Celebrate The Festival Of Lights With The Ultimate Gifting Guide

October 11, 2022

What can’t be conveyed in words can be effortlessly expressed with gift items. We at Nestasia believe that love, respect, gratitude, and appreciation can be beautifully crafted into gifts and gift hampers. It’s time to move on from the same ol’ dried fruits and candy boxes and instead, find the perfectly curated Diwali gifts for everyone right here. This Diwali celebration with thoughtful Diwali gift suggestions will put a smile on everyone’s face, whether they are Diwali presents for co-workers or friends and family.

Diwali Setup
1. Bake Them Happy Hampers

For those who are often in the kitchen cooking up a storm or on their phones browsing recipes of delicious baked goodies, the collection of gift hampers for the home bakers or seasoned bakers is the perfect Diwali gift idea.

Bake a cake Festive Hamper

The Bake A Cake Festive Hamper has been curated to make baking an enjoyable feat. The Diwali hamper is the perfect gift for the one who ‘bakes’ the world a better place for you. The gift hamper comprises a quirky cupcake-shaped plate and a wide ceramic bowl in a lovely green colour that is ideal for whipping up the cake batter. To ensure that the cake batter is mixed to perfection, the hamper comprises a whisk with a wooden handle.

Bake a cake Festive Hamper

To make a yummilicious and healthy cake, and make your Diwali celebration filled with delish treats, the hamper has a Double Chocolate Cake Mix by Slurrp Farm that comprises the goodness of millet and is a healthier alternative to refined wheat flour. There’s nothing called ‘too much chocolate’ and for that 2 pouches of Hershey’s Kisses have been included in the Bake A Cake Festive Hamper. You can even top off that fluffy chocolate cake with Hershey’s Kisses.

Sweet Treat Festive Gift Hamper

To keep the Diwali celebrations going strong, the Sweet Treat Festive Gift Hamper is an extremely useful gift that you can give to your loved ones just for that. The 2-tier dessert stand has 2 ceramic plates in an adorable baby blue colour and is attached to an ornate gold metallic stand. 

Sweet Treat Festive Gift Hamper

The wholesome Diwali hamper is a dream come true for any chocolate lover with the Double Chocolate Cake Mix by Slurrp Farm which is both tasty and healthy. 2 packs of Hershey’s Kisses have been included in the hamper that can be used as a cake topping or one can simply treat themselves to the chocolates. Diwali without diyas is incomplete, and the ornate tea light holders are the perfect elements for any festive decor.

Bake With Heart Festive Gift Hamper

We hope it has been pretty much established that yum-yum cakes are the perfect way to complete a celebration. The Bake With Heart Festive Gift Hamper has the most essential necessities for baking a delectable cake. The wide pastel pink ceramic bowl is perfect for whisking up the cake mix properly. The two heart-shaped plates will help you serve the slices of cake, symbolizing you are serving them with all your heart. 

Bake With Heart Festive Gift Hamper

The hamper also contains Slurrp Farm cake mix for the most choco-licious cake, small Hershey's Kisses in the almond and hazelnut variant to be used as topping for decorating the cake, and yellow tealight holders to light up the festive ambiance.

2. Keep Calm & Pamper Hampers

For that workaholic one who often struggles to find time for themselves, the curated hampers of bath accessories are the perfect Diwali gifting ideas. The images of self-care are often flooded with bubble baths, pedicures, or spa days, and the hampers will help create one’s own relaxing haven at home.

Bath 'N Bubbles Gift Hamper Set Of 4

The Bath 'n Bubbles Gift Hamper is here to help with a relaxing festive holiday. The complete bath set will exude a soothing ambiance in the bathroom and give it a touch of paradise. The abstract printed bath set comprises a soap dispenser, a toothbrush holder, 2 tumblers, and a soap dish. 

Bath 'N Bubbles Gift Hamper Set Of 4

For a pampering skincare routine, the Ubtan Face Wash and Ubtan Cleansing Milk have been included in the hamper to get one festive ready. And when one is festive ready, the tea light holders are the perfect additions to the festive decor with their lustrous gold colour and stone embellishments.

