Ceramic Bowls: 10 Buying Tips, Options and More

May 11, 2024

So you finally want to invest in Ceramics. Good for you!
But where do you start? There are a lot of components to consider when buying the right kitchen utilities.

Our advice?
Begin with bowls.

Below is a concise guide for you to buy ceramic bowls!
Yes, that's right. Start small and gradually build on to the collection.

Understanding Ceramics?

Ceramics are non-metallic, inorganic materials that are typically made from compounds of metallic elements and nonmetallic elements such as oxygen, carbon, or nitrogen.

They are commonly formed through shaping and then firing at high temperatures, which results in materials with desirable properties such as hardness, heat resistance, electrical insulation, and chemical resistance.

Ceramics have a wide range of applications including pottery, bricks, tiles, electronics, aerospace components, and biomedical implants.

Why Do You Need It In Your Kitchen?

- Heat Resistance: Ceramic bowls are heat-resistant, making them suitable for serving hot foods and beverages. They can be safely used in the microwave or oven without the risk of warping or melting.

- Easy to Clean: Most ceramic bowls are dishwasher safe, simplifying the cleaning process and saving you time and effort. Additionally, their smooth surfaces make them easy to hand wash with soap and water.

- Safe Materials: Ceramic bowls made from food-safe materials are free from harmful chemicals such as lead or cadmium, providing peace of mind when using them for food preparation and serving.

- Eco-friendly: Ceramic bowls are environmentally friendly options compared to disposable plastic or paper bowls. By using reusable ceramic bowls, you can reduce waste and contribute to sustainability efforts.

Let's go Shopping!

1. Material Matters: Choose ceramic bowls made from porcelain, earthenware, or stoneware, depending on your preferences for aesthetics, durability, and intended use.

2. Microwave and Oven Safe: Ensure your ceramic bowls are microwave and oven-safe if you plan to use them for heating or cooking purposes.

3. Dishwasher Compatibility: Opt for dishwasher-safe ceramic bowls for easy cleaning and maintenance.

4. Avoid Extreme Temperature Changes: Rapid temperature changes can cause ceramic bowls to crack or shatter. To prevent this, avoid placing hot bowls on cold surfaces, or vice versa.

5. Consider Size and Capacity: Select bowls that suit your serving needs, whether it's for individual portions or family-style meals. Consider the capacity of the bowls to accommodate the intended servings.

6. Design and Style: Ceramic bowls come in various designs and styles. Choose ones that complement your tableware and decor aesthetic. Choosing your own style is the key!

7. Check for Lead-Free Glazes: Ensure the ceramic bowls you choose have lead-free glazes to prevent any health hazards.

8. Handle with Care: Although ceramic bowls are durable, they can still chip or break if mishandled. Handle them with care, especially when washing or stacking.

9. Versatility: Ceramic bowls can serve multiple purposes beyond dining, such as mixing ingredients, serving snacks, or even as decorative pieces.

10. Quality over Price: Invest in high-quality ceramic bowls that will last longer and withstand frequent use, even if they come at a slightly higher price point. Quality ceramics offer better durability and resistance to chipping or cracking.

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Ending It With:

Whether it's for everyday use or special occasions, investing in high-quality ceramic bowls can enhance your culinary experience and add a touch of style to your kitchen décor. Ceramic bowls offer versatility and aesthetic charm, as delightful additions to any table setting.


Their multipurpose nature makes them suitable for various uses, from everyday dining to special occasions. With many designs and styles available, you can easily find a ceramic bowl that matches your unique taste and requirements.

Whether you seek sobriety for daily use or niche-based designs for occasions, the diverse range of ceramic bowls ensures there's an ideal option tailored to your needs.

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