.
  6. The compatibility with the other elements in the space, such as furniture and accessories.
  7. The intended mood or atmosphere that the decor should create.
  8. The maintenance and upkeep required for the chosen decor style

Shelf decor
Mixing Modern & Vintage Decor Styles

It’s an absolute yes if you want to mix modern and vintage style interiors to create a uniquely designed personal space. In fact, combining different styles can add visual interest and contrast to your home, making it more dynamic and exciting. When mixing modern and vintage decor, it's important to strike a balance between the two styles so that they complement each other and don't clash. 

Modern and vintage decor

A good way to achieve this balance is to choose a few key vintage pieces and incorporate them into a modern space, or vice versa. Another way to incorporate both styles is to choose a color scheme that incorporates both modern and vintage elements, such as combining warm, earthy tones with bold, contemporary colors. You can also use textures to help bridge the gap between the two styles and create a compatible look.

Cabinet decor

What Nestasia Has For You!

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Home decor

Interior design has undergone many changes and developments over time, reflecting the changing styles, trends, and attitudes of the cultures and societies in which it has been practiced. Interior design tends to change with time as trends and styles evolve. 


Modern and vintage style house interiors can both be effective in creating a unique and stylish look for a space. The choice between the two styles ultimately depends on personal preference and the desired aesthetic for the space.

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