 Bath Time Essentials Hamper

Even though the celebration will keep you busy all day long, at the end of the day you deserve some relaxation. The Bath Time Essentials Hamper comprises 1 dispenser, 1 tumbler, 1 toothbrush holder, and 1 soap dish in an earthy-colored and textured form to amp up the interior of the bathroom. Pampering doesn’t start until the ambiance is that of utmost relaxation, and for that, a pack of fragrant potpourri has been included in the hamper. The vibrant pink petals brighten up the interior of the bathroom while essential oils in the petals make the bathroom interior soothing and fragrant.

 Bath Time Essentials Hamper Set Of 5

The Diwali gift hamper includes the Mamaearth Ubtan Cleansing Milk and Mamaearth Ubtan Face Wash to enhance your skincare routine. The set of 2 tea light holders in the hamper is the perfect Diwali essential to glam up the home.

Bath Accessories, Planter And Seeds Gift Hamper Set Of 6

The perfect gift for those who not only need some pampering but also love decking up the corners with greenery. The Bath Accessories, Planter And Seeds Gift Hamper comprises a set of 5 bath time essentials. The white ceramic bathroom set includes a dispenser, 1 soap dish, 2 tumblers and lastly, 1 toothbrush holder. To beautify the interiors, whether it be on the bathroom countertop or a tabletop, there are 2 hexagonal-shaped white ceramic planters with wooden trays that can be used to plant succulents or artificial plants.

Bath Accessories, Planter And Seeds Gift Hamper Set Of 6

The addition of greens into the home can brighten up the interiors as the beauty of nature is unparalleled. Included in the hamper are premium quality Hybrid seeds of Zinnia and Daisy that add vibrancy to the room with their bright flowers. To complete the festive special hamper is a set of 2 tea light holders featuring stunning embellishments that will surely elevate the Diwali decor.

3. Nurturing Nature Hampers

Gardening is not just a hobby, it’s a passion, and nurturing budding greens till a flower blooms from them, is a sight to behold. Indoor plants and succulents will provide any room with unparalleled style and charm! In fact, indoor plants have been shown to benefit one’s productivity, immune system, and mental health in addition to purifying the air. The aesthetic beauty of plants goes hand in hand with their health advantages. The festive plant hampers have been curated to encourage budding gardeners and help the seasoned ones to deck up their homes with greenery this festive season.

Planter, trivet and seeds hamper

The Planter, Trivet And Seeds Festive Hamper is the ideal gift to help one deck up the home with nature’s beauty. The hamper comprises 2 ceramic planters with a traditional and vibrant mandala-patterned surface with wooden coasters that keep the surface clean when the planted greens need to be watered. Align the plant pots on the bright Zelij printed trivet and showcase your green corner with traditional pizzazz.

 Diwali hamper

The plant pots are offered with basil and peppermint hybrid seeds, your new little additions to the green family, that’ll also help you make more flavoursome meals. To help with the Diwali special festivities, the hamper comprises a set of 2 gorgeous embellished tealight holders and a pack of Hershey's Almond Kisses for a memorable snack time with family and friends.

Bloomin' Planter, Platter And Seeds Gift Hamper Set Of 8

The Bloomin' Planter, Platter, And Seeds Gift Hamper has been inspired by the sustainability that lies in our roots. The hamper comprises of 2 desk planters with wooden coasters, that are perfect for planting succulents or herbs. The ceramic planters feature a mandala-patterned surface that lends a traditional aesthetic to the decor. The pack of basil seeds and peppermint seeds included in the hamper makes the Diwali gift hamper ideal for the budding gardener. The planters can be placed on the mandala-patterned ceramic trivet that can also be used as a serving platter.  

Bloomin' Planter, Platter And Seeds Gift Hamper Set Of 8

The gift hamper will serve the perfect purpose if your friend or family member is a quintessentially ‘desi’ one. 2 packs of distinctive flavoured crispy and fluffy makhanas have been included in the hamper to treat the snackaholic. To light up the ambience this Diwali, use the 2 embellished tealight holders and amp up the interior.

Vase And Decorative Leaves Festive Hamper Set Of 6

A hamper assorted especially to bring festive cheer and beauty to the home is ideal for gifting to your loved ones this Diwali. The Vase And Decorative Leaves Festive Hamper comprises a glass flower vase or plant vase that is adorned with intricate textures and a silver rim that looks classy when presented on the table. Place freshly cut flowers into the vase or grow money plants in the glass vase. The artificial leaves in the hamper with their everlasting beauty add a permanent essence of nature to the room, enabling your to give a ‘forever gift’ with the hamper.

 Vase And Decorative Leaves Festive Hamper Set Of 6

Celebrations are incomplete without food and decorations. For that, 2 packs of delicious Hershey’s Kisses can be found in the hamper with the goodness of nuts. A refreshment to be paired with the snacks is some Blue Tea Butterfly Pea Tea which is filled with antioxidants and is extremely beneficial to health. A set of 2 bright pink embellished tea light holders are sure to light up the Diwali festive ambience, making for gorgeous decor.

4. Tea-riffic Hampers

Inspired by the vast culture & traditions followed in India, we at Nestasia have curated healthy & unique Diwali gift hampers for those who are ‘Tea-positive’. Do you have a friend who often takes tea-breaks during work or a significant other who can’t wake up without a sip of some refreshing chamomile tea? Worry not! We’ve got some gift ideas for the chai lovers.

Tea Tumbler And Chai Gift Hamper Set Of 8

The Tea Tumbler And Chai Gift Hamper has a set of 4 ceramic tea tumblers which are a contemporary take on the nostalgic and classic Clay Kullads. The tumblers with their soothing colours and textured surface make an exquisite Diwali gift.

Tea Tumbler And Chai Gift Hamper Set Of 8

To serve in the ceramic tumblers, the hamper includes a pack of Blue Tea (Chamomile Lavender) that will surely make one feel refreshed and rejuvenated. Pair the beverages with the assorted Nut Mix by MOM for the perfect chakna to your chai.

Diwali Gift Hamper for Tea Lovers

For the gossipy friend who loves hosting some gup-shup sessions, the Chai And Cup-shup Diwali Hamper is surely their kind of Diwali gift. The set of 2 classic mugs will hold the ideal amount of tea while transparent surface brings out the beautiful colour tones of the beverage. For lighting up the decor is a set of 2 embellished tea light holders that will bedazzle the Diwali celebrations.

Gift Hamper

The gift hamper comprises a pack of soothing Blue Tea Butterfly Pea Tea that have numerous health benefits and the blue hue of the beverage looks stunning in our glass cups. To pair with chai are packs of roasted cashews and almonds to setup a festive snack-time spread.

Festive Gift Hamper

When it comes to snack-time, our Diwali Hampers are ready to deliver some scrumptious treats. Treat your loved ones to the Cups Of Joy Festive Gift Hamper that comprises a set of 2 brown tinted tea cups and pour the refreshing Blue tea in the glassware. 

Festive gift hamper

Pair the beverage with the roasted cashews and almonds from the hamper and help your close ones with a gala Diwali celebration.


The Diwali hampers by Nestasia have been curated keeping in mind everyone’s unique choices and tastes. Moreover, you can personalise the gift hamper with a special and heartfelt message that’ll be printed on cards. Our Diwali hampers have it all, from diyas for adding razzmatazz to the festive decorations to tasty treats that’ll even tempt the iron-willed. 

Snack Bowl With Platter Snacktime Festive Hamper Set Of 6 

Gifting is a beautiful dimension of Diwali, and there is nothing more satisfying than seeing someone’s face brighten up with a smile. Make Diwali special by gifting each special person in your life our exquisite festive hampers and make festivities a time to be cherished.


1. What is the best gift for Diwali?
A: Diwali gifts are an expression of your thankfulness to family and friends. Traditional Diwali gifts often include nuts, dried fruits, and sweets. In addition, one can search for dinner sets, a dry fruit box, a makeup kit, chocolates, and ceramics to gift to one's dear ones.

2. What can be put in Diwali gift hampers?
A: Diwali gift hampers should ideally contain items that are the recipient's favourites, or something that he/she might find useful.  Our Diwali festive hampers curated keeping in mind all types of siblings and friends one might have; we therefore have endless options for you to choose from. But the common favourite will be the snacks and chocolates that we have added to spread joy and smile this festive season.

3. What are some unique corporate Diwali gifts a company could give?
A: For some unique corporate gifting ideas, our suggestion will take you to our varied collection of decor elements, especially votives, wall hangings, floral decorations exclusively made for the festive season.

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